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Wow, this is late . . .


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Just a little whining . . .

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After my euphoria of finally finishing the writing of the main story arc, I've come upon the roadblock that it editing.  I thought I'd just reread part 1, delete a couple commas and what not, send it to a beta and then I'd finally be set to post.  Unfortunately, part 1 kind of sucks and needs much more extensive editing.  I've reread parts of part 3, which needs work but is so much better.  I think a lot of it is that it took me so long to really get a feel for where I was going and who the characters are.  I know that I was being too cutesy with the puppies -- especially Greg -- where later I give him a lot more backbone.  I can stand a little bit of that but not as much as I did, so it needs to be changed.  I'm also making some changes to the packs themselves, which necessitates some cosmetic changes to the story.  I'm trying to salvage some stuff but it's going to take a while.

On another note, I've almost finished the character profiles on [ profile] puppy_universe.  Then I need to finalize the timeline, definitions, pairing list and some other odds and ends and I'll finally open the place up for people to start reading.  I might throw the first chapter up even though it sucks.

So we'll see when this thing actually gets posted.  Sigh.
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So somebody hacked into my email and sent some kind of sales pitch to everyone on my contact list.  If you get something from in the last two days, it wasn't from me and you probably shouldn't open it.  I'm crossing my fingers that it was a one-time deal because I don't know what I'll do if it's not.  :(


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