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Dear Yuletide Writer:
Thank you for writing a fic for me!  I love all of these fandoms and I'm super excited to get a fic in one of them!  I've included lots of suggestions in this letter to give you plenty of options in case you're like me and want some direction or inspiration.  Feel free to ignore the prompts if you have something else in mind.

AO3: serenityabrin

My Requests:
Route 666 (Crossgen Comics): Cassie Starkweather, Francisco "Cisco" Fernandez, Danik
Sigil (Crossgen Comics): Samandahl "Sam" Rey, JeMerik Meer, Danik
King's Quest (Video Games): Alexander, Edgar
Gargoyles (TV): Jason Canmore
Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn: Gilad Pellaeon, Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo
Dredd (2012): Clan Techie, Joseph Dredd, Cassandra Anderson

General Wants:

  • Happy endings - I am fine with angst along the way but I really like to see a happy ending where my nominated characters are alive and well and together.

  • Getting together, romance - I like to see how my ships get together.  I like when they confess their feelings for each other or somehow find out their feelings are reciprocated, etc.

  • Hurt/comfort - The comfort part is the thing I latch onto most.  I like seeing characters taking care of each other.  I also like to see how people survive or recover from their ordeals.

  • Soulbonds, soulmates, soulmate-identifying marks - I like the idea that there is someone out there for you and the idea of a soul-deep connection to someone else.  I also like exploration of what their soulmate means for a character (Why is this person the one person for me above all others? etc.).  For soulmarks, I really enjoy seeing how different authors approach the worldbuilding for universes with soulmarks (What relationship complications are there for characters who know they're destined for each other?  How does it affect who they are and the world they live in?  Do they hide their marks or show them?  If one person has a mark and the other doesn't, why? etc.).

  • Threesomes and/or consensual polyamorous relationships - I love complicated relationships and seeing how people make them work.

  • Worldbuilding - I like fics that delve more into the worlds of the canon.  I like to see the world opened up to new places and cultures to allow for more adventures.  I like to see how these new places tie into the canon we know.  I like to know more about character back-histories and how that made them who they are now.  I enjoy exploring large family trees and family history.

  • Family dynamics, incest - I like loving families that stick together and stand up for each other and help each other.  I like families with strong bonds.  I include found families and strong friendships in my definition of family.  I would also include this in my like for complicated relationships and my general like for how people make relationships work well, especially when it might not be easy.  For incest, I only like it when the participants enter into the relationship as adults, and the dynamic is as healthy as it can be in such a situation (so it's not co-dependent, etc.)

  • Power imbalance, age difference, size difference - I like relationships where there are questionable dynamics but the one with the power in the relationship can be trusted to never use that power against the person with less power.  I also like to see people exploring what makes them different from each other.  I like alien/human pairings for this reason.

  • Loyalty, competence, protectiveness

  • Logisitics - I love characters who have to deal with logistical issues (like feeding an army or building and running a city or even laying out a proper sewer system to stop disease, etc.)

  • FYI Preferences - I like third-person, past tense narrative, and plotty fic with a porn scene. I am fine receiving any rating of fic, from G rated to explict fic.

General Likes For Sex Scenes

  • Vanilla sex

  • Massages

  • Bathing, shower sex

  • Sex-pollen or fuck-or-die scenarios

  • Blindfolds

  • Use of restraints (i.e. handcuffs, belts, ties, etc.)

  • Collars

  • Master/Sir/Prince/Admiral/etc. - I like when characters draw attention to the power imbalance in the relationship by using titles or formality.  I especially like it when the person with less power or status does it purposefully to turn their partner on and not because they were ordered to do it.

General Do Not Wants:

  • Past relationships, additional relationships beyond my requests, characters getting over a breakup - I don't need the characters to be virgins so having past experience is fine but I'm only interested in the pairings I've indicated I ship.

  • Embarrassment, humiliation

  • Underage

  • Genderbending and other drastic changes to canon characteristics

  • Death!fic, dark!fics, suicide - I would like to see my nominated characters and their families survive the story.  I'm fine with other characters dying.  I also don't mind exploring a dark topic (like war or torture) so long as the characters end up happy in the end.

  • Amputation, trauma to eyes or other especially sensitive parts of the body, anything involving bodily waste and vomit, body horror, cannibalism - I can handle some gore (at about the level of Route 666) but I can be a little squeamish, especially when it comes to stuff like vomit and bodily waste.  I really don't like the idea of anyone ingesting anything that wasn't meant to be ingested (i.e. gasoline, unsuspecting cannibalism, etc.).  I am fine with canon amputations, especially in cases where there is high-level technology that basically cancels out the amputation (like Luke Skywalker), but I would rather none of my nominated characters lose a limb.  Also, I am fine if you want to go into detail about medical operations so long as it isn't about eyes or to cause injury to the patient.  It's fine to mention Clan Techie's cybernetic eyes.

  • Hate!sex, breaking up to make up, drunk!sex, love triangles, non-consensual voyeurism - I like consensual relationships where people are happy to be in the relationship and care a lot about each other.

  • BDSM, public!sex, friends-with-benefits, casual sex

  • Crack!fic, issue!fics

  • Non-canon AUs, mundane AUs (high school, coffee shop, etc.) - For the most part, I would like to stick fairly close to canon (my exception is canon romantic relationships).  "What-if" scenarios like fork-in-the-road, canon-divergence, or soulmate AUs in the setting of the canon are examples of AUs I do like.  Also, I like fix-it AUs where characters don't die.

  • Character bashing - If there is a canon relationship to break up, I'd prefer if the breakup was amicable or if there was only friendship and no relationship in the first place.

  • Cheating, jealousy - I really enjoy seeing characters who can trust each other.

  • Feeling claustrophobic - I don't mind if characters are imprisoned, tied up, stuck in a closet or a small space, etc.  I just don't want the characters to feel claustophobic.

Route 666
Characters nominated: Cassie Starkweather, Francisco "Cisco" Fernandez; Danik
What it is: Horror/suspense comic set on an alien world that looks like 1950s America.  Cassie is a college girl who can see ghosts after her best friend dies.  Sent to an asylum, she also develops the ability to see monsters disguised as normal people.  She kills two monsters escaping the asylum but they appear human to everyone else so now she is trying to escape the monsters and the law, who think she's a psychotic killer.  Cisco is the only person she can turn to, and they go on the run together.
Where to find it: A primer can be found hereAll 22 issues can be found here.
Why I love it: I love that Cassie feels real.  She's overwhelmed by her gift and doesn't want it, but at the same time it never stops her from fighting back when she needs to.  I also love when she finally does embrace her gift and learns to use it more fully.  I love that Cisco is a decent, good man who sticks by her, and becomes the person she can depend on no matter what.  I love that he is dogged in keeping by her side, and how much he endures for her sake.  I love the May/December romance between them, and how it's complicated by the father/daughter relationship that's also developed between them.  This moment right here is my favorite moment between them.  I'm completely fascinated by Danik.  I love that the avatar he chooses for Cassie is more involved in protecting her, and that she calls him out on pretending to be someone he's not, and he then stops doing that.  I'd love to know how he feels about Cassie as one of the few he's marked with his own Sigil, and what his overall plan is for her and for the threat of the Adversary.  (NOTE: It's fine not to include Danik in your fic though.)

Request: I ship Cassie/Cisco so I'd be very happy getting romance and/or porn.  I'd love a fic where they admit their feelings for each other.  Alternatively, I'd love a mission fic where they rescue Helene's soul.  Or, the last issue ends on a dramatic moment; what do you think happens next?  I also requested Danik because I'm fascinated by him and I'd love to see Cassie and Cisco interacting with him.  It would be great if he gave them a mission or explained what was going on.  Or, a story of him protecting Cassie and Cisco unseen.  I'd also love a fic exploring Cassie's powers.


  • Of all the souls captured in the comics, the ones I most wanted to see saved are Helene, Dr. Waterman, and Cisco's deputies.  How would Cisco and Cassie go about rescuing them?  If Danik gave them this mission, why would he do that?

  • I'd love something exploring Cassie and Cisco's developing relationship, especially as it crosses from platonic friendship father/daughter territory into romance.  I'd love an exploration of the conflict between the father/daughter side and the romantic feelings they have for each other.

  • I'd love to read porn of these two.  Maybe celebratory sex after they defeat the Adversary.  Or, maybe something related to Cassie's powers.  Like, she's trying to get a handle on her psychic abilities, Cisco suggests using a blindfold, and things get heated.  Or, Cassie learns to project thoughts to Cisco and decideds to have some fun with that.  Or, Cassie learns to project sensations so Cisco can feel what she does during sex.

  • I'd love something with Cassie and Cisco meeting Danik, especially after Cisco learns about him from the psychic twins and Cassie confronts him about not being her grandfather.  Some ideas would be Danik explaining what/who he is, what he needs Cassie for (Adversary or Negation), explaining the Sigil-bearers, or really anything else.  Danik just fascinates me and I'd love to see him through Cassie and Cisco's eyes.

  • You could write what you think the next issue was going to be.  Does Suvorov survive the other ghosts?  Does he reveal what's going on?  Does Cassie manage to free all the trapped souls on the ship?  Do they reach the portal to Perdition?  Do they find out what the Adversary was doing with all the souls?  What about the war that Cassie's started?  Or the monster-bombs?  Just, after reading the last issue, what do you think would happen next?

  • What about having Cassie face off against Tanner again, maybe give her another new power.  She hasn't really faced him head-on but she's getting more confident in her powers.  I'd love to see her finally have a confrontation with him where she can't run away and has to find a way to defeat him.

  • You could explore Cassie and Cisco's roles during and/or after the Negation War.  How does Perdition tie in?  What can she do to help fight Charon and his Negation army?  Does it affect her world?  Are there other problems for her gift to solve once the Adversary's been defeated?

Characters nominated: Samandahl "Sam" Rey, JeMerik Meer, Danik
What it is: Space opera!  Sam's been given super powers and is now right in the middle of an interplanetary war.  JeMerik Meer is an avatar of Danik, one of the most powerful beings in the universe.  He is tasked with teaching Sam how to use his powers and to prepare him for a looming threat.  However, JeMerik doesn't tell Sam any of this.  Where's the fun in that?
Where to find it: You can find the primer here and most issues here.
Why I love it: I love how Sam is at heart a good man but is often so done with everyone else.  I love how much he cares for those around him.  I love super-powerful beings, so I love Danik and the Sigil-bearers.  I love how Danik has an avatar for each Sigil-bearer to help and guide them, and how that avatar can end up being very protective of their Sigil-bearer.  JeMerik is definitely my favorite of Danik's avatars.  I think his romance with Roiya is adorable, and I love Roiya's relationship with both JeMerik and Sam.  I would be happy with a threesome between them.  I love that JeMerik is careful not to pressure either Sam or Roiya into doing anything they don't want to but that he can be manipulative if needed.  I am utterly fascinated by the dichotomy between him and Danik -- how Danik is a self-controlled, manipulative bastard with no sense of humor and JeMerik is warm and friendly but also a little reckless, and what it says about both of them.  I also love the dichotomy between JeMerik's god-like knowledge and powers with the almost innocence of his newly emerging emotions.  And I love how he's pretending to be normal but also does almost nothing to hide the weird stuff he does.  I also love how aware he is of everything Sam is doing.  (NOTE: It's fine not to include Danik in your fic though.)

Request: I ship Sam/JeMerik so I'd be very happy getting romance and/or porn. Maybe JeMerik and Sam get into another brawl, and this time it leads to sex. I'd also love to see JeMerik training or provoking Sam to expand his powers. What happened during the Negation War? I also nominated Danik because I find his relationship with JeMerik to be fascinating and I'd love to get Sam's reaction about it. I'd also love a fic where JeMerik or Sam have to rescue or take care of the other. Please, no Zanni/Sam.


  • What if JeMerik has been trying to set Sam up with Zanni as a love interest only to be surprised when Sam reveals he's actually only interested in JeMerik?  Does this mess up Danik's plans or can he work with this?  What does he do?

  • In Issue #10, JeMerik and Sam fight each other until the Saurians arrive.  What if they had a similar fight but this time there's no interruption?  And then it leads to sex.

  • JeMerik and Sam go undercover on another world as Master and slave

  • After Sam learns from Sephie that the Sigil's can heal, he asks JeMerik to teach him how to do that.  JeMerik is never overt in helping Sam with his powers, so what would he do?

  • Sam meets Danik, who finally tells him about the Negation and the Sigils; how does Sam react?  (I'm perfectly fine if you want to ignore Negation War and do your own take on this meeting.)  How does knowing about Danik affect Sam's relationship with JeMerik?

  • Sam and JeMerik during the Negation War.  What were they up to?  How did the Negation War go down?  Sam fighting Charon?  Maybe he has to rescue Danik and JeMerik at some point?  Does Appolyon betray Danik and Sam?  Anything exploring the Negation War would be awesome.

  • Sam and JeMerik in the aftermath of the Negation War.  What does the universe look like after the War is over?  How did the Planetary Union fare?  Is the hole into Negation space still around and how does that change the politics of the region?  Is that even where Sam ends up?  Or anything like that.

  • How would Sam react to finding out about Capricia's baby?  I would be happy if Sam chewed Danik out but I'd also be happy with a family-fic with a possible side of Danik/Capricia and Sam/JeMerik/Roiya.

King's Quest
Characters nominated: Alexander, Edgar
What it is: Adventure video games series and tie-in books filled with mythological, magical, folktale and fairytale characters and themes.  The royal family of Daventry (King Graham, Queen Valanice, Prince Alexander, and Princess Rosella) undertake many different quests during the different games, and each family member has a chance to shine.  The relevant games for Alexander and Edgar are 3, 4, 6, and 7.  In game 3, Alexander is a slave to an evil wizard.  He manages to escape and rescue his sister from a dragon.  In game 4, Rosella manages to rescue Edgar and retrieve magical healing fruit to save her father's life.  In game 6, Alexander frees Princess Cassima and her lands from an evil Vizier.  Game 6 is generally agreed to be the best of the KQ games, and is good insight into Alexander's character.  In game 7, Rosella rescues Edgar again, and she and Valanice stop an evil fairy from destroying the realm of the fairies.  In The Floating Castle, Alexander manages to rescue his father's soul.
Where to find it: KQ Wiki, KQ 1 Let's Play, KQ 2 Let's Play, KQ 3 Let's Play, KQ 4 Let's Play, KQ 5 Let's Play, KQ 6 Let's Play, and KQ 7 Let's Play
Why I love it: I love magic, myths, fairytales, folklore, and all sorts of fantastical settings, tropes, and characters.  Specifically, I loved the Winged Ones in KQ6 and Attis, Tsepish, Ceres and the other faries in KQ7.  I prefer when the story focuses on humans or human-like characters over talking animals and anthropomorphized things (like Falderal and the Isle of Wonder).  I love the family feel of the games.  I love that being kind and merciful is rewarded in the game.  I love that Edgar and Alexander are both decent, kind guys, and have a lot in common.  They both seem a little shy at times, which I like.  I especially love that they are genuinely kind despite their terrible upbringings.  I love their backgrounds (i.e. Edgar as a fairy, Alexander raised as a slave).  I love that they're both magic-wielders.  I love that Alexander is crafty and smart, and that he solves his problems with his head and doesn't resort to violence as a first option.  I love how awkward Edgar can be.  I love that Rosella keeps rescuing Edgar, rather than the other way around.  I love that she didn't accept his offer of marriage in KQ4.  Just, generally, I love Rosella, especially as she's portrayed in KQ4.
Info: I've played KQ1 through KQ7 and I've read The Floating Castle and Kingdom of Sorrow, and most of the KQ Companion.  I have not played KQ8, any of the fan games, or the newest KQ game that came out recently.  I have not read See No Weevil.  If you know the books, you can add anything from them or not as you feel comfortable.

Request: I ship Alexander/Edgar so I'd be very happy getting romance and/or porn. Maybe Alexander needs Edgar's fairy magic for a spell. Or, Edgar is captured and Alexander has to rescue him. Soulmark AU set in Daventry. What if Alexander and Edgar had to share a bed while traveling together? Please, no Alexander/Cassima.

Potential Prompts:

  • I love the idea of Alexander and Edgar working together for a magic spell.  What if Alexander needed fairy magic?  What if Edgar needed a wizard?

  • What if someone else wanted Edgar's fairy magic and took him captive?  Or they thought Edgar was beautiful and wanted him as a prized slave?  I'd love to see Alexander rescuing Edgar.

  • Soulmarks - I'd love to see this in Daventry.  Maybe all humans are born with marks but Faries have to earn theirs?  Or maybe a spell or magical item reveals the Marks or creates a bond between Edgar and Alexander?

  • World-build your own adventure.  Feel free to create a new land with the fairytale/myths/folktales that interest you, and make your own quest for Edgar and Alexander to solve.

  • What would happen if one of the bad guys (Manannan, Karn Megiddo, Kuzgu, Hagatha, etc.) returned to get revenge on Alexander and his family?

  • Crossover Option: Gargoyles - What if Oberon and Titania from Gargoyles were Edgar's parents?  How would things change then?

  • Crossover Option: Hellboy - I really love the Elves in Hellboy 2.  As a fairy prince, it would be interesting to see Edgar have to deal with them in an official capacity, especially if Alexander was his betrothed or husband.  Or, if the Elves lived in the Old Woods and became troublesome for Daventry; perhaps Alexander asks Edgar to intervene?  I do ship Nuada/John if that's something you want to add.

  • Crossover Option: Sleeping Beauty - Perhaps Aurora's kingdom is next to Daventry.  Alexander could be old friends with Philip, who could use the help of Alexander's magic.  Or, the Three Good Fairies could be under Edgar's dominion.

  • Crossover Option: Disney Fairies and/or Epic - Perhaps Pixie Hollow is actually in the Old Woods.  Or the Leafmen live there.  I adore Silvermist and the Winter Fairies, especially Lord Milori.  I also love Ronin, Finn, and everything about the Leafmen.  Edgar is a fairy and might have business with any of these groups.  Maybe, someone makes Edgar and Alexander tiny and they have an adventure with the Faries and/or the Leafmen.

  • Crossover Option: Myst - Perhaps Daventry has a linking book that leads them to D'Ni or some other planet.  I love the steampunk element of Myst and the interesting puzzles.

Gargoyles (TV)
Characters nominated: Jason Canmore
What it is: Gargoyles was a Disney TV show about Gargoyles who are stone during the day and wake up at night.  It also features Elisa Maza, a police detective who befriends the Gargoyles when they are transported from Scotland centuries ago to modern New York.  The show had characters from mythology, fairy-tales, and Shakespeare plays.  Magic and technology were blended in the series.  Jason was introduced in the three-part Hunter's Moon arc as a love interest for Elisa and an antagonist for the gargoyles.  He went undercover as a cop and was partnered with Elisa.  However, he was actually trying to hunt the Gargoyles down in the hopes of killing Demona, who killed Jason's dad when he was a teenager.
Where to find it: Gargolyes Wiki, Hunter's Moon Part 1, Hunter's Moon Part 2, and Hunter's Moon Part 3
Why I love it:  I love magic, literature, and history, which this show played with so well.  I really enjoyed how the characters were allowed to evolve and that there were lasting consequences to the things that happened on the show.  I find Jason to be really intriguing.  I shipped him and Elisa right away.  I love that Jason was friendly, respectful, and sympathetic towards Elisa, and that they immediately were in sync when it came to catching bad guys.  I love that his feelings for Elisa were what changed his mind about hunting Gargoyles, and she brought out the best in him.  I also love his backhistory where he knows about Gargoyles and has only had his siblings to rely on since his dad's death.  I am really interested in his relationship with his brother, and how they basically swap perspectives with regards to the Gargoyles.  It feels poignant since it's clear Jon is just lashing out to ease the guilt he feels for injuring Jason.  I'd love to see them reconcile and for Jon to realize he's blaming the wrong people.  Please do not include William Shakespeare or anything extratextual about his plays.  Using the content (plots, characters, etc.) of the plays is fine.
Info: I have read the comic books if you want to include information from those.  I'm fine if you want to ignore the third season, especially with regards to what they did with Jon Castaway.

Request: I ship Jason/Elisa so I'd be very happy getting romance and/or porn. Maybe an AU where they get together after "Hunter's Moon". Or, going undercover as a couple, pretending to by married for a case, or surveillance in a tiny place. I'm also really interested in Jason's relationship with his brother Jon. I'd love a post-"Hunter's Moon" story about them. Threesomes I would be interested in are Matt Bluestone/Elisa/Jason, Jon Castaway/Elisa/Jason and MacBeth/Elisa/Jason. Please, no Elisa/Goliath. Also, please do not have Jon and Jason begin a relationship when either are underage.

Potential Prompts:

  • What happens post-Hunter's Moon?  Can Jason get through to Jon and get him to stop hunting Gargoyles?

  • Jason and Jon bonding some time before Hunter's Moon - I'd love to see a warm moment between the two of them when Jason has to take care of Jon

  • AU of Hunter's Moon where Elisa chooses to be with Jason rather than Goliath.  What happens then?

  • AU where Jason really is a transferring Scottish detective.  He's given up the Hunt but his siblings haven't.  What happens when his worlds collide as his siblings begin hunting Gargoyles in NY and his new partner is best friends with them?

  • Elisa takes Jason as her date for Halloween to the block party where the Gargoyles are also present.  I'd love to see Jason and Goliath trying to make peace.

  • Threesomes: Elisa/Matt/Jason - I love the friendship between Elisa and Matt, and I think Matt and Jason would get along pretty well.  I'd love to see the three of them as normal detectives.  Maybe Elisa or Matt go undercover with Jason where they have to pose as a couple (undercover as gay or pretend married, etc.).  I also love the notion of them being the only normal people who know about Gargoyles, trying to protect them during the day and deal with their craziness at night.

  • Threesomes: Jon/Elisa/Jason - What if part of the reason Jon turned away was because he'd fallen in love with Jason?  What if Jason asks Elisa to help him save his brother because she opened his own eyes that he was wrong to go after the Gargoyles?  Please do not have any underage Jason/Jon.

  • Threesomes: MacBeth/Jason/Elisa - I like the parallels between MacBeth and Jason where they were both consumed with anger towards Demona but eventually learned to let go.  I'm also interested in the fact that Jason is descended from MacBeth's old enemy, and the complicated family tree they share.  Perhaps MacBeth uses magic to help cure Jason's paralysis.  Or, Elisa and Jason need an invitation to a fancy party for a case, and they go to MacBeth to get them in.  Or, what if Jason and MacBeth team up to take Demona down?  What if Jason and Elisa find a way to undo the magic tying MacBeth to Demona?  What if they ended up tied to him instead?

Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn
Characters nominated: Gilad Pellaeon, Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo
What it is: Non-canon tie-in novels to the Star Wars universe.  Set after the original trilogy, the Thrawn Trilogy follows Grand Admiral Thrawn as he leads the remnants of the Empire in a campaign to destroy the New Republic.  Thrawn comes very close to succeeding by using his tactical brilliance and insight into other cultures.  Pellaeon is Thrawn's righthand man and the captain of his flagship.  Thrawn works with Joruus C'baoth, a Dark Jedi intent on making Luke, Leia, and Leia's unborn twins his apprentices.
Why I love it: I absolutely love Thrawn and Pellaeon.  I love the Holmes/Watson vibe they have but with the added spice where Pellaeon is always holding his breath waiting for Thrawn to lose his temper like other Imperial Admirals.  I love that Thrawn remains calm and collected, and will retreat if warranted.  I also love the human/alien contrast, especially among the xenophobic Imperials and Thrawn being too awesome for it to matter.  Another aspect that I really loved about the book is Thrawn's observation and utilization of the Force as a non-Force user.  I absolutely adore the ysalamiri, and I love how Thrawn utilizes them to deal with C'baoth.  I'm also really interested in Thrawn and Pellaeon's view of Luke as the person who brought down the Empire and a powerful Force user but also a young man trying to figure out what to do next.

Request: I ship Thrawn/Pellaeon so I'd be very happy getting romance and/or porn. What would happen if Pellaeon saved Thrawn's life from Rukh's attack? Or, an Emperor Thrawn AU. Thrawn and Pellaeon at an art museum, or one of them commissioning art for the other.  Thrawn compromises a plan in order to rescue Pellaeon.  What would it take to get Thrawn and Pellaeon to defect to the Republic?

Potential Prompts:

  • Post Battle of Bilbringi fix-it fic. What would happen if Thrawn survived?  I'd love to see Pellaeon coming to the rescue by either managing to prevent Rukh's attack or administering aid to Thrawn before he can die.

  • Alternatively, what if Thrawn had anticipated Rukh's betrayal and only Pellaeon was hurt?  What if he was hurt even worse than he was in the book and Thrawn needed to save him?  Would Thrawn have risked the battle to save Pellaeon or could he salvage both somehow?

  • What would happen to the Battle of Bilbringi if Thrawn survived?  How could he have still won?  Or, what would he have done next if they still had to retreat?  I love seeing Thrawn's strategy unfold, so if you feel up to it, I'd love to see the logistics of him finally dismantling the New Republic.  What other tricks did he have up his sleeve?

  • Or, forget the details and go straight to victory.  What would Thrawn's rule over the galaxy be like?  What is his goal after he's defeated the New Republic?  I'd love to see Emperor Thrawn with Pellaeon at his side.  I'd be happy to see his strategic mind turned from war to ruling, but I'd be just as happy seeing Thrawn enjoying the perks of being an Emperor and having art from all over the galaxy at his disposal.  Maybe he can travel to exotic locations to let Pellaeon experience them firsthand?  Once he's Emperor, can Thrawn finally marry or be open about his feelings for Pellaeon, or do they still have to keep it secret?

  • I love the idea of Thrawn sacrificing one of his plans for Pellaeon's sake.  What if Pellaeon had no idea what he meant to Thrawn before Thrawn did this?

  • I love Thrawn's appreciation of art.  What if he commisioned something for Pellaeon?  What if Pellaeon went out of his way to surprise Thrawn with a rare piece of art?  What if Thrawn took Pellaeon to an art museum or vice versa?

  • Getting away from art, what if Pellaeon had his own passion that he introduced Thrawn to (perhaps a love of fine liquor or a skill at cards)?

  • PORN: What if Pellaeon realizes Thrawn gets off to Pellaeon calling him "sir" or "admiral" while they're having sex?

  • What if Thrawn managed to catch Luke one of the times he almost had him in the books?  What if Thrawn decided Luke would be better for his plans than C'baoth?  How would he go about gaining Luke's loyalties?  What would Pellaeon think of that?

  • What if Thrawn and Pellaeon decided to make peace with the New Republic?  What could Luke do to earn their loyalty?  What would tempt Thrawn and Pellaeon to turn like that?

  • I'd love to see Thrawn versus C'baoth where Thrawn finally takes C'baoth down.  I'd especially love if the inciting incident was C'baoth endangering Pellaeon.

  • Courting rituals - Pellaeon wants to court Thrawn but finding information on the Chiss is ridiculously difficult.

Dredd (2012)
Characters nominated: Clan Techie, Joseph Dredd, Cassandra Anderson
What it is: Set in a dystopic future America, Dredd features Joseph Dredd as a Judge who is empowered to be judge, jury, and executioner.  He dispenses law in a crime-riddled city.  Anderson is a mutant with psycic abilities.  She is Dredd's rookie for the movie.  It's her one shot to prove she should be a Judge.  Dredd and Anderson are locked in a huge high-rise tower where Ma-Ma is trying to kill them before they can expose her gang's narcotics operation.  Clan Techie is Ma-Ma's technical support.  She had his eyes removed and replaced with cybernetic ones.  He is forced to help her or suffer worse at her hands.
Why I love it: I love the characters in this movie.  Clan Techie was a standout to me.  I felt so bad for him, and I wanted Dredd and Anderson to rescue him rather than catch him.  My favorite moment in the movie is when Anderson reads his mind and lets him go.  I just want Anderson and Dredd to take care of him, since it's clear Ma-Ma has been terrorizing him and probably abusing him for a long time.  But, I also like that Clan Techie is competent and manages to think on his feet to save himself from Ma-Ma's wrath.  I think he would be formidable if he could use his gifts to help Dredd and Anderson.  I adored Anderson too.  I loved that she was geared up the same as Dredd and how she slowly grew more confident as the movie progressed but she was still compassionate towards Clan Techie.  I love the use of her psychic powers.  I loved that Dredd did not baby her but he also tended to her when she was wounded and helped her in his own way.  I loved that he trusted her to have his back.  I love that Dredd had a sense of humor, and that he had his own kind of compassion: he has a sense of right and wrong that is mostly defined by the law but he does have enough wiggle room to allow for fairness.  He offered the vagrant a chance to leave rather than be arrested and he didn't kill the kids who had a gun on him.  I love how competent he is, and that he doesn't waste time with big speeches but just gets things done.  I'd love to see his protective side extend to Anderson and Clan Techie.  I'd love to see Anderson use her psychic powers to help heal Clan Techie of the trauma he's endured.  And I'd love to see Anderson and Dredd wreck everyone's shit to keep Clan Techie safe.

Request: I adore Clan Techie. I ship Clan Techie/Dredd and Clan Techie/Dredd/Anderson. I'd love a fic where Anderson and Dredd are focused on Clan Techie, either taking care of him or protecting him. Maybe they have to rescue him from another gang. Or, what would happen if the Judges needed Clan Techie's technical skills? Or, I'd love to see something of Dredd learning to open up in order to comfort Clan Techie.

Potential Prompts:

  • What happens after the movie?  Clan Techie has been instrumental to Ma-Ma's operations, and other gangs take note of it and snatch him up.  I'd love to see Dredd and Anderson have to go rescue him.

  • Dredd breaks the law and has his gun recognize Clan Techie's DNA signature as well as his own.  He's not going to let Clan Techie use his gun, so why did he do this?

  • There's something Clan Techie needs (perhaps something medical) or wants (perhaps a particularly hard-to-find snack or techinical gadget), and Dredd goes to great lengths to get it for him.

  • Clan Techie is recruited by the Justice Department for his technical skills but Dredd and Anderson are responsible for him to make sure he doesn't break the law.

  • Dredd isn't communicative or particularly demonstrative of his feelings, and Clan Techie has trouble reading him.  I'd love to see Dredd trying to soften a bit when he sees he's scaring Clan Techie.

  • Anderson tells Dredd what she saw in Clan Techie's mind; how does Dredd react to hearing about all the awful things Ma-Ma and others did to him?

  • Clan Techie is interested in Dredd but afraid to say anything.  Anderson psychically hears his interest and decides to help out.

  • Dredd loves it when Clan Techie calls him "sir" during sex.

  • Clan Techie expects Dredd will be rough with him.  He hasn't ever been treated gently.  Dredd surprises him by being gentle.

I hope this has been helpful.  Thank you again!  Happy Holidays!


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