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Dear Author:
Thank you for writing me a fic!  I love all of these pairings, and I'm super excited to get a fic for one of them!  I've tried to include a lot of information in this letter in case you're like me and want some direction or inspiration.  Feel free to ignore the prompts if you have something else in mind.

My Requests:
Clone Wars Pairings: Monnk/Kit Fisto; Fil/Kit Fisto; Fil/Monnk/Kit Fisto; Rex/Kit Fisto; Plo Koon/Wolffe; Plo Koon/Wolffe/Kit Fisto; Obi-Wan Kenobi/Waxer/Boil; Obi-Wan Kenobi/Rex; Anakin Skywalker/Wilhuff Tarkin; Rex/Anakin Skywalker; Rex/Anakin Skywalker/Wilhuff Tarkin; Wullf Yularen/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker
Legends Pairings: Gilad Pellaeon/Thrawn; Luke Skywalker/Thrawn; Gilad Pellaeon/Thrawn/Luke Skywalker
Sequel Pairings: Hux/Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker
Mixed Pairings: Thrawn/Hux/Kylo Ren; Anakin Skywalker/Luke Skywalker/Hux/Kylo Ren; Thrawn/Luke Skywalker/Hux/Kylo Ren
Crossover Pairing: Clan Techie/Hux/Kylo Ren

General Likes:

  • Happy endings - I am fine with angst along the way but I really like to see a happy ending where my nominated characters are alive and well and together.

  • Getting together, slow-burn romance - I like to see how my ships begin their relationship.

  • Hurt/comfort - The comfort part is the thing I latch onto most.  I like seeing characters taking care of each other.  I also like to see how people survive or recover from their ordeals.

  • Soulbonds, soulmates, soulmate-identifying marks - I like the idea that there is someone out there for you and the idea of a soul-deep connection to someone else.  I also like exploration of what their soulmate means for a character (Why is this person the one person for me above all others? etc.).  For soulmarks, I really enjoy seeing how different authors approach the worldbuilding for universes with soulmarks (What relationship complications are there for characters who know they're destined for each other?  How does it affect who they are and the world they live in?  Do they hide their marks or show them?  If one person has a mark and the other doesn't, why? etc.).

  • Threesomes and/or consensual polyamorous relationships - I like complicated relationships and seeing how people make them work.

  • Worldbuilding - I like to delve more into the worlds of my canons.  I like to see the world opened up to new places and cultures to allow for more adventures and possible mystery.  I like to see how these new places tie into the canon we know.  I like to know more about character back-histories and how that made them who they are now.  I enjoy exploring large family trees and family history.

  • Family dynamics, incest - I like loving families that stick together and stand up for each other and help each other.  I like families with strong bonds.  This would also include found families and strong friendships.  I would also include this in my like for complicated relationships and my general like for how people make relationships work well, especially when it might not be easy.  For incest, I only like it when the participants enter into the relationship as adults, and the dynamic is as healthy as it can be in such a situation (so it's not co-dependent, etc.)

  • Power imbalance, age difference, size difference - I like relationships where there are questionable dynamics but the one with the power in the relationship can be trusted to never use that power against the person with less power.  I also like to see people exploring what makes them different from each other.

  • Loyalty, competence, protectiveness

  • Logisitics - I love characters who have to deal with logistical issues (like feeding an army or building and running a city or even laying out a proper sewer system to stop disease, etc.)

  • FYI Preferences - I am fine receiving any rating of fic, from G rated to explict fic.  I prefer third-person, past tense narrative.

General Likes For Sex Scenes

  • Vanilla sex

  • Massages

  • Bathing, shower sex

  • Sex-pollen or fuck-or-die scenarios

  • Blindfolds

  • Use of restraints (i.e. handcuffs, belts, ties, etc.)

  • Collars

  • Inappropriate Use of the Force - Please no Force choking during sex though

  • Master/Sir/General/Admiral/etc. - I like when characters draw attention to the power imbalance in the relationship by using titles or formality

General Do Not Wants

  • Embarrassment, humiliation

  • Underage

  • Genderbending and other drastic changes to canon characteristics

  • Death!fic, dark!fics, suicide - I would like to see my nominated characters and their families/friends survive the story.  I'm fine with other characters dying.  I also don't mind exploring a dark topic (like war or torture) so long as the pairing ends up happy in the end.

  • Amputation, trauma to eyes or other especially sensitive parts of the body, anything involving bodily waste and vomit, body horror, cannibalism - I can handle some gore but I can be a little squeamish, especially when it comes to stuff like vomit and bodily waste.  I really don't like the idea of anyone ingesting anything that wasn't meant to be ingested (i.e. gasoline, unsuspecting cannibalism, etc.).  I am fine with canon amputations, especially in cases where there is high-level technology that basically cancels out the amputation (like for Anakin and Luke), but I would rather none of my nominated characters who aren't already missing a limb lose one.  Also, I am fine if you want to go into detail about medical operations so long as it isn't about eyes or to cause injury to the patient.

  • Hate!sex, breaking up to make up, love triangles - I like consensual relationships where people are happy to be in the relationship and care a lot about each other.

  • Public!sex, friends-with-benefits, drunk!sex, voyeurism

  • Crack!fic, issue!fics

  • Non-canon AUs, apocalypse AU, mundane AUs (high school, coffee shop, etc.) - For the most part, I would like to stick fairly close to canon with regards to plot and characterization (my exception is canon romantic relationships).  "What-if" scenarios like fork-in-the-road, canon-divergence, or soulmate AUs in the setting of the canon are examples of AUs I do like.  Also, I like fix-it AUs where characters don't die.

  • Character bashing - If there is a canon relationship to break up, I'd prefer if the breakup was amicable or if there was only friendship and no relationship in the first place.

  • Cheating, jealousy - I really enjoy seeing characters who can trust each other.

  • Feeling claustrophobic - I don't mind if characters are imprisoned, tied up, stuck in a closet or a small space.  I just don't want them to feel claustrophobic.

  • Past relationships, additional relationships beyond my requests, characters getting over a breakup - I don't need the characters to be virgins so having past experience is fine but I'm only interested in the pairings that I'm requesting.

General Likes for Art

  • Clothing porn - I especially love capes and cloaks and flowing dresses - lots of fabric.  I love uniforms, especially Hux's and Thrawn's.  I do like the aesthetic of the bad guys more than the good guys, but I do like the Jedi look, especially with the battle armor from the Clone Wars era.  I also love fabric details.

  • Scenes, comics - I love seeing a scene depicting a tense moment between the pairing (maybe a rescue or during a fight or one character pressing another up against a wall) or a hurt/comfort moment.  I also love comics if you feel up to it.

  • Porn, kissing

  • Restraints, collars, slave outfits

  • Competence, bad-assery - I love seeing characters with cool weapons or using their powers.

  • Scenery - I love nature, and I love unusual locations and strange worlds.  I especially love water-based nature (waterfalls, oceans) and I love underwater cities, but I'm pretty open to anything that looks interesting or unusual

  • Architecture - I like classical architecture but also really futuristic architecture.  Castles, manors, catherals, and strange skyscrapers.  I liked the look of Naboo's city, and some of the stuff on Coruscant (mostly from the wealthy parts of the city).  So, I could see this being relevant if you wanted to show what an Emperor Hux or an Emperor Thrawn's throne room or castle or something like that looked like, etc.

General Likes for Vids

  • Story - I love vids that tell a story or set up a world

  • AU - I like AUs of canon like reincarnation AUs or canon-divergent AUs

  • Crossovers, Fusions - I was thinking specifically of the Dredd/Star Wars crossver prompt below but I'd love to see an interesting take with any of these pairings.

  • Parallels, Juxtaposition - I love vids that show parallels and/or contrasts between two characters or even the same character at different points in his or her life

CLONE WARS Pairings:
Jedi/Trooper - I absolutely love the relationship between the Jedi and the Troopers assigned to them, so this a blanket section that can be used for any of the Jedi/Trooper pairings I requested.  I love that the Trooper has his general.  I love when the Jedi show concern for their Troopers, and that they see the Troopers as people and not lesser beings.  I love how the Jedi and Troopers work together -- how their strengths complement each other.  I love the utter loyalty the Troopers are instilled with.  I also love the power dynamics at play with these relationships.  I love when the Trooper thinks he's expendable or interchangeable with his brothers, and the Jedi disabusing him of this notion.
-Mission where the Jedi and Trooper have to go undercover as a couple or as Master/Slave on a planet somewhere
-Jedi and Trooper have to pretend to be married to accomplish a mission
-Huddled together for warmth, stranded alone together on a planet
-The Jedi is injured protecting/defending the Trooper.
-The Jedi must tend a wounded Trooper
-The Trooper must come to the rescue of his Jedi or vice versa
-AU where after the war, Troopers are sought-after slaves and the Jedi must buy back his Trooper
-Sex pollen; Fuck-or-Die
-Mission fic where the Jedi and his Troopers are given a target to retake or destroy -- I like competency, and I enjoy the TV episodes where the Jedi and GAR are in battles and work to overcome the problems that come up along the way.  I especially love when the Jedi have to use the Force to help their Troopers out.
-How did the romantic part of the relationship start?
-The Troopers are hit with a biological weapon targeted to their DNA; what do the Jedi do about it?

Rex/Kit Fisto - I love the dichotomy in personalities.  I love Kit's humor and upbeat personality.  But I also love that he's not comedic.  I love his focus and his skill, and how he balances a positive outlook with the wisdom of the Jedi.  I like the contrast with Rex, who is more serious but does have a wry sense of humor.
-What would happen if Rex had been present during the Battle of Mon Cala?
-Kit and Rex are forced to fight in gladiatorial games
-Underwater rescue

Monnk/Kit Fisto - Another thing I love about Kit is his connection to water.  I love water as an element and that Kit can breathe and be at home underwater.  I love the underwater battles in the show, and the ingenuity of how to fight in such an environment.  I love the idea that there are Troopers who have trained for such an environment.  It doesn't seem that Kit has his own personal Troopers but I think that Monnk most likely fits the bill for that job.  I love the idea of Monnk leading Troopers in such a hostile environment for him but one where Kit is at home.
-Kit helping Monnk train to fight underwater; what kind of tactics would they come up with?
-Monnk losing his helmet and Kit needing to breathe for him.
-Humans and Nautolans have different courting rituals; what happens when Kit starts courting Monnk who still thinks his feelings are unrequited?

Fil/Kit Fisto - I really love the contrast between Fil's more aggressive instincts and Kit's patience.  I feel like Fil has worked under Nahdar and adapted to his aggressive leadership, but that he is pliable and could adapt to Kit's command style without trouble.  I liked that Fil is quick thinking and able to save himself from the pit, and that Nahdar and Kit work to save him.  I really liked seeing how the Clones worked to take Grievous down, and that while Fil is aggressive, he's not hotheaded.  He just feels like a more inexperienced commander than some of the others on the show but he's still skillful and competent.
-AU of "Lair of Grievous" where Fil is injured but not killed; what happens next?
-Kit comforts Fil after a nightmare
-Fil didn't think Kit even remembered who he was but then Kit specifically requests Fil for a mission; what happens next?

Fil/Monnk/Kit Fisto - I love the idea of Kit with two Commanders.  I also love the brotherly bond and loyalty between Clones.  It looks (to me) like Fil and Monnk were not in the same unit but they are the same rank so it would be curious to see them interact if Fil was reassigned to Kit's unit.  I'd love to see Monnk have to train Fil to be an underwater Trooper, and for Fil to settle into his new unit with his new Jedi.
-The three swimming for recreation
-What would happen if Fisto survived Order 66?
-Monnk and Fil bonding over their (seemingly) unrequited love for Kit; what happens when Kit finds out?

Plo Koon/Wolffe - I fell in love with Plo as a character in his introduction with the Malevolence and how calm he was about the situation but also how clearly he cared for the Clones in his command.  I loved the contrast with Wolffe and the others and seeing themselves as expendable, and Plo not accepting that.  I also love the moment where Plo sics C-3PO on Wolffe and Wolffe's reaction to it.  It's clear that Plo knows his Clone very well and will tease him in this way.
-What would happen if Wolffe managed to rescue/save an injured Plo after Order 66?
-Undercover mission where Wolffe is Plo's bodyguard or vice versa.
-What would happen if Wolffe and Plo had been taken captive by Grievous instead of being rescued by Anakin during the Malevolence arc?

Plo Koon/Wolffe/Kit Fisto - I fell in love with this pairing after reading the Clone Wars comic where Wolffe loses his eye.  I just love the reoccurring character beat of Kit and Wolffe wondering how old Plo is.  And I loved that Plo is so much older than them.  I love how Plo reacted to their curiosity by playing along but also not giving them an answer right away.  I also love that they're all different species, and that each has adaptations that are useful in different ways.  I'd love to see how that can come into play, especially during a mission or in bed.
-Plo and Kit take care of Wolffe after the loss of his eye.
-Wolffe and Kit exploring more about Plo being so much older than them and what he's seen in his life.
-Comparative biology - either in bed or in different environments (Note: I'm okay with some xeno for sex with regards to Plo and Kit, but nothing really extreme, please.)

Obi-Wan Kenobi/Waxer/Boil - I loved Waxer and Boil when they were introduced with Numa.  I loved how she won over both of them, and how they struggled with how to relate to a little girl as that wasn't in their training.  I also love how Obi-wan reacted to their situation.  I love how they relate to each other, how Boil has a harder shell but clearly is concerned for Waxer, and how Waxer has such a big heart.  I love how well they work with Obi-wan.  I also loved when Waxer and Boil rescue Obi-wan during the Second Battle of Geonosis.  Waxer's death was absolutely terrible and I want fix-it fic for that.
-What would happen if Waxer survived his wounds on Umbara?
-Obi-wan chooses to take these two along for a mission because of the empathy they showed to Numa
-What if there was no getting off Geonosis, and Waxer and Boil were left behind with Obi-wan to take care of him until help could be spared?

Obi-Wan Kenobi/Rex - I love the competency of these two.  I love that Rex has two Jedi generals he routinely works with, and that Rex is often the one on the ground fighting right beside Obi-wan.  I really enjoyed the Zygerrian Slave arc with Rex and Obi-wan having only each other in Kadavo.
-Obi-wan and Rex have been ordered to take a break and go on vacation; neither Obi-wan nor Rex know how to relax
-Rex is forced by the Zygerrians to use a shock whip on Obi-wan or (or vice versa) - hurt/comfort please
-Instead of being sent to Kadavo, Obi-wan and Rex are sent to a school for pleasure slaves and the headmaster wants them to learn all the techniques to please their future masters by practicing on each other.  If either doesn't comply, the other will be hurt.  (DNW Clarfication: I don't like voyeurism but I am okay if there's one specific Zygerrian ordering them to do stuff and watching.)

Wullf Yularen/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Anakin Skywalker - I really love the relationship between the Jedi and their Admirals.  Just as the Troopers have their Jedi, it looks like certain Admirals are assigned to specific Jedi.  But I also love that Yularen is more equal to the Jedi than the Troopers are.  I love that Anakin tries Yularen's patience but Yularen also works well with him.  I love Obi-wan being in the middle, sometimes on board with Anakin's crazy schemes and sometimes with Yularen as the voice of reason.  I love that Yularen has his own priorities and he will do all he can to help out the Jedi but he doesn't sacrifice his own objectives to do it.  I also love how he supported Ahsoka during Storm Over Ryloth.  And, I'm fascinated by Yularen's later relationship with Vader, and what he would think if he knew that was Anakin.  Please do not have Obi-wan and Anakin already in a relationship and adding Yularen to it.
-Obi-wan, Anakin, and Yularen must abandon ship; what happens when they're alone in the same escape pod?
-Yularen is hurt, and only Obi-wan and Anakin are around to take care of him
-Obi-wan and Anakin call for Yularen's help, and Yularen must overcome a mountain of difficulties to rescue them

Rex/Anakin Skywalker - I love the difference between their personalities.  I love that Rex works so well with Anakin.  I love the faith Rex has in Anakin, and the respect that Anakin shows Rex.  I love that Rex does so much solo work with Anakin, where if there's only one Clone Anakin takes with him, it's often going to be Rex.
-What was the fallout from the events on Umbara and how did Anakin react when he finally returned?
-During an extended diplomatic mission, Anakin and Rex find their hosts have only provided one bed to share
-Rex and Anakin end up filthy and must bathe in a pond or lagoon together
-Rex was alone with an injured Anakin on Maridun; what would happen if they had an additional day or more to wait for Aayla and Ahsoka to return?

Anakin Skywalker/Wilhuff Tarkin - I absolutely loved seeing Captain Tarkin and Anakin meet and work together during The Citadel arc, and I'd love to see something of this pairing set during the Clone Wars period of time.  I just love see Tarkin interacting with Anakin when he was still a Jedi.  I love Tarkin's more cerebral approach to the situation they were in and to battle itself.  I love seeing how Anakin's more physical approach could actually complement Tarkin's, and how the two of them actually grew to respect each other.
-Tarkin wants to test a new weapon or defense for use against the Sith, and Anakin is volunteered as a test subject
-Palpatine engineers romance between them to further Anakin's descent into darkness and Tarkin's loyalty.
-I love Leia's line about Tarkin holding Vader's leash.  How does Tarkin earns Anakin's submission?
-Or just show me Anakin submitting to Tarkin in the bedroom.  Leashes, collars, and/or restraints are a plus

Rex/Anakin Skywalker/Wilhuff Tarkin - This is a combination of the above pairings.  I'm also really interested in the idea of Tarkin and a Trooper.  Personally, I feel that Tarkin respects Troopers as good assets but not as people, but that Tarkin could be civil to Rex for Anakin's sake as Anakin respects Rex.  And I find it interesting when Rex is put in the position where he must deal with someone who does not respect him a person but he's trained to serve regardless.  However, if you read the characters differently, I'm curious to see other interpretations of how you think the three would get along.
-Anakin and Rex are assigned as Tarkin's bodyguards for a mission
-What if the events of the Citadel rescue took an additional day or more?
-What if Tarkin wasn't with Palpatine but was actual suspcious of him?  He could determine how Palpatine is manipulating Anakin and turn to Rex as the only person likely to get Anakin to see the truth.  (I'd love if Tarkin still wasn't a good guy; just morally gray.)

LEGENDS Pairings:
Gilad Pellaeon/Thrawn - I absolutely love these two.  I love the Holmes/Watson vibe they have but with the added spice where Pellaeon is always holding his breath waiting for Thrawn to lose his temper like other Imperial Admirals.  I love that Thrawn remains calm and collected.  I also love the human/alien contrast, especially among the xenophobic Imperials and Thrawn being too awesome for it to matter.
-What would happen if Pellaeon manages to save Thrawn from Rukh?
-Pellaeon manages to surprise Thrawn or subvert Thrawn's expectations
-The two are the only survivors to a shuttle crash; what happens next?
-What would happen if some of the Imperials staged a coup against Thrawn because he's an alien?

Luke Skywalker/Thrawn - I'm fascinated by how Thrawn views the Force and how he utilizes or gets around Force users.  I love the ysalamiri and that Thrawn has them.  I also love farmerboy-turned-Jedi!Luke.  I love when he shows his naiveté but also when he's being a badass with the Force.  I love that Thrawn spends so much time thinking about how to capture Luke and putting so many resources to that effort.  I love that Luke is cluelss about Thrawn for so long.
-What would happened if Thrawn had managed to capture Luke one of the times he almost had him?
-What if Thrawn was around during the OT trilogy?  What if he discovered Luke's identity before Vader and tried to use that as leverage for his own ends?
-What would happen if Thrawn rescued Luke from C'baoth?

Gilad Pellaeon/Thrawn/Luke Skywalker - In addition to the above, I also find Pelaeon and Luke's potential relationship interesting, in that Pellaeon is a by-the-book but reasonable Imperial and Luke is responsible for the destruction of the Empire.  Also, Pellaeon was so unsettled by the idea of the loss of the Emperor's Force powers being the reason they lost the Battle of Endor, but he can also appreciate a worthy adversary.  I like the difference between how Pellaeon and Thrawn (as non-Force users) view the Force and by extension Luke.
-Luke takes Pellaeon hostage; how will Thrawn get him back?
-Luke tries to convince Pellaeon and Thrawn to switch sides and join the Republic
-AU where Thrawn survives and wins the war; what would happen if Luke surrendered or was handed over as a condition of the Republic's defeat?

SEQUEL Pairing:
Hux/Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker - I am really curious what happened between Luke and Kylo to make Kylo betray him.  To me, it appeared that Kylo was an inch away from the Light Side of the Force and it took everything in his power to stay on the Dark Side.  I like how Hux was not intimidated by Kylo and how the two of them get under each other skins.  I also am curious how Hux views Luke.  He's clearly on board with their hunt for Luke but there's no indication what kind of threat Hux is seeing in him.  I personally feel that Hux is unimpressed with the Force, and that he has no Force talent but does have a strong mind so that he can resist the Force.
-Luke uses the Force to send explicit dreams to Hux of Kylo in the hopes of having Kylo's feeling for Hux reciprocated; what happens when Kylo finds out?
-What would happen if Hux realizes Snoke will betray them and covertly approaches Luke for help?
-Hux is kidnapped and Kylo turns to Luke as the only one powerful enough to help Kylo get Hux back

MIXED Pairings:
Thrawn/Hux/Kylo Ren - I love Thrawn and I would love to see how he would interact with Hux and Kylo.  For Hux, I think it would be interesting to see someone Hux could respect from a military perspective - someone who could sympathize with Hux's position and give Hux helpful hints on how to deal with a crazy Force-user.  But, also, Hux would have to deal with the fact that Thrawn is an alien.  I like the idea that Hux and Thrawn are both leaders trying to keep an empire going without the resources they once had, and keep strict military discipline.  And then I love the idea of throwing Kylo into the mix.
-What if Thrawn from Legends ended up suddenly in TFA universe?
-What if Thrawn had always been in the First Order?
-Thrawn decides Hux and Kylo would be more pliable to his suggestions if they were in a relationship, and sets about setting them up
-Hux and Kylo turn to Thrawn for help overthrowing Snoke

Anakin Skywalker/Luke Skywalker/Hux/Kylo Ren - I was thinking Anakin from the Clone Wars era, Luke from post-ROTJ era, and Hux and Kylo post TFA with some time hijinks to get them all together.  I love Luke's faith in his father, and that he was able to redeem him.  I'd love if he could so something similar for Kylo.  I am really interested in how Anakin when he was Vader reacted to the knowledge that he had a son, and I would be really interested how a younger Anakin would react if he learned about it.  I'm curious what kind of father he would be.  I'm also interested in Kylo's obsession with Vader, especially in light of Vader's redemption, and also Kylo's relationship with his uncle.  I just love the tangle of family threads between the three Skywalker men.  Then I'd love to see Hux thrown into the mix as a non-Force user and outsider, and because I feel Hux and Kylo are suited to each other.  The appeal of Anakin/Luke/Ren is that they are related so please do not change that.
-I am fascinated by the idea of what balance in the Force means and also Kylo being someone who can wield both sides; I'd love something exploring these concepts.  Perhaps Anakin can only bring balance to the Force by bringing balance to Kylo?  Maybe, in order to do that, he has to help Kylo come to terms with his feelings for Luke and Hux?
-Kylo is so obsessed with Anakin that he finds magic to resurrect him; Hux goes to Luke for help
-Snoke wins and destroys everything, betraying Kylo and Hux; Luke goes back in time to get Clone-Wars-era Anakin to help him save Kylo (or Ben) and Hux

Thrawn/Luke Skywalker/Hux/Kylo Ren - I'm cool with Luke from TFA or Luke from the Thrawn Trilogy.  This pairing is a combination of the above pairings.  I like Thrawn as an adversary for Luke - the Force vs a genius.  It would be interesting if Thrawn was in the movie universe, and what kind of history Luke might have had with him, like Thrawn was an Admiral Luke had come up against a few times during thre Rebellion before Thrawn helped form the First Order.  I like the idea of Thrawn and Hux working and learning from each other, perhaps of Hux being Thrawn's protege, which might earn Hux flak for being so close to an alien.  I find Luke and Kylo's relationship to be very interesting - both master/student and uncle/nephew - and then their falling out.  I am curious how Thrawn would then try to use Kylo as an asset: would it be against Luke or Snoke?  I like the idea that Kylo unwillingly falls for Hux, and Thrawn uses that to his advantage.  I also like the idea that Thrawn is a threat to Snoke but also someone Snoke cannot get rid of without the collapse of the First Order.
-Thrawn wants to capture Luke; he needs Kylo to do that, and the only way to manipulate Kylo is through Hux
-Thrawn conspires to put Hux on the First Order throne because the First Order would never follow Emperor Thrawn
-Thrawn comes up with interesting uses for the Force during sex, and instructs Luke and Kylo on what to do

Clan Techie/Hux/Kylo Ren - I absolutely adore Clan Techie and Dredd.  I really wanted Clan Techie to get some love and attention, and someone to take care of him.  I am very interested in how different Clan Techie and Hux are personality-wise.  I like that both are competent though.  I love the idea of Kylo in the middle of them, going from sweet, nervous Clan Techie to Hux, who's a pain in his ass.  I would appreciate if Clan Techie was brought over to the Star Wars universe rather than the other way around.
-AU where Clan Techie was cloned unknowingly from Hux by Hux's dad; what happens when Hux finds out?
-AU where Clan Techie is a brother Hux keeps hidden; what happens when he's kidnapped and his eyes are replaced?
-Dredd's world is in the Star Wars galaxy, and Kylo is leading an expedition to take it over for the First Order; what happens when he finds Clan Techie?
-What if Clan Techie had crucial information so the First Order and Resistance were both after him?
-Kylo, Hux, and Clan Techie are stranded somewhere, and Clan Techie gets sick


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