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Dear Author:
Thank you for writing me a fic!  I love all of these fandoms and pairings, and I'm super excited to get a fic for one of them!  I've tried to include a lot of information in this letter in case you're like me and want some direction or inspiration.  Feel free to ignore the prompts if you have something else in mind.

My Requests:
The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien: Barahir/Finrod; Barahir/Edrahil/Finrod; Barahir/Emeldir/Finrod; Brandir/Hunthor; Brandir/Hunthor/Beleg; Brandir/Hunthor/Mablung; Brandir/Hunthor/Mablung/Beleg; Tuor/Voronwë; Tuor/Voronwë/Rog; Tuor/Voronwë/Ulmo
The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien: Aragorn/Elrond Peredhel; Aragorn/Faramir; Aragorn/Faramir/Angbor; Aragorn/Faramir/Beregond; Aragorn/Faramir/Elrond; Aragorn/Faramir/Halbarad; Aragorn/Faramir/Imrahil; Arathorn II/Elrohir/Elladan
Gargoyles (TV): Owen Burnett/David Xanatos; Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore; Goliath/Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore; MacBeth/Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore; Matt Bluestone/Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore
Criminal Minds: Grant Anderson/Aaron Hotchner
John Wick (2014): John Wick/Winston; John Wick/Winston/Addy
NCIS: New Orleans: Christopher LaSalle/Dwayne "King" Pride; Sebastian Lund/Christopher LaSalle/Dwayne "King" Pride; Sebastian Lund/Dwayne "King" Pride; Christopher LaSalle/Sebastian Lund
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy: Admiral Statura/Hux/Kylo Ren; Admiral Statura/Poe Dameron; Hux/Kylo Ren/Han Solo; Hux/Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker; Hux/Kylo Ren/Rey; Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker; Poe Dameron/Hux/Kylo Ren
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff/Wanda Maximoff (MCU); Heimdall/Thor/Loki (MCU); James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers/Wanda Maximoff (MCU); James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson (MCU); James "Bucky" Barnes/Wanda Maximoff/Steve Rogers (MCU)

General Likes:

  • Happy endings - I am fine with angst along the way but I really like to see a happy ending where my nominated characters are alive and well and together.

  • Getting together, slow-burn romance - I like to see how my ships get together.

  • Hurt/comfort - The comfort part is the thing I latch onto most.  I like seeing characters taking care of each other.  I also like to see how people survive or recover from their ordeals.

  • Soulbonds, soulmates, soulmate-identifying marks - I like the idea that there is someone out there for you and the idea of a soul-deep connection to someone else.  I also like exploration of what their soulmate means for a character (Why is this person the one person for me above all others? etc.).  For soulmarks, I really enjoy seeing how different authors approach the worldbuilding for universes with soulmarks (What relationship complications are there for characters who know they're destined for each other?  How does it affect who they are and the world they live in?  Do they hide their marks or show them?  If one person has a mark and the other doesn't, why? etc.).

  • Threesomes and/or consensual polyamorous relationships - I like complicated relationships and seeing how people make them work.

  • Worldbuilding - I like to delve more into the worlds of my canons.  I like to see the world opened up to new places and cultures to allow for more adventures and possible mystery.  I like to see how these new places tie into the canon we know.  I like to know more about character back-histories and how that made them who they are now.  I enjoy exploring large family trees and family history.

  • Family dynamics, incest - I like loving families that stick together and stand up for each other and help each other.  I like families with strong bonds.  This would also include found families and strong friendships.  I would also include this in my like for complicated relationships and my general like for how people make relationships work well, especially when it might not be easy.  For incest, I only like it when the participants enter into the relationship as adults, and the dynamic is as healthy as it can be in such a situation (so it's not co-dependent, etc.)

  • Power imbalance, age difference, size difference - I like relationships where there are questionable dynamics but the one with the power in the relationship can be trusted to never use that power against the person with less power.  I also like to see people exploring what makes them different from each other.  I like Elf/human pairings for this reason.

  • Loyalty, competence, protectiveness

  • Logisitics - I love characters who have to deal with logistical issues (like feeding an army or building and running a city or even laying out a proper sewer system to stop disease, etc.)

  • FYI Preferences - I am fine receiving any rating of fic, from G rated to explict fic.  I prefer third-person, past tense narrative.

General Likes For Sex Scenes

  • Vanilla sex

  • Massages

  • Bathing, shower sex

  • Sex-pollen or fuck-or-die scenarios

  • Blindfolds

  • Use of restraints (i.e. handcuffs, belts, ties, etc.)

  • Collars

General Do Not Wants:

  • Embarrassment, humiliation

  • Underage

  • Genderbending and other drastic changes to canon characteristics

  • Death!fic, dark!fics, suicide - I would like to see my nominated characters and their families/friends survive the story.  I'm fine with other characters dying.

  • Amputation, trauma to eyes or other especially sensitive parts of the body, anything involving bodily waste and vomit, body horror, cannibalism - I can handle some gore but I can be a little squeamish, especially when it comes to stuff like vomit and bodily waste.  I really don't like the idea of anyone ingesting anything that wasn't meant to be ingested (i.e. gasoline, unsuspecting cannibalism, etc.).  I am fine with canon amputations, especially in cases where there is high-level technology that basically cancels out the amputation (like for Bucky and Luke), but I would rather none of my nominated characters who aren't already missing a limb lose one.  Also, I am fine if you want to go into detail about medical operations so long as it isn't about eyes or to cause injury to the patient.

  • Being unable to breathe - I'm fine if someone can't catch their breath but nothing was bigger nightmare fuel for me than what they did to Deadpool in his movie (the chamber that kept suffocating him).

  • Hate!sex, love triangles - I like consensual relationships where people are happy to be in the relationship and care a lot about each other.

  • Public!sex, friends-with-benefits, drunk!sex

  • Crack!fic, issue!fics

  • Non-canon AUs, apocalypse AU, mundane AUs (high school, coffee shop, etc.) - For the most part, I would like to stick fairly close to canon with regards to plot and characterization (my exception is canon romantic relationships).  "What-if" scenarios like fork-in-the-road or soulmate AUs in the setting of the canon are examples of AUs I do like.  I also like worldbuilding AUs like magic!AU for a mundane fandom (like Criminal Minds) or Superhero!AU, Mythology!AU, Fairy Tale!AU, etc.

  • Character bashing - If there is a canon relationship to break up, I'd prefer if the breakup was amicable or if there was only friendship and no relationship in the first place.

  • Cheating, jealousy - I really enjoy seeing characters who can trust each other.  I'm also fine with one spouse being in an extramarital relationship so long as the other spouse is fully informed and consents to the relationship.

  • Feeling claustrophobic - I don't mind if characters are imprisoned, tied up, stuck in a closet or a small space.  I just don't want them to feel claustrophobic.

  • Focus on past relationships or on characters getting over past relationships - Mentioning a past relationship is fine.


General Do Not Wants: Maedhros/Fingon; Túrin/Beleg; Bëor/Finrod; evil!Thingol; goofy Glorfindel

Barahir/Finrod - I love that Barahir rescued Finrod.  I love when humans can prove themselves as being as capable as or more capable than an Elf.  I love that Finrod is powerful, beautiful, wise, and liked humans from the beginning.  I think that Barahir is a good leader and warrior who is beloved by his people.  I think that he has a good relationship with his family, including his nephews.  I do not like when Barahir is depicted as being subservient or deferential to Finrod, but I do see him as being respectful (as he would be with anyone who deserves respect).

PROMPTS: Trapped or stranded together.  Finrod invites Barahir to visit Nargothrond.  AU where Finrod and Barahir both survive their injuries post-"Quest for the Silmaril".  Expand the scene from the Silmarillion of Barahir rescuing Finrod and the aftermath.  AU where Barahir joins Beren on the Quest.  Finrod brings Barahir to Doriath.

Barahir/Edrahil/Finrod - I love how Edrahil speaks up when no one else does.  I love his loyalty.  I always imagine him following Finrod whenever Finrod would allow it (so he would be in Finrod's company when Finrod visited Doriath or went hunting, etc.), but if you see it differently, I'm very open to reading different interpretations for him.  I also view Edrahil as being a lord or knight -- something more than a servant -- but, again, I'm not super invested in any of my own headcanons for Edrahil.

PROMPTS: Barahir makes an effort to include Edrahil.  AU where Edrahil, Finrod, and Barahir survive past the Quest.  AU where Edrahil and Finrod are enslaved, and Barahir has to buy them to save them.  Huddled together for warmth.

Barahir/Emeldir/Finrod - I love that Emeldir is another example of Tolkien writing a woman who has her own mind and desires and fights for them.  I feel that she and Barahir have an equal, respectful relationship, and that he is completely supportive of her in everything she wants to do.  I feel like she and Barahir make a very good team.  I like to think she has a different personality from Haleth, so she isn't aggressive or combative.  I picture her as being athletic and outgoing and a born leader.  I like that even though she wanted to stay with her husband and son, it sounds like it was her decision to take the vulnerable people to safety.  I feel like Finrod would treat Emeldir with the same respect he has for Andreth but that she would also defy his expectations.

PROMPTS: Canon AU where Emeldir ends up in Brethil and is reunited with Barahir when he either joins Beren on the Quest for the Silmaril or he makes it south after being attacked.  Finrod thinks he can't be with Barahir once Barahir's married but learns that humans have all kinds of flexible arrangements.  Emeldir rescues Finrod and Barahir when they get in trouble.

Brandir/Hunthor - I love that Hunthor stood up for Brandir when no one else would, and that Hunthor called Túrin out.  I was always sympathetic to Brandir and his viewpoint.  After what happened with Nargothrond, it seemed clear that Túrin's aggressive solution was not the right one for the problem of Morgoth, so I felt Brandir was a better leader.  The fact that he was being dismissed by everyone was frustrating, so I was really happy to see Hunthor step up for him.  I really like the fact that he is Brandir's cousin and that he courageously faced the dragon for Brandir's sake and not for personal glory.  I really love that Brandir is a healer and that he was a "man of gentle mood".

PROMPTS: Secret admirer.  Hunthor being protective of Brandir.  Brandir healing Hunthor from sickness or injury.  Forced bed sharing.

Brandir/Hunthor/Mablung - I love that Mablung is loyal to Thingol, and that he takes it so personally when Niënor and Morwen disappear on his watch.  I love that he doesn't give up and spends so long looking for them.  I also love the fact that he and Beleg fought in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears but that they only did so after Thingol gave his leave.  I like that they didn't go off on their own without permission.  I also like that he and Beleg joined Beren and Thingol in hunting Carcharoth, and that he and Beleg are so clearly singled out among Thingol's people as being exceptional.  Mablung seems to be very compassionate and wise as well as a good warrior.  I imagine that he or Beleg would have visited Brandir at least once for some business from Thingol or just as courtesy when Brandir became the leader of the Haladin.

PROMPTS: AU where Hunthor and Brandir both survive their injuries, and Mablung takes them to Doriath to heal.  Mablung visiting Brethil on business from Thingol or to check up on Brethil after the fall of Nargothrond.  Bathing on a hot day.

Brandir/Hunthor/Beleg - A lot of what I love about Mablung applies to Beleg.  I love his loyalty, that he fought in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears and that he only fought there (and also went after Túrin) once he had Thingol's permission.  In the Lays, Beleg is described as "the son of the wilderness who wist no sire" which I have taken to mean that Beleg was one of the Elves to awake rather than be born, so he's among the oldest Elves around.  I've always been really curious about those Elves and how the other Elves view them and about their development.  Beleg seems very patient and quiet.  I always pictured him as being stoic and not given to talking more than necessary.  I like that he too is compassionate and helpful, such as the fact that he led his warriors to help Brandir's great-grandfather out when Halmir asked.  I also like the fact that he is a healer.  I think he and Brandir would have a lot in common, and that Brandir would find a sympathetic and encouraging companion in Beleg.  I think that Beleg would even praise Brandir's healing abilities.  I think Hunthor and Beleg would connect over their loyalty and love for their respective lieges; I think they would understand each other too.

PROMPTS: AU where Beleg survives his wounds and makes it to Brethil where Brandir heals him.  AU where Beleg is still with Túrin after the fall of Nargothrond and ends up in Brethil that way.  Beleg and Brandir looking for medicinal plants or exchanging knowledge.  Beleg telling Hunthor and Brandir about his recollections of Halmir or about waking under the stars and living with no sun or moon.

Brandir/Hunthor/Mablung/Beleg - I think that Mablung and Beleg are very close professionally and personally.  I think that Mablung is likely Beleg's superior in terms of command structure but that they generally work as equals.  I think that Beleg and Mablung's authority likely overlap a bit.  As Beleg is older, Mablung would be respectful of his experience.  Beleg would be respectful of Mablung's leadership.  I like that they're very similar in terms of being very loyal to Thingol and both being great warriors and also nice people.  I like that they are depicted as befriending and caring about humans.

PROMPTS: AU where Brandir heals Beleg, and Mablung invites Brandir and Hunthor to Doriath to receive Thingol's gratitude.  Mablung and Beleg work with Brandir and Hunthor on some kind of treaty or on safekeeping the area (some kind of politics).  AU where Brandir's people want him to marry to cement a relationship with Thingol's kingdom, and Beleg or Mablung agree to the union.

Tuor/Voronwë - I love the loyalty and friendship between these two.  I love that they're both sailors who love the sea.  I love the hurt/comfort in their story where they huddle together in the cold and share stories about each other.  I love how they depend upon each other.  I love that Voronwë doesn't want to go back to Gondolin but he obeys Ulmo anyway and sticks up for Tuor to his friend Elemmakil.  I also really love that Tolkien describes Voronwë still being with Tuor even after Gondolin falls and at least in one version, Voronwë sails off with Tuor and Idril.  I just love that Tuor remains steadfast to his friend and remains with him to the end.  I love this pairing so much.

PROMPTS: Courtship.  Fluff.  Gift giving.  Declaration of feelings.  Tuor pampering Voronwë.  I don't have too many specific prompts.  I've read so many UST stories where Voronwë was pining for Tuor in vain and they ended with him being so sad; I just really want to read anything with these two that has Tuor and Voronwë unambiguously happy together at the end.  Angst along the way is fine.
Headcanon prompt: I also have a headcanon that Tuor is much taller than any other human and much taller than Voronwë so there is size kink between these two.

Tuor/Voronwë/Ulmo - I love that Ulmo does not abandon the Elves and humans the way the other Valar do.  I absolutely love that Ulmo specifically selects Voronwë and basically gives him to Tuor.  I love that Ulmo has signaled Tuor out and gives him a lot of information.  I love that Ulmo favors Tuor.  I love that both Tuor and Voronwë are respectful of Ulmo.  I'm fascinated by the idea that the Valar might have a different relationship with humans than they do with Elves, and that they perhaps don't have as much authority over humans.  I'd love to see something exploring that concept.  I'd love to see Ulmo deferring to Tuor at some point.  I also like to think that Ulmo keeps watch over Tuor for as long as Tuor lives.

PROMPTS: Tuor and Voronwë talk to Ulmo when they get to Sirion.  Ulmo is sad that he will lose Tuor to mortality but then Eru offers Tuor the choice to remain with the Elves until the end of the world.  Ulmo showing Tuor and Voronwë the secret depths of the oceans.

Tuor/Voronwë/Rog - Rog is such an amazing badass in Lost Tales.  I love that he's the strongest elf in Gondolin and that he is a smith.  I love how he and his House sacrifice themselves to save Gondolin and kick so much ass doing so -- that they don't even care that their way back is blocked because they're not going to stop until they kill all the bad guys.  To explain Rog's unusual name, I have a headcanon that he was among the Elves who were captured by Morgoth and enslaved, but that he escaped and returned to his people.  He was scarred and because he no longer felt like the Elf he'd been, he rejected his given name and went by Rog ("demon").  I headcanon that he is a grim, quiet person, which makes his impassioned battle speech during the Fall of Gondolin that much more impactful.  I also headcanon that he is very loyal to Turgon and the royal family.  I feel like that would extend to Tuor.  Also, if you agree with my headcanon about Rog, then both he and Tuor have been enslaved and would be able to understand each other on that level.

PROMPTS: Rog protecting/defending Tuor and Voronwë.  AU where Rog survives the Fall of Gondolin.  Rog making something by smithcraft for Tuor and/or Voronwë.

General Do Not Wants: Please do not use the characterization or plot points from the movies.  Please no Gimli/Legolas, Aragorn/Boromir, Faramir/Boromir, matchmaker!Gandalf, evil!Thranduil, or evil!Denethor.  Please do not have Elrond consider Maglor/Maedhros as his father(s) or have him dislike/resent Eärendil.  Please do not have Elladan and Elrohir as pranksters.

Aragorn/Faramir - I love hurt/comfort and I love that Aragorn healed Faramir.  I like that both he and Aragorn are noble and wise.  They seem like good equals, but I do like that Aragorn is Faramir's king and superior, and that Faramir treats him with proper decorum but also affection.  I like that Aragorn spent time in Gondor in service of Ecthelion.  I like that Aragorn is literally old enough to be Faramir's dad.

PROMPTS: Aragorn and Faramir's first real meeting alone.  Soulbond AU set during or after the events of LOTR.  Faramir gets sick or injured again, and Aragorn must tend to him.  Ancient Númenórean law states the Steward and King have to have sex for *reasons* and Faramir fears it'll be a meaningless one-time thing, but it's not.  Forced bed sharing.

Aragorn/Faramir/Angbor - I feel that Angbor left quite the impression with Aragorn because Aragorn titled him "the fearless" and Angbor acquitted himself so well during the assault on Gondor.  I am fascinated by the larger politics and culture of Gondor.  It doesn't just stop at Minas Tirith.  Here is this great warrior and lord of a southern fief who defended the river far from Minas Tirith and did all that he could to help the cause.  When he finally could, he brought all the men he could to help protect the capital.  I just love that there was a much more complicated picture of what was going on than just this one city being attacked.  I also wonder about Angbor's daily life as a lord of a very populous fief and what kind of problems he has to solve.  I'm sure he had to work with Faramir at some point (either when he came to Minas Tirith before the war or when Faramir paid him a visit).

PROMPTS: Angbor takes Faramir and Aragorn on a tour of Lamedon to see how it holds up after the war and what it needs now.  Angbor asks Aragorn to come after there are strange things happening in the White Mountains (ghosts).  Aragorn asks Angbor to help him root out a conspiracy in Minas Tirith.  Angbor visits Faramir in the Houses of Healing during the war.  Aragorn rewards Angbor for his heroics during the war.

Aragorn/Faramir/Beregond - I love how loyal Beregond is to Faramir.  I love how all of Gondor loves Faramir.  I love that Beregond is a loyal soldier who usually follows orders but risks everything to save his lord.  I love that Aragorn "punishes" Beregond by letting Beregond spend the rest of his life in the service of someone he loves.  I find the class dynamics between Beregond and Faramir/Aragorn to be very interesting.  I also love that Beregond is a father.

PROMPTS: Faramir takes ill/is injured while they're in the wild, and Beregond has to take care of him and get him to Aragorn.  Beregond travels with Aragorn and Faramir to Arnor.  Retelling of Beregond rescuing Faramir from Denethor and seeing Aragorn healing Faramir from Beregond's point-of-view.  Beregond's new role in Ithilien means he gets to spend more time with Faramir than he ever had before.  Faramir learning what Beregond did for him.

Aragorn/Elrond Peredhel - I love the father/son relationship between these two.  I love that Elrond is a wise, loving person.  I love that he's been through so much tragedy but it hasn't made him bitter or unwilling to help out others.  I love that even after Aragorn falls for Arwen, Elrond does not stop loving Aragorn and he is always there for him (and for Arwen).  I love that he's a good father.  I love that Elrond is a healer, and I also love that he's a Half-Elf.  I love that Aragorn has learned healing from Elrond.  I love that Elrond can befriend someone like Bilbo.  I also love that Elrond appears to be a bit awkward when it comes to romance, since he fell in love with Celebrían but didn't say anything for centuries.

PROMPTS: Aragorn rescuing Elrond from some danger.  Elrond mistakenly believes Aragorn is in love with Arwen but Aragorn's always been in love with Elrond.  Elrond knows music-spells from Maglor and uses that to help Aragorn relax but it turns into more.  Masquerade ball.

Aragorn/Faramir/Elrond - I would love to see Faramir and Elrond interact because I think that they have a lot in common (i.e. they're both really nice and wise with scholarly interests, etc.).  Elrond is a teacher and Faramir is a student.  I think Faramir would be very interested in a lot of the stuff that has happened during Elrond's life and also Elrond's perspective on it.

PROMPTS: Elrond helping Aragorn heal the last of the Black Breath from Faramir (or some other malady/injury).  Elrond and Faramir connecting over lore and learning.  Elrond taking Faramir and Aragorn to the Emyn Beraid to see the Elostirion-stone.  Elrond offering to massage Aragorn and/or Faramir after one of them gets hurt.

Aragorn/Faramir/Halbarad - I love the Dúnedain.  I find them fascinating.  I like that they just quietly protected the north without any thanks (and quite a lot of grief) but they do so without any bitterness.  I love that only a handful of them are needed to help turn the tide of battle in Gondor because they're so awesome.  I love the description of them: "Stout men and lordly they are, and the Riders of Rohan look almost as boys beside them; for they are grim men of face, worn like weathered rocks for the most part, even as Aragorn himself; and they are silent.  But even as Aragorn they are courteous, if they break their silence."  I love that Aragorn is so happy to see Halbarad and that he says he'd been thinking of Halbarad and wishing for his presence often.  I love that Halbarad shares Aragorn's views on Hobbits having great worth and that he appears to be a wise and noble lord.  I love their friendship.  I think Halbarad would see Faramir's value as a scholar and noble spirit, and Faramir would recognize that Halbarad shared many of Aragorn's good traits.

PROMPTS: AU where Halbarad survives.  Halbarad and Aragorn have to rescue Faramir.  Bathing on a hot day.  Trapped in a cave together.  Soulmate AU.  Halbarad courts Faramir on Aragorn's behalf but falls in love with Faramir too.

Aragorn/Faramir/Imrahil - I really love Imrahil in the book.  I love that he rescues Faramir and immediately takes Aragorn for his king.  I feel that Imrahil was a positive father figure for Faramir, and that he kept an eye on his nephews when he could.  I have a headcanon that Faramir and Boromir spent some summers as boys at Dol Amroth with Imrahil and Imrahil's kids.  I love that Imrahil is a grandfather but still kicking ass.  I am also fascinated by the idea that Imrahil was around as a young man when Aragorn was serving Ecthelion as Thorongil.  I'm also interested in Imrahil's roles as a Prince of Dol Amroth and as a chief councilor to Aragorn.

PROMPTS: Aragorn asks for Imrahil's help on a diplomatic mission abroad.  When Imrahil was a young man, he fell in love with Thorongil, and still loves him when they meet again during the war.  AU where after Imrahil's wife and sister died, Denethor tried to marry Faramir off; Imrahil blocked this by offering himself instead.  Imrahil's perspective on the events of the War of the Ring that he participated in.

Arathorn II/Elrohir/Elladan - I fell for this pairing after watching Born of Hope but I prefer the characterizations in LOTR.  I like that Elladan and Elrohir have helped their father protect and teach the line of Isildur for centuries.  I feel like they've watched over them and been very involved with the Dúnedain.  I've always felt that Elladan and Elrohir feel more drawn to humans than Elves.  I like how in LOTR they are singled out (as Legolas is the only Elf at certain events because these two don't count as Elves).  They are described as being as fair and gallant as Elvenlords, and I have always felt that they were natural teachers and advisors, being brought up among the most powerful Elves who still remain in Middle-earth and being descended from such a proud lineage.  I also love that they are described as being so identical that few can tell them apart.  I headcanon that they were very good friends with Arathorn.  They were canonically with him when he died.  Arathron is described as a stern man in LOTR and I picture him to be a lot like Aragorn in temperament and looks -- someone who appears a little foul at first but who can appear kingly if arrayed well and when he smiles.

PROMPTS: AU where Arathorn survives his wound but still sends Aragorn to Elrond.  Arathorn visits Rivendell for a council.  Elladan and Elrohir help Arathorn defend some oblivious hobbits.  Arathorn asks the Twins for help on a scouting mission for a new hideout for the Dúnedain.  Arathorn meeting the Twins through the years.  Sex pollen situation.  Soulmate AU.


Owen Burnett/David Xanatos - Loyalty and competency are the big draw for me with this pairing.  I like that Xanatos trusts Owen with everything and that they always seem to be on the same page.  I love that Owen is so deadpan.  I love that Xanatos not only doesn't lose his temper but when things go wrong, he always sees a way to turn it to his benefit.  I like when Xanatos demonstrates that Owen means something to him and/or when Xanatos goes out of his way to save Owen (like in City of Stone where Xanatos shows how protective he is of stone!Owen, and Owen doesn't even know).  Please do not have Owen as Puck.  I came to love Owen before the reveal that he was Puck, and I really liked him as a human.

PROMPTS: Xanatos must rescue Owen or reveal his feelings for him.  Sex or die situation.  Accidentally married.  Magical shenanigans.  Owen and Xanatos are in a D/s relationship where Owen is the Dom (and this spills over into the working relationship too) - [I realize this one may seem OOC but I've always liked the idea of everything we see in the show is basically Owen humoring Xanatos or a game where Owen is pretending to only be Xanatos' assistant but Owen is the one who actually has all the power in the relationship.  I like the secret role reversal.]

Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore - This was the first pairing I ever shipped.  I loved their relationship in the show and I always wanted to see them get together.  I love that Jason was friendly, respectful, and sympathetic towards Elisa, and that they immediately were in sync when it came to catching bad guys.  I liked that she was clearly taken with him and impressed by his abilities.  I loved that his feelings for Elisa were what changed his mind, and she brought out the best in him.  I also love his backhistory where he knows about gargoyles and has only had his siblings to rely on since his dad's death.  I like that he's a skilled fighter.

PROMPTS: Canon AU of Hunter's Moon where Elisa decides to be with Jason.  AU where Jason really is a transferring detective, and his worlds collide when his siblings begin hunting gargoyles in NY.  Undercover as a couple.  Surveillance in a small place.  Hurt/comfort.  One of them rescuing the other.  Mission sex to keep their cover.

Goliath/Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore - I thought the relationship between Goliath and Elisa was very well done in the show.  I liked the fact that she's only human but she's essential to the gargoyles and saves them often.  I like that she pulls her own weight.  I liked how Goliath was wary of trusting humans but she earned his trust anyway.  In Hunter's Moon, I like that Jason and Goliath both stood down from their vengeful quests for Elisa.  I also like that Jason was injured protecting Goliath.  I like that Goliath's whole understanding of himself is as a protector.  Please do not have Goliath/Elisa with Jason as an afterthought.

PROMPTS: Elisa decides she wants both Jason and Goliath after Hunter's Moon.  Goliath is standoffish about Jason until someone tries to hurt him and he becomes very protective.  Voyeurism where Goliath secretly watches Jason and Elisa together.  Elisa directing Goliath and Jason in their sexual activities while she watches.  Sex-or-die situation.  Case fic.  Magical shenanigans (i.e. Jason and Elisa turned into gargoyles or given super powers, etc.).  Halloween.  Goliath views Jason and Elisa as his mates.

MacBeth/Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore - MacBeth is such a tragic figure in the show, and I always wanted him to find some peace and love.  During City of Stone, MacBeth is shown wearing the Hunter's mask and he clearly has a history with Jason's ancestors.  While Jason's ancestor was MacBeth's enemy, they share a common goal of wanting to destroy Demona so I think they would be allies.  I like that Elisa was there to help MacBeth realize he could finally start living again and find someone to love.  I like that MacBeth knows sorcery, and I'd love to see him get out of the spell that connects him to Demona.  I also like how honorable MacBeth is, even to his enemies.  I feel that Jason and MacBeth are very similar in both being hurt by Demona, wanting vengeance, and then learning to let go of that vengeance.

PROMPTS: Jason and MacBeth team up to hunt Demona.  Elisa turns to MacBeth to get Jason out of jail after Hunter's Moon or to heal his paralysis.  MacBeth needs help for a magic spell.  Jason and Elisa need MacBeth's help for a case (maybe to get into a high-class party or to research some ancient artifact).

Matt Bluestone/Elisa Maza/Jason Canmore - I really love the friendship between Elisa and Matt.  I love how well they work together.  I felt bad for Matt when he realized Elisa was keeping the information about the gargoyles from him and lying to him, but I was happy when they made up and that from then on they were so tight.  I like how amused Matt seemed when Elisa did a 180 on meeting Jason.  I like the idea of the three of them working together.  Matt is a lot of fun.  I'd love to see something about his FBI training being useful.

PROMPTS: Matt follows an Illumianti lead.  Undercover as gay or pretend married.  Surveillance in a small place.  Oberon or Puck give one (or all) of them super powers of some kind or send them back in time to meet the first Hunter or the gargoyles.  The 3 of them knowing about gargoyles when the rest of the city doesn't.  Canon AU where Jason is a legitimate cop and trying to put gargoyles behind him.  Case!fic.


Grant Anderson/Aaron Hotchner - This ship plays into my love of power imbalance and age difference.  I love Anderson being Hotch's subordinate.  It really works for me because Hotch is such a bulletproof good guy who would never use his position for personal gain and his abilities as a profiler mean that even if Anderson was scared to speak up, Hotch would identify the problem anyway and would make sure everything was okay.  I also really like the age difference and experience difference between them.  I really like that Hotch is generally a stoic, calm person but that he occasionally does smile and he does have a sense of humor.  I like that Anderson is a geek.  I like how competent both of them are.

PROMPTS: Undercover as gay.  Surveillance in a tiny place.  Forced bed sharing.  Hotch has to rescue Anderson.  Superhero!AU where Hotch is secretly a superhero and has to keep rescuing Anderson.


John Wick/Winston
John Wick/Winston/Addy

General: I really love the worldbuilding in this film with the Continental and the formal system they've built up around the world of assassins.  I like that John has friends who are willing to help him without being asked.  I like that he is loyal to his friends in turn.  I like how everyone is a little wary of him (or downright scared).  I like that he is a man of few words and how competent he is.  But I also like that he can get hurt and needs help.  I like that Winston bent the rules to help John.  I like the age difference between the two and that Winston clearly has a lot of power in the assassin world, which he is willing to use to help John out.  I like that he not only helped John but probably also saved him from Ms. Perkins.  I also like that Winston and Addy both call John "Jonathan" and seem to be on more intimate terms with him.  I'm curious about the history between Winston and John and Addy, and how Addy ended up in the assassin world.

PROMPTS: John acts as a bodyguard to Winston.  Addy (or Winston) is in danger and Winston (or Addy) ask John for help.  D/s where Winston is the Dom and uses a lot of praise and comfort for John.  John offers to teach Addy some basic self defense, or Addy is perfectly able to defend herself and offers to spar with John to blow off some steam.


Christopher LaSalle/Dwayne "King" Pride
Sebastian Lund/Dwayne "King" Pride
Sebastian Lund/Christopher LaSalle
Sebastian Lund/Christopher LaSalle/Dwayne "King" Pride

General: I love everyone on this show.  I love Sebastian's friendships with Brody, Loretta, and Patton.  I love the family feel of the team.  I love that Sebastian and King have a father/son aspect (more so on Sebastian's side but King doesn't run away from it either).  I love when King is slightly exasperated or lost when dealing with Sebastian but that he never takes it out on him.  I also love the father/son vibe between LaSalle and King, and that it feels different to the father/son vibe between Sebastian and King.  I like that LaSalle and King have each other's back, and clearly work well together.  I love that King is a good father to his daughter and is generally Team Dad.  One of the things I loved about LaSalle is that he liked legos in the pilot episode, so that would be fun to see back.  I love LaSalle's commitment to his brother.  I also love his friendships with Brody and Percy.  However, I do not like when Percy and LaSalle pry into each other's business.  I do love the relationship between LaSalle and Sebastian, where it's slightly teasing but never mean, and LaSalle seems more amused by Sebastian's quirks and has more tolerance for them than King does.  I love that Sebastian wants to help out, and is often concerned about the wellfare of the agents when they are in danger.

PROMPTS: Case fic.  Undercover as gay.  Surveillance in a small place.  Sebastian needs to go undercover.  The three of them building with LaSalle's legos.  Sebastian's conspiracy theories get him in trouble.


Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker - I am really fascinated by Kylo Ren.  To me, it appeared that he was an inch away from the Light Side of the Force and it took everything in his power to stay on the Dark Side.  He didn't seem motivated by any of the usual stuff Dark-Side people seem to want so I wonder why is he clinging so hard to the Dark Side?  What happened?  It also feels like he feels at home being an apprentice and having someone to follow, so why couldn't he follow Luke?  I really feel like Kylo's at war with himself and might have some submissive tendancies.  I do like how after he throws a tantrum, then it's over and he moves on - like it's a mechanism he uses to maintain control.  I've loved Luke since the original trilogy.  I love that he didn't give up on Vader.  I love Jedi powers and lightsabers, and I love the family drama of Star Wars.  I'm also fascinated by Vader's presence between these two - where Ren worships Vader but Luke actually knew him and the fact that Annikin's ghost is hanging around.  I'm really interested in the Luke and Kylo relationship after the betrayal.  I'm also interested in exploration of what the Force is, what different people believe about it, and the different ways it can be used.  I'm also interested in the idea of how Luke has changed over the years and what power he now has.  For instance, would he go after Kylo with the same optimism and determination he had in his youth or would be more calulating and manipulative to reach his goals?  I'd love if Luke wasn't just hanging out all this time but rather slowly plotting something or honing his skills to be able to best Kylo without killing him or something.

PROMPTS: Luke's tries to turn Kylo back to the Light like he did with Vader.  Kylo is forced to take Luke with him to explore an ancient Jedi temple or artifact.  Luke rescues Kylo from danger.  Fuck-or-die.  Aliens made them do it.  Sex pollen.  Snoke betrays Kylo and sells him as a slave; Luke manages to buy him.

Hux/Kylo Ren/Luke Skywalker - I ended up being really interested in Hux and the First Order after the movie.  I've always liked logistics and Hux seems like someone who has to deal with a lot of logistics to get his base built, especially as the First Order isn't as rich as the Empire.  I'm also really curious about what kind of nation the First Order has built out in the Unknown Regions.  I'm curious what kind of culture Hux was raised in and if he's been indoctrinated (and therefore could possibly be unbrainwashed) or if he's doing all the indoctrinating.  If it's the latter, I'm really curious how you could redeem Hux and bring him over to the side of the Republic (or at least not wanting to destroy the Republic anymore).  I like how Hux was not intimidated by Kylo and how the two of them get under each other skins.  I like how they are forced to work together but are so different.  I really like the idea of Hux not having any Force abilities and dealing with people like Kylo, Luke, and Rey who are very powerful Force users.  I think Hux is probably able to resist Force persuasion though.  I like the idea that Kylo is still able to love (despite his best efforts not to) and falls for Hux, and that Luke decides he can use this to bring Kylo back to the Light Side.  I'm curious how Hux reacts to this and what he thinks of Luke, the Savior who brought down the Empire that Hux loves.  I wonder if Luke felt all the people who died on the Death Star when he destroyed it, and if he can reflect on that when he thinks of Hux unleashing the Starkiller's weapon.  I also like the idea of Luke taking command of Hux and Kylo, and somehow getting the two of them to submit to him.  On a shallow note, I really like Hux's uniform and coat.

PROMPTS: Luke uses the Force to send dreams to Hux of Hux/Kylo in the hopes of having Kylo's feeling for Hux reciprocated but Kylo catches on.  Hux realizes Snoke will betray them and covertly approaches Luke for help.  Hux is kidnapped and Kylo turns to Luke as the only one powerful enough to help Kylo get Hux back.

Hux/Kylo Ren/Han Solo - I find Han's relationship with Kylo to be really interesting.  This was the person who didn't believe in hokey religions and ancient weapons and he's the father of an extremely powerful Force-user.  I feel that Kylo's sensitivity to the Force was problematic for him as a child (perhaps he could feel deaths far away or hear negative thoughts people had about his looks, etc.) and he needed guidance and support that Han didn't know how to give.  I can imagine that Han feels a lot of guilt about that and he would do practically anything to fix that now (but still doesn't know how).  For Kylo's part, I can imagine him being very conflicted because he could probably feel how much Han loved him but Han is just some average smuggler and not a great Force user like Vader or Luke.  It would be interesting for Kylo to learn to find value in Han for his good points.  I could see this allowing Kylo to see Hux's good points, or the other way where Kylo learns to value Hux first, which helps him learn to value his dad.

PROMPTS: Rather than kill Han, Kylo takes him prisoner.  Han tries to entice Hux to help him get Kylo away from Snoke.  When Hux learns Kylo's parentage, he decides to mess with Kylo and secretly hires Han to smuggle something that will have Han and Kylo's paths crossing.  Han has an arrangement with Leia where he can sleep with a guy when he needs to scratch that itch; he sleeps with Hux and neither knows who the other is until much later.

Hux/Kylo Ren/Rey - I loved both interrogation scenes in TFA.  I really love Rey.  I love that she's self-sufficient but also lonely.  I feel like Kylo's lonely too but doing his best to pretend he's not.  I love Rey's enthusiasm.  I love that it looks like Rey is going to be an extremely strong Force-user and a match for Kylo.  I love the dichotomy where Rey is so desperate to be reunited with her parents and Kylo walked away from his.  I'd love to see her help him see the Light Side again.  I feel like Hux would be completely dismissive of her until she proves herself to be a threat to his own plans.  I think Hux will use every opportunity to rub it in Kylo's face that she beat him and he hasn't stopped her yet.  I like the idea of Rey and Kylo using the Force around Hux (maybe to save him during a battle, to heal him, while having sex, etc.).  I like when Force-users use their powers in tandem.

PROMPTS: Rey has dreams or visions about Kylo and/or Hux (could be prophetic or sexual).  Creative use of the Force during sex (something different than Force-choking).  Rey and Kylo become psychically linked, and she hears how often Kylo thinks about her and Hux, and how lost he is.

Poe Dameron/Hux/Kylo Ren - The other interrogation scene that I loved.  I love how completely in control Kylo was in this moment, and how Poe is still snarky even though he must know he's completely fucked.  I also love how Poe looks a little broken when Kylo leaves to talk to Hux.  I like how competent Poe is at flying and his relationship with BB-8.  I'm really curious how much Poe knows about Kylo Ren and Ben Solo.  Is it common knowledge among the Resistance that Leia's son has gone Dark-side?  Or has Leia used some political spin on the situation?  Is Poe one of the people in the know or not?  Even if he did know, I like the idea that Poe wouldn't recognize Kylo without his mask so if he met him without any sign of the First Order, he'd treat him like a nice kid.  I'm sure Hux's face is well known (if his speech is in any way a regular event and it's broadcast) but I'd be curious to see if Poe didn't recognize him either and what happens.

PROMPTS: AU where Poe is a pilot for the First Order.  Poe goes undercover as a slave and Hux ends up buying him.  A mission goes wrong and Kylo is stranded (possibly injured) and Poe finds him but doesn't realize who Kylo is and offers to help.  Another interrogation scene.

Admiral Statura/Hux/Kylo Ren - I admit part of my interest in Statura is that I know the actor from Lost and Person of Interest.  I love how different Statura is from those other characters.  What intrigues me about Statura is similar to why I like Hux - they seem like they have to deal with a lot of the same logistical and command issues.  But what I like about Statura is that he probably has to deal with things in a more hands-on fashion because there isn't the manpower or money that the First Order commands.  I think he'd be more likely to roll his sleeves up and start moving cargo if it came to that.  And he probably has additional problems because his force is more diversified with aliens and their needs.  Like I said above, I wonder if he knows that Kylo Ren is Leia's son and what he thinks about it.  I wonder if he's one of the few people who knows the truth.  I feel like he has a great deal of respect for Leia and is someone she trusts.  He's also someone who is Hux's equal with regards to command, so he would likely be someone Hux would want to talk to.

PROMPTS: Hux is captured and Statura is in charge of interrogating him (mind games between non-Force-users?).  Statura has information the First Order wants.  Statura, Hux, and Kylo are stranded on an isolated planet (maybe someone's injured?).  Statura goes undercover somewhere where Hux frequents but Kylo recognizes him or senses his intentions.

Admiral Statura/Poe Dameron - Statura is probably Poe's commanding officer.  I feel like Poe has a lot of respect for people like Statura and Leia but also a different perspective from them.  I like age difference and power imbalance between two people who can trust each other, which this pairing fits into very well.  I love competence and I'd love to see something where Statura demonstrates that he's as competent in something as Poe is at flying.  I'd also love some day-in-the-life for Statura and Poe when there's no fighting but Statura has to deal with feeding the Resistance/getting supplies/making things work that are ten years past their expiration date/etc. and Poe has to scrounge up parts to keep his X-Wing working and maintaining BB-8's operating system, etc.  I just love logistical stuff like that.

PROMPTS: Poe has to fly Statura somewhere.  Diplomatic mission.  Statura and Poe end up in a battle or on the run together.  One of them needs to rescue the other.  The Resistance needs supplies or something else, and Poe and Statura have to figure out how to get the items.  The two try to find some time to be together but keep getting interrupted by daily problems of running the Resistance.


Please note that I haven't seen Captain America: Civil War yet. I don't mind spoilers but all of the characterization and pairings I have are from the movies prior to CA:CW.

Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff/Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - I love the interaction between these three in AoU.  I loved the little "didn't see this coming" thing that went on between Clint and Pietro, and I really didn't want Pietro to die.  I love how Clint and Pietro annoyed each other but also gained each other's respect.  I love that Clint rescued Wanda during the battle on the floating city.  I loved the pep-talk Clint gave her and that she was scared and overwhelmed.  I love the tone he struck with her where he didn't force her to fight or to stay; he let her make the choice.  I love the contrast between Clint not having powers but having experience in fighting, and the twins having powers but not being soldiers.  I love the relationship between Pietro and Wanda, and that she just wrecked shit when her brother died.  I love how they always check up on each other to see if the other is okay.  I love how close they were and how they leaned on each other.  I especially love how Pietro looks after Wanda.

PROMPTS: One of them is in danger and the others have to rescue him/her.  AU where Pietro doesn't die.  Sex-pollen situation.  Clint offers to teach Wanda and Pietro archery.  Wanda tries to give Clint powers of his own.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Wanda Maximoff/Steve Rogers (MCU) - I loved the friendship between Bucky and Steve in TFA.  I loved that Steve risked everything to rescue Bucky when he was captured, and how broken he was to lose him.  I love that Steve is a man-out-of-time but that he's adapting quickly.  I loved how competent Bucky and Steve both are in WS.  I loved the little moments when Bucky's old self tried to poke through his Winter Soldier programming.  I love that Steve just won't give up on Bucky.  In AoU, I loved seeing Steve and Wanda working together.  I loved her powers and her relationship with her brother.  I loved that Steve could relate to her, and that he treated them as threats but also as kids in over their heads.  I liked the age-difference (or perceived age-difference) between them.  I also feel that Steve is one of the first Avengers to make Wanda feel like she can trust the Avengers.  I feel like Steve and Bucky would be protective of Wanda and that she could use someone to care for her, but I like that she is way more powerful than they are.  I also am intrigued by the fact that Wanda can mess with people's minds and then being confronted with someone like Bucky who's suffered so much and been messed with so much.  I have a preference for Bucky and Steve's romantic relationship to begin post-Winter Soldier.

PROMPTS: Steve and Bucky help Wanda test her powers.  Hydra wasn't completely destroyed and captures Wanda and Bucky, who are imprisoned together.  Undercover as gay.  Pretend married/dating.  Wanda uses her powers to help Bucky with his memories and to get rid of his programming.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson (MCU) - In addition to above, I loved in WS how Sam and Steve struck up a friendship so quickly.  I loved that Sam treated Steve like a fellow vet who had been through the same trauma Sam had been through and needed the same resources to heal -- that he didn't put Steve on this pedestal and offered to help him.  But, I also liked that he treated the "Captain America" part of Steve with admiration and respect.  I really loved that Sam was going to help Steve track down Bucky, and that Sam had several opportunities to back out and never did.  I just loved the instant loyalty and friendship between them.  It's also what I love about Steve and Bucky.  I love that Steve respected Sam's ability and never second guessed that he could do what he said he could.  I feel that Sam is someone who is very grounded and stable, which is something that Bucky and Steve would really need to have a healthy, happy relationship.  I'm not sure how Bucky and Sam would get on but I hope they would also treat each other like fellow soldiers who could understand what the other had been through.  I think Sam would see helping Steve find Bucky as a way to deal with his inability to save his own friend Riley.  I think Sam wanted to protect Steve from the reality that Bucky might not be someone who could be saved but that Sam was impressed by Steve's loyalty to his friend.

PROMPTS: Something triggers a repressed memory in Bucky that sets off a mystery or adventure.  In an effort to include Sam, Bucky and Steve show him some of the stuff they used to do in the 40s.  Trapped together.  Sam surprises Bucky and Steve by tracking down something they used to have in the 40s/as kids or recreates a happy memory for them.  The three of them have to work together to escape from somewhere.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers/Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - All of the above for these four.  I'd just love to see the four of them taking care of each other and fighting together with a lot of mutual respect and admiration.  It looks like Sam and Wanda are going to be teammates on the New Avengers team seen at the end of AoU, so I can see them hanging out, and Sam making an effort to make Wanda feel welcomed.  I like the idea of the three guys taking care of Wanda, who is the most powerful of all of them.

PROMPTS: Soulmate AU.  While Sam and Steve look for Bucky, Bucky learns Hydra is after Wanda.  Wanda's powers do something unexpected, possibly leading to sex-pollen or the guys getting super powers for a bit.

Heimdall/Thor/Loki (MCU) - I loved Heimdall in the movies.  I love that he's quiet and stoic.  I wonder just how much he can see and if he might know more than he's letting on sometimes.  I feel like Thor and Loki are a good fit for each other (after the events of the first movie when Thor matures and if Loki could actually be honest for once).  I can sympathize with Loki when he finds out he's not really Odin's son but rather from a race that he's been brought up to believe are monsters, and to realize everything he thought he knew about himself wasn't true.  I like that Thor and Loki are brothers, and treat each other as brothers.  I like Loki's magic.  I like that Heimdall is someone Thor can turn to for advice and help.  I like that Heimdall seems like someone who takes his oath seriously but he breaks it twice for Thor.  I think Heimdall would be good for Thor and Loki in a relationship as they could easily lose perspective without an objective POV.  Please no abused Loki

PROMPTS: Heimdall sees Loki in trouble somewhere far away and tells Thor.  Loki performing a magic spell.  Heimdall knows Loki is pretending to be Odin.  Loki and Thor travel to the underworld to get their mother's spirit back and need Heimdall's help.


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