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Dear Author:
Thank you for writing me a fic!  I love all of these fandoms and I'm super excited to get a fic in one of them!  I've tried to include a lot of information in this letter in case you're like me and want some direction or inspiration.  Feel free to ignore the prompts if you have something else in mind.  I've also included some headcanons purely to inform you of my perspective on the characters, but I know not everyone has the same headcanons so please don't feel pressured to follow them if you don't want to.  They're only there for added inspiration.

My Requests:
The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien: Brandir/Hunthor; Barahir/Finrod; Tuor/Voronwë
The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien: Aragorn/Faramir; Imrahil/Legolas
Gargoyles (TV): Owen Burnett/David Xanatos
Criminal Minds: Grant Anderson/Aaron Hotchner
John Wick (2014): John Wick/Winston

General Likes:

  • Happy endings - I am fine with angst along the way but I really like to see a happy ending where my nominated characters are alive and well and together.

  • Getting together, slow-burn romance - I like to see how my ships get together.

  • Hurt/comfort - The comfort part is the thing I latch onto most.  I like seeing characters taking care of each other.  I also like to see how people survive or recover from their ordeals.

  • Soulbonds, soulmates, soulmate-identifying marks - I like the idea that there is someone out there for you and the idea of a soul-deep connection to someone else.  I also like exploration of what their soulmate means for a character (Why is this person the one person for me above all others? etc.).  For soulmarks, I really enjoy seeing how different authors approach the worldbuilding for universes with soulmarks (What relationship complications are there for characters who know they're destined for each other?  How does it affect who they are and the world they live in?  Do they hide their marks or show them?  If one person has a mark and the other doesn't, why? etc.).

  • Threesomes and/or consensual polyamorous relationships - I like complicated relationships and seeing how people make them work.

  • Worldbuilding - I like to delve more into the worlds of my canons.  I like to see the world opened up to new places and cultures to allow for more adventures and possible mystery.  I like to see how these new places tie into the canon we know.  I like to know more about character back-histories and how that made them who they are now.  I enjoy exploring large family trees and family history.

  • Family dynamics, incest - I like loving families that stick together and stand up for each other and help each other.  I like families with strong bonds.  This would also include found families and strong friendships.  I would also include this in my like for complicated relationships and my general like for how people make relationships work well, especially when it might not be easy.  For incest, I only like it when the participants enter into the relationship as adults, and the dynamic is as healthy as it can be in such a situation (so it's not co-dependent, etc.)

  • Power imbalance, age difference, size difference - I like relationships where there are questionable dynamics but the one with the power in the relationship can be trusted to never use that power against the person with less power.

  • Loyalty, competence

  • FYI Preferences - I am fine receiving any rating of fic, from G rated to explict fic.  I prefer third-person, past tense narrative.

General Likes For Sex Scenes

  • Vanilla sex

  • Massages

  • Bathing

  • Sex-pollen or fuck-or-die scenarios

  • Blindfolds

  • Use of restraints (i.e. handcuffs, belts, ties, etc.)

General Do Not Wants:

  • Embarrassment, humiliation

  • Underage

  • Genderbending and other drastic changes to canon characteristics

  • Death!fic, dark!fics, suicide - I would like to see my nominated characters and their families survive the story.  I'm fine with other characters dying.

  • Amputation, trauma to eyes or other especially sensitive parts of the body, anything involving bodily waste and vomit, body horror, cannibalism - I can handle some gore but I can be a little squeamish, especially when it comes to stuff like vomit and bodily waste.  I really don't like the idea of anyone ingesting anything that wasn't meant to be ingested (i.e. gasoline, unsuspecting cannibalism, etc.)

  • Hate!sex, love triangles - I like consensual relationships where people are happy to be in the relationship and care a lot about each other.

  • Public!sex, friends-with-benefits, drunk!sex

  • Crack!fic, issue!fics

  • Non-canon AUs, mundane AUs (high school, coffee shop, etc.) - For the most part, I would like to stick fairly close to canon with regards to plot and characterization (my exception is canon romantic relationships).  "What-if" scenarios like fork-in-the-road or soulmate AUs in the setting of the canon are examples of AUs I do like.  I also like worldbuilding AUs like magic!AU for a mundane fandom (like Criminal Minds) or Superhero!AU, Mythology!AU, Fairy Tale!AU, etc.

  • Character bashing - If there is a canon relationship to break up, I'd prefer if the breakup was amicable or if there was only friendship and no relationship in the first place.

  • Cheating, jealousy - I really enjoy seeing characters who can trust each other.  I'm also fine with one spouse being in an extramarital relationship so long as the other spouse is fully informed and consents to the relationship.

  • Feeling claustrophobic - I don't mind if characters are imprisoned, tied up, stuck in a closet or a small space.  I just don't want them to feel claustrophobic.

  • Focus on past relationships or on characters getting over past relationships - Mentioning a past relationship is fine.

Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien
Background: I've read Hobbit, LOTR, Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Both Lost Tales, The Wanderings of Húrin, Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth and a few other things.  I would be happy if you want to include information from any of these but I'm just as happy if you want to just stick with the original Silmarillion.
FYI Headcanon: I tend to follow the Silmarillion in that I see Orodreth as Finrod's brother, and Gil-galad as Fingon's son.

General Do Not Wants: Maedhros/Fingon; Túrin/Beleg; Elrond viewing Maedhros and Maglor as his fathers; Elrond hating Eärendil; evil!Thingol

Brandir/Hunthor - I absolutely adore Brandir.  I like that he's a healer and a good leader and a character dealing with a disability in a culture that frowned on weakness.  I also like how he handles his situation with such grace for so long.  I really wanted him to get validation in the text for being the leader the people of Brethil needed.  That's why I like Hunthor/Brandir.  I like that Hunthor spoke up for Brandir and admonished Turin (which I really needed someone to do): "You do evilly, Dorlas, to speak thus to the shame of your lord, whose limbs by ill hazard cannot do as his heart would. Beware lest the contrary be seen in you at some turn! And how can it be said that his counsels were vain, when they were never taken? You, his liege, have ever set them at naught. I say to you that Glaurung comes now to us, as to Nargothrond before, because our deeds have betrayed us, as he feared. But since this woe is now come, with your leave, son of Handir, I will go on behalf of Haleth’s house."  I like that Hunthor faced the dragon without needing valor or adventure but out of loyalty to his kinsman and his people.  I like that until he was hit by the rock, he looked like he was totally up for the task.  I like that he and Brandir are cousins and close in age.  I also like the idea that the Haladin are a little wild and strange when compared to the people of Bëor and the people of Hador.  I like their friendship with the Drúedain and I find their relationship with the Sindar Elves to be fascinating.


  • Secret admirer

  • Hunthor being protective of Brandir, OR Brandir healing Hunthor from sickness/injury

  • AU where Hunthor and Brandir both survive their injuries.  Mablung takes them to Doriath to heal.

Barahir/Finrod - Barahir rescuing one of the most powerful, badass Elves is one of my favorite things in the Silmarillion.  I like that Finrod is fascinated by humans right away, and speaks up for the people of Brethil to Thingol.  I like all the Sindar and I like that Finrod is associated with them.  I like that he's a sorcerer and warrior and one of the most beloved Elves there is.  I like that he's curious and open-minded and wise.  I like that he killed a werewolf with his bare hands.  He seems pretty perfect.  I also like his friendship with Andreth.  I like that she calls him on Elvish egotism, and that he shows compassion for her tragic love for his brother.  I like that he treats her as an equal, and explains how Elves view things.  For Barahir, I like that he's a warrior and from a big family.  With his 3 sisters, his awesome wife, and aunt Andreth, I feel like he would be very respectful of women, which I think Finrod would understand and share as the brother of Galadriel.  I feel that Barahir must've been well-loved and well-respected as a leader.  Technically, his nephews should've been in line for the leadership of what remained of the people of Bëor but there doesn't seem to be any animosity and the Outlaws follow Barahir to the end.  I like that Barahir is a father (there's a rejected canon that Beren had a sister named Hiril if that's interesting to you).  I like that Barahir straddles the line of being proud but not too proud since he refused to leave Dorthonion but he did make sure that those who couldn't fight found sanctuary elsewhere.
FYI Headcanon: I headcanon that in a relationship, Barahir would definitely take charge once he knew his feelings were reciprocated.  I feel like he respects Finrod and acknowledges that Finrod is his liege lord, but he doesn't treat him with reverence.  I think he would quickly forget to be formal and treat him as a friend.  I think Barahir was close friends with Aegnor and Angrod, and views himself as an equal, not a subject.  I like human/Elf relationships where the human is the more assertive or dominant one in the relationship, and I feel like Barahir would see Finrod as someone to protect and care for but not bow down to.

Please no past Bëor/Finrod.


  • Trapped or stranded together

  • Finrod invites Barahir to visit Nargothrond, OR expand the scene from the Silmarillion of Barahir rescuing Finrod and the aftermath

  • AU where Finrod and Barahir both survive their injuries post-"Quest for the Silmaril" and meet up to heal together, OR Barahir joins Beren on the Quest

Tuor/Voronwë - I fell in love with this pairing after reading Unfinished Tales.  I like that Tuor is a Chosen One, and the only human (I think) who gets to talk directly to a Vala and the first human to see the sea.  I like that Ulmo specifically chose and saved Voronwë for Tuor.  I like that Tuor is favored by Ulmo.  I like Tuor's relationship with Annael and how he accepts Annael's wisdom, instead of going off hotly on his own.  I like that he freed himself from slavery, and that he is polite and respectful to people he meets.  I like Tuor's transformation from slave to a prince and lord of Elves.  I like his relationship with Idril, which seems to be based on mutual respect.  I like that Voronwë is a kinsman of Círdan as well as a Noldo.  I like the fact that Voronwë clearly wanted to go back to Nan-tathren but led Tuor to Gondolin anyway.  I like that Voronwë treats Ulmo was the appropriate amount of reverence and obeys Ulmo's desires for him to be a guide.  I like how much Tuor and Voronwë have in common - that they are both sailors and fathers (according to Lost Tales) and struggle through the journey to Gondolin together.  I liked seeing them bond during the journey.  I like the dichotomy of Tuor being all alone for several years and basically living wild and then becoming the leader of one of the Twelve Houses, earning a higher social place than Voronwë and the praise of almost everyone.  I like that in almost all of the things Tolkien wrote about Tuor or Eärendil, he was pretty consistent in adding Voronwë.  Tuor sails off with Idril and Voronwë.  It's clear that Voronwë is important to him and Tuor doesn't cast him aside or forget him, no matter how many years pass by.  I like Tuor and Voronwë's loyalty in this.  I also like Tuor as a badass warrior with his axe.  I also really like that Tuor is Elrond's grandfather.
FYI Headcanon: I headcanon that Glorfindel and Aranwë (Voronwë's father) are brothers, and are both sons of Lalwen, so they are cousins of Turgon.  I also headcanon that Tuor is the tallest human ever.  He's not as tall as Turgon or Thingol but he is definitely taller than a lot of Elves, including Voronwë, who is just average height for an Elf (so definite size kink for them).


  • Courtship, Fluff, Gift giving, Anything happy.  I just want something where these two to end up happy together

  • Voronwë struggles with feelings of inadequency and Tuor reassures him

  • Voronwë and Tuor decide to give Eärendil a break and sail the skies for a little while (maybe they make an unsanctioned trip to visit Elrond in Rivendell)

Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
General Do Not Wants: Please do not use the characterization or plot points from the movies.  Please no Gimli/Legolas, Aragorn/Boromir, Faramir/Boromir, matchmaker!Gandalf, evil!Thranduil, or evil!Denethor.

Aragorn/Faramir - The Houses of Healing is one of my favorite parts of Lord of the Rings.  I like that Aragorn is recognized to be the king because he's a healer.  I like that Gandalf, Pippin, and Beregond all rush to save Faramir from being burned, and that Imrahil also rescued him initially.  I like the love and loyalty shown to him, indicating what a good person he is that so many people care about him.  I like that Aragorn went to heal Faramir despite not wanting to go into the city at that time.  I also like that Faramir immediately recognizes Aragorn as his king and asks how he can serve him, and Aragorn's response is that Faramir should heal.  I like hurt/comfort and this is a great example for me.  I like that Faramir is a scholar and that he is very wise.  I like that he isn't gungho about war but he is considered a good warrior and is loved by his soldiers and the people of Gondor.  I like that both he and Aragorn are noble and wise.  They seem like good equals, but I do like that Aragorn is Faramir's king and superior, and that Faramir treats him with proper decorum but also affection.  I like that Aragorn spent time in Gondor in service of Ecthelion.  I like that Aragorn is literally old enough to be Faramir's dad, and is about as old as Denethor but is still hale and strong.  I like that Aragorn was raised by Elrond, and is close to him, Elladan and Elrohir (and the rest of Elrond's household).  I like Aragorn's dichotomy of being a scruffy ranger but also a king.  I think the Dúnedain are really cool.  I like that they just quietly protected the north without any thanks (and quite a lot of grief) but that only a handful of them helped to turn the tide of battle in Gondor.  I like their loyalty to Aragorn, and I find his role among them to be really interesting.  Similarly, I find Faramir's time as a ranger and the contrast to his role as a leader in Gondor to also be interesting.  I also find the politics, formal atmosphere, and logisitics of Gondor to be fascinating.  I'd love to know more about the day-to-day workings of the city, its feudal tributaries, its social climate, its customs and laws, its religion and holidays, etc.  I'm also really curious about the relationship between Gondor and Arnor after the War of the Ring.


  • Getting together fic or Forced bed sharing

  • Faramir gets sick or injured again, and Aragorn must tend to him

  • Ancient Númenórean law states the Steward and King have to have sex for *reasons* and Faramir fears it'll be a meaningless one-time thing; it's not

Imrahil/Legolas - This pairing was inspired by that one scene in LOTR where Legolas bows to Imrahil, noting he must have Elvish blood in him.  Considering that Faramir and Aragorn probably also have some Elvish blood in them but Legolas doesn't react to them in this way, there must be something very striking about Imrahil.  Imrahil is another noble voice of reason in the book, which I like.  I can definitely see a lot of Imrahil in Faramir.  Imrahil is a good commander and another person who immediately acknowledges Aragorn as his king.  I like that Imrahil's a little bemused when the hobbits call Aragorn "Strider", speaking of Imrahil's more aristocratic background, but he's not a snob.  He seems like a very warm and personable person.  I like when he sticks up for Aragorn and proves to be a good advisor.  He appears to be a loving family man, a loyal soldier, a good fighter, and also a good administrator (since Aragorn entrusted him with the care of Gondor while Faramir was recovering).  I like that he is a high-ranking lord and has experience running his own princedom.  I like his family.  I like that both his sisters are older than him and he's the baby of the family.  I like that he has his sons and daughter, and that he's a recent grandfather during the War of the Ring.  I like the concern he shows for Faramir, and that he rescues both him and Éowyn.  I like that Legolas in the books is a younger elf.  I like that he does feel the burden of years but appears to be more in line with the Elves in Rivendell who tra-la-la at the dwarves, but isn't quite to that level of silliness.  I like that he's a little cheeky.  I like his competency with the bow.  I like his friendship with Aragorn, Gimli, and the hobbits.  I like that he's a prince but never introduces himself as such.  I like that he's not pretentious but is enthusiastic about things.  I like that he is a Sinda Elf but also identifies strongly as Silvan.  I find the fact that Imrahil is a Prince over a seaport city and Legolas has fallen under the call of the sea to be an interesting dynamic for the two.  I also find the fact that Legolas is cheeky earlier in the book but becomes a little more somber once he sees the sea to be interesting about him.  I also like the fact that Legolas settles in Ithilien next to Faramir, and that he brings other Elves with him.  I like that Thranduil allowed that.  I like Legolas' friendship with Gimli and how steadfast they are towards each other.
FYI Headcanon: I headcanon that Legolas has a great relationship with his dad and mom, who is not dead, and that he has at least one older brother, who is the Crown Prince.  I headcanon that Legolas' mom is Silvan, and that Legolas was born sometime during the Watchful Peace.  I also headcanon that he's been pretty sheltered in Mirkwood.  He does some messenger work to Rivendell and Dale but not very often and has been to very few other places.  I headcanon that Imrahil made a point of being there for Faramir and Boromir when they were growing up, and that Imrahil would often have them in Dol Amroth during the summers.  I also headcanon that Imrahil's sons were among the knights he led.  I also think that Imrahil comes from a very loving family and was close to both his sisters.


  • Getting together fic or Trapped together

  • Imrahil and Legolas go on a diplomatic mission together, possibly by ship

  • Legolas visits Imrahil at Dol Amroth, OR Imrahil visits Faramir in Ithilien and meets Legolas and his Elves

Gargoyles (TV)
Background: I've watched all the episodes and I've read the comics.

Owen Burnett/David Xanatos - I like that Owen knows everything Xanatos is up to.  I like the loyalty between these two.  I like that Owen is so deadpan and Xanatos isn't easily ruffled.  I like Xanatos' constant scheming, and that Owen is almost always involved somehow.  I like that both of them are so competent.  I like when they perform magic together, but I also like when they're dealing with the mundane, corporate side of their lives.  I like that Xanatos is a billionaire with all the latest toys and refined taste.  I also like that they exercise with each other by sparring and that they are often so impeccably dressed.  I just like that they spend so much time together, and that they're often on the same page.  It feels like if Xanatos had any friends, it would be Owen.  I also like that Owen will argue with Xanatos when he disagrees and that Xanatos engages with the argument rather than shut it down.  I like the trust that Xanatos shows in Owen, and that they seem to respect each other.  I like when Xanatos demonstrates that Owen means something to him and/or when Xanatos goes out of his way to save Owen (like in City of Stone where Xanatos shows how protective he is of stone!Owen, and Owen doesn't even know).  I also like that Xanatos doesn't really hold a grudge and that he's always willing to use whatever resources he can, even if it's the gargoyles; he's always so pragmatic and confident in himself.  I like that he takes a failure with grace.  I like that Xanatos does have his own sense of morality and he's not out to hurt anyone.  I like Xanatos' wry sense of humor.  I really adored Owen.  I found him fascinating.  I wanted to know how Xanatos earned Owen's undying loyalty.  I wanted to know where Owen came from and what he was getting out of their arrangement.  I wanted to know what made Owen tick.  I came to appreciate him before the reveal that he was Puck, and I liked him as a human so please do not have Owen as Puck.


  • Xanatos must rescue Owen or reveal his feelings for him

  • Sex or die situation, Accidentally married, or Magical shenanigans

  • Owen and Xanatos are in a D/s relationship where Owen is the Dom (and this spills over into the working relationship too) - [I realize this one may seem OOC but I've always liked the idea of everything we see in the show is basically Owen humoring Xanatos or a game where Owen is pretending to only be Xanatos' assistant but Owen is the one who actually has all the power in the relationship.  I like the secret role reversal.]

Criminal Minds
Grant Anderson/Aaron Hotchner - This ship plays into my like of power imbalance and age difference.  I like Anderson being Hotch's subordinate.  It really works for me because Hotch is such a bulletproof good guy who would never use his position for personal gain and his abilities as a profiler mean that even if Anderson was scared to speak up, Hotch would identify the problem anyway and would make sure everything was okay.  Also, Hotch doesn't really lose his temper very much, and certainly not because Anderson makes a mistake.  I like that both of them are really competent.  Even when Anderson screwed up with Elle, he's clearly upset but level-headed and able to give Hotch a complete update of what happened.  I like that Anderson is younger than Hotch.  I like that Anderson is included in a lot of team events (hanging out on team nights, funerals, weddings, etc.), and is always around the office to help out.  I also like that he is a bit of a nerd, and that he might not be a seasoned field agent (to contrast with Hotch's field compency).  I like Hotch's stoicism and that he does have a sense of humor but that it's rarely on display.  I like that he's a genuinely good man who loves his son and his team.  I like that he generally treats people respectfully and doesn't lose his cool.


  • Anderson has a stalker

  • Undercover as gay, Surveillance in a tiny place, or Forced bed sharing

  • Anderson is assigned to protect Jack but they are attacked and Hotch must rescue them (or any variation of Hotch coming to the rescue)

John Wick (2014)
John Wick/Winston - I really like the worldbuilding in this film with the Continental and the formal system they've built up around the world of assassains.  I like that John has friends who are willing to help him without being asked.  I like that he is loyal to his friends in turn.  I like how everyone is a little wary of him (or downright scared).  I like that he is a man of few words and how competent he is.  But I also like that he could get hurt and needed help.  He was grieving and a little broken.  I like that Winston bent the rules to help John.  I like the age difference between the two and that Winston clearly has a lot of power in the assassain world, which he is willing to use to help John out.  I like that he not only helped John but probably also saved him from Ms. Perkins.  I also like that Winston and Addy both call John "Jonathan" and seem to be on more intimate terms with him.  I'm curious about the history between Winston and John.  I like the staff that Winston employees (Addy, Charon, and the hotel doctor).  He seems to attract quality people.


  • Bodyguard

  • Winston is taken hostage and John must rescue him

  • D/s where Winston is the Dom and uses a lot of praise and comfort


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