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Dear Yuletide Writer:
Thank you for writing me a fic!  I love all three of these fandoms and I'm super excited to get a fic in one of them!  I've included lots of suggestions in this letter to give you plenty of options in case you're like me and want some direction or inspiration.  Feel free to ignore the prompts if you have something else in mind.

My Requests:
Route 666 (Crossgen Comics): Cassie Starkweather, Francisco "Cisco" Fernandez
Sigil (Crossgen Comics): Samandahl "Sam" Rey, JeMerik Meer
King's Quest (Video Games): Alexander, Edgar

General Wants:

  • Happy endings - I am fine with angst along the way but I really like to see a happy ending where my nominated characters are alive and well and together.

  • First-time, slow-burn romance - I like to see how my ships get together.

  • Hurt/comfort - The comfort part is the thing I latch onto most.  I like seeing characters taking care of each other.  I also like to see how people survive or recover from their ordeals.

  • Soulbonds, soulmates, soulmate-identifying marks - I like the idea that there is someone out there for you and the idea of a soul-deep connection to someone else.  I also like exploration of what their soulmate means for a character (Why is this person the one person for me above all others? etc.).  For soulmarks, I really enjoy seeing how different authors approach the worldbuilding for universes with soulmarks (What relationship complications are there for characters who know they're destined for each other?  How does it affect who they are and the world they live in?  Do they hide their marks or show them?  If one person has a mark and the other doesn't, why? etc.).

  • Threesomes and/or consensual polyamorous relationships - I love complicated relationships and seeing how people make them work.

  • Worldbuilding - I like to delve more into the worlds of my canons.  I like to see the world opened up to new places and cultures to allow for more adventures and possible mystery.  I like to see how these new places tie into the canon we know.  I like to know more about character back-histories and how that made them who they are now.  I enjoy exploring large family trees and family history.

  • Family dynamics - I love loving families that stick together and stand up for each other and help each other.  I like families with strong bonds.  This would also include found families and strong friendships.  I would also include this in my love for complicated relationships and my general love for how people make relationships work well, especially when it might not be easy.

  • FYI Preferences - I like third-person, past tense narrative, and plotty fic with a porn scene. I do not mind background pairings but I would prefer that their presence was kept to a minimum. I am fine receiving any rating of fic, from G rated to explict fic.

General Do Not Wants:

  • Embarrassment, humiliation

  • Underage

  • Genderbending and other drastic changes to canon characteristics

  • Death!fic, dark!fics, suicide - I would like to see my nominated characters and their families survive the story.  I'm fine with other characters dying.

  • Amputation, trauma to eyes or other especially sensitive parts of the body, anything involving bodily waste and vomit, body horror, cannibalism - I can handle some gore (at about the level of Route 666) but I can be a little squeamish, especially when it comes to stuff like vomit and bodily waste.

  • Hate!sex, drunk!sex, love triangles, non-consensual voyeurism - I like consensual relationships where people are happy to be in the relationship and care a lot about each other.

  • BDSM, public!sex, friends-with-benefits

  • Crack!fic, issue!fics

  • Non-canon AUs, mundane AUs (high school, coffee shop, etc.) - For the most part, I would like to stick fairly close to canon with regards to plot and characterization (my exception is canon romantic relationships).  "What-if" scenarios like fork-in-the-road or soulmate AUs in the setting of the canon are examples of AUs I do like.  I've given specific examples for these kinds of AUs in the prompts.

  • Character bashing - If there is a canon relationship to break up, I'd prefer if the breakup was amicable or if there was only friendship and no relationship in the first place.

  • Cheating, jealousy - I really enjoy seeing characters who can trust each other.

  • Feeling claustrophobic - I don't mind if characters are imprisoned, tied up, stuck in a closet or a small space.  I just don't want them to feel claustophobic.

  • Focus on past relationships or on characters getting over past relationships - Mentioning a past relationship is fine.

For Sex Scenes
This is just an FYI should you want to write a sex scene.  Please don't feel any obligation! I would be happy to get explicit fic for all three of my ships but I promise I will be just as happy with no-sex fics too.  Write to your comfort level.

  • Vanilla sex

  • Massages

  • Bathing

  • Sex-pollen or fuck-or-die scenarios without voyeurism

  • Blindfolds

Route 666
Characters nominated: Cassie Starkweather, Francisco "Cisco" Fernandez
What it is: Horror/suspense comic set on an alien world that looks like 1950s America.  Cassie is a college girl who can see ghosts after her best friend dies.  Sent to an asylum, she also develops the ability to see monsters disguised as normal people.  She kills two monsters escaping the asylum but they appear human to everyone else so now she is on the run from the monsters and the feds, who think she's a psychotic killer.  Along the way, Cassie meets Cisco after she accidentally gets his son killed.  She needs help and he turns out to be the only person she can count on.  Despite a rocky beginning, he goes on the run with her as they try to figure out why the Adversary has monsters stealing souls.
Where to find it: A primer can be found hereAll 22 issues can be found here.
Why I love it: I was sucked into the mystery of what the Adversary was doing, and I really wanted Cassie to rescue her friend's soul (and the other souls stolen during the title's run).  I love that Cassie feels real.  She's overwhelmed by her gift and doesn't want it, but at the same time it never stops her from fighting back when she needs to.  I also love when she finally does embrace her gift and learns to use it more fully.  She's so awesome and badass once she takes control of her gift and her life.  I love that Cisco is a decent, good man who sticks by her, and becomes the person she can depend on no matter what.  I love that he is dogged in keeping by her side, and how much he endures for her sake.  I love the May/December romance between them, and how it's complicated by the father/daughter relationship that's also developed between them and how they're both navigating the struggle between what their relationship will be.  I also love that the comic is surprisingly funny in places.  And I love the connection to the larger CrossGen universe (see Sigil section for more on that).  I love that Cassie's Danik!Avatar is more involved in protecting her, and that she calls him out on pretending to be someone he's not, and he then stops doing that.

Request: I ship Cassie/Cisco so I'd love romance and/or porn.  Maybe Cassie and Cisco admitting their feelings for each other or their first time together.  Or canon-based exploration, such as rescuing Helene's soul, defeating Tanner, shutting the gate to Perdition, stopping the Cold War, or introducing Cisco to Cassie's parents.  Or crossover with other CrossGen comic titles.  I like stories with happy endings and first time romance.


  • I'd love something exploring Cassie and Cisco's developing relationship, especially as it crosses from platonic friendship father/daughter territory into romance.  I'd love an exploration of the conflict between the father/daughter and romantic feelings they have for each other.

  • Or I'd love to read porn of these two.

  • Or something about their age difference.  There was that one page where they are dancing (here).  I'd love to see more moments like that.  Or maybe something about their different cultural and life experiences.

  • Or you could do a crossover with any of the other CrossGen titles.  I've read all of the Sigil!verse titles.  I'd love to see Cassie and Cisco interacting with other major characters, Danik!Avatars, or other worlds.  Some ideas might be Giselle and Genevieve teach Cassie how to use her powers.  Or Cassie needs to investigate ghosts on Ethan or Sephie's worlds.  Or Cassie has to go to the world of Path/Way of the Rat/Brath because that's the only other place to find a portal to Perdition.  Or Cassie connecting with Emma (from Ruse) about bearing Danik's sigil.  Or Sam and JeMerik drop onto Cassie's planet.  Really, I would be happy with anything at all.  I love the larger CrossGen universe.

Canon-based Prompts:

  • I'd love something with Cassie and Cisco meeting Danik, especially after Cisco learns about him from the psychic twins and Cassie confronts him about not being her grandfather.  Some ideas would be Danik explaining what/who he is, about what he needs Cassie for (Adversary or Negation), about the Sigil-bearers, or really anything else.  Danik just fascinates me and I'd love to see him through Cassie and Cisco's eyes.

  • I'd love to see Cassie learn what the Adversary is doing with the souls and/or freeing Helene, Dr. Waterman, and Cisco's deputies.  I'd love to see her explore Perdition, and rescue all the innocent souls.  What would Cisco's role be here?

  • Or you could write what you think the next issue was going to be.  Does Suvorov survive the other ghosts?  Does he reveal what's going on?  Does Cassie manage to free all the trapped souls on the ship?  Do they reach the portal to Perdition?  What about the war that Cassie's started?  Or the monster-bombs?  Just, after reading the last issue, what do you think would happen next?

  • Or you could have Cassie face off against Tanner again, maybe give her another new power.  She hasn't really faced him head-on but she's getting more confident in her powers.  I'd love to see her finally have a confrontation with him where she can't run away and has to find a way to defeat him.

  • Or you could explore Cassie and Cisco's roles during and/or after the Negation War.  How does Perdition tie in?  What can she do to help fight Charon and his Negation army?  Does it affect her world?  Are there other problems for her gift to solve once the Adversary's been defeated?

  • Or you could do a fix-it fic and have Helene, Miguel, Dr. Waterman, and Cisco's deputies brought back to life somehow.

Characters nominated: Samandahl "Sam" Rey, JeMerik Meer
What it is: Space opera!  The Planetary Union has been at war with the man-eating Saurians for centuries.  Sam's a normal ex-soldier trying to make ends meet when he's branded with a mysterious sigil that grants him superhuman powers.  He's been turned into a living weapon -- a weapon everyone, including the gods, wants.  With Sam is his best friend Roiya, who was killed and now haunts his ship, and JeMerik Meer, who has mysterious powers of his own and the secret to Sam's sigil.
Where to find it: You can find the primer here and the first dozen issues here.
Why I love it: I love the world-building of the entire CrossGen Sigil-verse.  I love how everything's connected together, and how Danik's masterplan was revealed.  I love super-powerful beings, so Danik and the Sigil-bearers are a lot of fun.  I love how Danik has an avatar for each Sigil-bearer to help and guide them, and how that avatar can end up being very protective of their Sigil-bearer.  JeMerik is definitely my favorite of Danik's avatars.  For Sigil in particular, I love how Sam is at heart a good man but is often so done with everyone else.  I love that Roiya's upbeat and intelligent, and her friendship with Sam.  I think her romance with JeMerik is adorable.  I love that JeMerik confides in her with stuff he shouldn't.  I love how he tells her he loves her but doesn't put any pressure on her to return his feelings.  I am utterly fascinated by the dichotomy between him and Danik -- how Danik is a self-controlled, manipulative bastard with no sense of humor and JeMerik is warm and friendly but also a little reckless, and what it says about both of them.  I also love the dichotomy between JeMerik's god-like knowledge and powers with the almost innocence of his newly emerging emotions.  And I love how he's pretending to be normal but also does almost nothing to hide the weird stuff he does.  I also love how aware he is of everything Sam is doing.

Request: I ship Sam/JeMerik so I'd love romance and/or porn.  Or H/C where one saves the other.  Or threesome with Roiya.  Or canon-exploration, such as JeMerik-as-Danik and Sam's reaction to that or anything with the Negation War.  Or crossover with another CrossGen comic title.  Or world-build another planet/sigil-bearer/avatar and have Sam and JeMerik meet them.  Please no Zanni/Sam.


  • I'd love to see how Sam and JeMerik could become a couple.  I'd also really love porn for these two.

  • I'd also be interested in seeing Sam and/or JeMerik save the other or some other H/C scenario

  • Or you could do something with JeMerik pushing/teaching Sam to use his powers

  • Or you could do Sam/JeMerik/Roiya or Sam/JeMerik/Danik.  I'm usually not a fan of voyeurism but having Roiya or Danik watching Sam/JeMerik is definitely my exception.  I'd also be curious about a sustained relationship between three people too.

  • I'd love to see crossovers with any of the other CrossGen titles.  I'd love to see Sam interact with Capricia and get some insight into Danik.  Or it would be great to see Sam interacting with Giselle and Genevieve and learning about magic and just dealing with a magical world.  Or Sam could compare JeMerik to other Danik!Avatars, and wonder why JeMerik was what Danik chose for him.  Or he teams up with Obregon and Javi in exploring Negation Space.  JeMerik and Charon could meet, and Sam manages to protect JeMerik from Charon.  Or Cassie leading Sam into Perdition to talk to Appolyon.  Again, I'd really love anything in the Sigil!verse.

  • Or you can make up your own world with a Sigil-bearer and Danik!Avatar, and explore Sam/JeMerik meeting them.

Canon-based Prompts:

  • I'd love to see anything exploring the JeMerik-is-Danik connection, and especially Sam's thoughts/feelings on it.

  • Sam and JeMerik during the Negation War.  What were they up to?  How did the Negation War go down?  Sam fighting Charon?  Anything exploring the Negation War would be awesome.

  • Sam and JeMerik in the aftermath of the Negation War.  What does the universe look like after the War is over?  How did the Planetary Union fare?  Is the hole into Negation space still around and how does that change the politics of the region?  Is that even where Sam ends up?  Or anything like that.

  • Sam finding out about Capricia's baby and his reaction to that.  I'm not opposed to a family-fic with a side of Danik/Capricia.

King's Quest
Characters nominated: Alexander, Edgar
What it is: Adventure video games and tie-in books filled with mythological, magical, folktale and fairytale characters and themes.  The royal family of Daventry (King Graham, Queen Valanice, Prince Alexander, and Princess Rosella) undertake many different quests during the different games, and each family member has a chance to shine.  The relevant games for Alexander and Edgar are 3, 4, 6, and 7.  In game 3, Alexander is a slave to an evil wizard.  He manages to escape and rescue his sister from a dragon.  In game 4, Rosella manages to rescue Edgar and retrieve magical healing fruit to save her father's life.  In game 6, Alexander frees Princess Cassima and her lands from an evil Vizier.  Game 6 is generally agreed to be the best of the KQ games, and is good insight into Alexander's character.  In game 7, Rosella rescues Edgar again, and she and Valanice stop an evil fairy from destroying the realm of the fairies.  In The Floating Castle, Alexander manages to rescue his father's soul.
Where to find it: KQ Wiki, KQ 1 Let's Play, KQ 2 Let's Play, KQ 3 Let's Play, KQ 4 Let's Play, KQ 5 Let's Play, KQ 6 Let's Play, and KQ 7 Let's Play
Why I love it: I love magic, myths, fairytales, folklore, and all sorts of fantastical settings, tropes, and characters.  I love how the KQ games play with these themes and characters, sometimes straight and sometimes subverted.  Specifically, I loved the Winged Ones in KQ6 and Attis, Tsepish, Ceres and the other faries in KQ7.  I prefer when the story focuses on humans or human-like characters over talking animals and anthropomorphized things (like Falderal and the Isle of Wonder).  I love the family feel of the games.  I love that Rosella and Valanice both have their own adventures without Graham and Alexander.  I love that the games build on one another and reward long-time fans.  I also love that being kind and merciful is rewarded in the game.  I love that Edgar and Alexander are both decent, kind guys.  They both seem a little shy at times, which I like.  I especially love that they are genuinely kind despite their terrible upbringings.  I love their backgrounds (i.e. Edgar as a fairy, Alexander raised as a slave).  I love that they're both magic-wielders.  I love that Alexander is crafty and smart, and that he solves his problems with his head and doesn't resort to violence as a first option.  I love how awkward Edgar can be.  I love that Rosella keeps rescuing Edgar, rather than the other way around.  I love that she didn't accept his offer of marriage in KQ4.  Just, generally, I love Rosella, especially as she's portrayed in KQ4.
Info: I've played KQ1 through KQ7 and I've read The Floating Castle and Kingdom of Sorrow, and most of the KQ Companion.  I have not played KQ8, any of the fan games, or the newest KQ game that came out this year.  I have not read See No Weevil.  You can add anything from the books if you know them or not as you feel comfortable. :)

Request: I ship Alexander/Edgar so I'd love romance and/or porn.  Or something involving their magic.  Or Alexander has to rescue Edgar.  Or h/c of some sort.  Or canon-related AUs where one of them takes the place of a love interest in one of the games.  Or a post-canon fic exploring how they come to be a couple.  Or soul-bond AU set in Daventry.  I'd rather there wasn't much focus on Cassima or Alexander/Cassima as a ship.

Potential Prompts:

  • I'd love to read romance and/or porn for Alexander and Edgar.

  • Or a story where Alexander and Edgar use their magic.

  • Or something where Alexander rescues Edgar.

  • Or Soulbond AU or H/C.  I would like to see the soulmark element in the world of the KQ games rather than our world.  I'd love to see Alexander taking care of Edgar.

  • Or World-build your own adventure.  Feel free to create a new land with the fairytale/myths/folktales that interest you, and make your own quest for Edgar and Alexander to solve.

  • Or Crossover options: Gargoyles (maybe switch Oberon and Titania for Edgar's parents), Hellboy (especially the Elves in HB2), Disney Princess movies (my favorite is Sleeping Beauty), Disney Fairies (Silvermist is my fave), Rise of the Guardians (particularly Sandman, Jack, and Pitch), Narnia (I love the human characters and Puddleglum), Epic (I love Ronin and Finn and the whole style of the Leafmen), or Myst (perhaps Daventry has a linking book or something with the steampunk element) - I think most of these have a similar tone or themes to KQ.  It would be interesting to see Edgar and Alexander on an adventure in one of these universes or to see some of the crossover characters appear in Daventry.  I don't mind if you fudge things with regards to setting (i.e. Sleeping Beauty's kingdom is a kingdom over from Daventy, Pixie Hollow and the Leafmen are in the Old Woods, etc.).

Canon-based Prompts:

  • Post KQ7, how do Alexander and Edgar end up together?

  • Swap Alexander or Edgar in one of the KQ games for their love interest to make an AU (i.e. Edgar takes the place of Cassima in KQ5 and 6, etc.)

  • Or add Alexander or Edgar to a KQ game (i.e. Alexander goes with Rosella in KQ7)

  • Return of one of the bad guys (Manannan, Karn Megiddo, Kuzgu, Hagatha, etc.) who is out to get revenge on Alexander and family

Additional notes: I do ship Rosella with Genesta, Cassima, or Beauty, so if you want to break up Alexander/Cassima for Rosella/Cassima or add background femslash for one of these pairings, feel free!  Please keep the focus on Alexander and Edgar though.  :)

I hope this has been helpful.  Thank you again!  Happy Holidays!


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