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Here's a primer for the CrossGen title Route 666.

 photo Perdition_zpsn28afo9j.png

Cassie appears to be a normal college girl.  Then one day, her friend Helene is killed in an accident and visits her as a ghost, telling her dark spirits are after her.  Cassie witnesses her friend's soul being dragged away to Perdition.  Her parents send her to an asylum where the ghost of Cassie's dead grandfather unleashes Cassie's gift to see monsters, and reveals to Cassie that there is a network of monsters in the world trying to steal souls for someone called the Adversary.

 photo Location postcards_zpsbrsvjy3t.png        photo Location2_zpsbm51jifz.png

Set on the planet Erebus.  Two nations are in a cold war.  The People's Republic of Rodina is a communist country (in the vein of Russia).  The United States of Empyrean is a democratic country where Cassie lives.  She lives in a world that resembles 1950s America.

Can he found here

Comic Issues
You can find all 22 issues of this title here

 photo Cassie2_zpsdzodlyos.png
Cassie Heloise Starkweather - Protagonist.  She was able to see ghosts when she was little.  Now as a junior in college, that appears to be behind her until her friend is killed and her psychic powers are unleashed.  She ends up on the run, wanted by the Feds for murder and by the evil forces who fear her ability to unmask them.

 photo Cisco4_zpscludpd2q.png
Francisco "Cisco" Fernandez - Sheriff of Tucker County, Gossmer - a small town.  He is a widower and father.  He tries to arrest Cassie, and his son ends up dying in the process.  Cassie turns to him for help and he ends up on the run with her.

 photo Too-Too_zps9ffisruz.png
Too-Too - Cassie's grandfather.  He appears as a ghost.  He unleashes her gift and urges her to use it to confront the monsters hiding in plain sight.

 photo Agent Gunnar2_zpsx8gqatj2.png
Gunnar Melchior - NBI agent.  He is assigned Cassie's case, and relentlessly pursues her.  He is a by-the-book sort and a germaphone.  He is the son of one of the people Cassie is accused of killing, and determined to catch her.

 photo Helene_zpsds8dhpql.png
Helene Mengert - Cassie's best friend who is mortally injured in an accident and allowed to die by the monsters parading as EMTs.  Her spirit is taken to the Adversary and Cassie must find a way to save her.

 photo Waterman_zpsndqfpanc.png
Malachi Waterman - a Doctor at the asylum Cassie spends time at.  He befriends her, unaware that the asylum is run by a monster.

 photo Miguel3_zps9qfmpyzo.png
Miguel Fernandez - son of Cisco and Blanca.  He is killed in a car crash while helping his dad pursue Cassie when she steals Cisco's patrol car.

 photo Berkely_zpszpjza1ki.jpg
Berkely - a serial killer who befriends Cassie, believing she and he are called to a holy mission to destroy the monster threat

 photo J. Elgar_zpsiahy2hm2.png
J. Elgar Purvis - head of the NBI, and Gunnar Melchior's boss and idol (modeled after J. Edgar Hoover)

 photo Twins_zpsookzdna7.png
Twins - psychics who share Cassie's ability to see the monsters.  They reside with a traveling circus called Potterfield Circus.

 photo Galina_zps8kuwlgce.png
Madam Galina - fake fortune teller at a traveling circus.  She interprets the messages from the psychic Twins and passes them along to the other circus folk.

 photo Popov_zpsjnggcwby.png
Zhenya Popov - Premier of Rodina.  A monster is parading around as him, and he has gone into hiding, looking for a way to free his country from the monster threat.

 photo Kulikov_zpsm6qsuxz5.png         photo Fomichev_zpsgo4qodzw.png
Kulikov and Fomichev- two Rodinan soldiers who serve and protect Popov

Bad Guys of Perdition
 photo Adversary2_zpsbzzjacvu.png
The Adversary - a shadowy figure.  He is behind everything but what he's after is unclear.

 photo Dale Beasely_zpscqxknezo.png
Dale Beasely- once a man, he is now an inky spirit who retrieves souls and brings them to Perdition; he used to be a serial killer when he was alive

 photo Suvorov_zpsegyefx8d.png
Pinky (Viktor Suvorov) - Beasely's partner, another inky spirit who steals souls; he used to be the leader of Rodina and is key to the influx of monsters into the world

 photo Byleth2_zpsypuk8myy.png
Byleth - the Director of the Board, she is in charge of the Empyrean part of the monster operation

 photo Tanner_zpsdzs0wicn.png     photo Tanner2_zps0ohioy84.png
Tanner (Tenebrion) - a monster who once served the Adversary but now lives on his own; he is greatly feared and contracted for one last job: catching Cassie

 photo Dr Melchior_zpsqaqswkjv.png
Doctor Melchior - a monster in disguise as a psychiatrist.  He runs the asylum Cassie is sent to.

 photo Mantus and Rimmon_zpssb49spik.png
Mantus and Rimmon - two low level demons who pretend to be Cassie's mom and dad for a little bit

 photo Borodin_zpssxudaook.png  photo Borodin2_zpsqi2z4jbc.png
Vasily Borodin - Ambassador of Rodina.  He is also a monster-in-disguise and manages to capture Cassie and Cisco


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