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This gives away EVERYTHING that happens in this title.

Cassie Heloise Starkweather and her best friend Helene Mengert are juniors at Welkin State University.  They are both on the gymnastic team.  Before a competition, Helene goes under the automatic bleachers to talk to a boy - Bart - who she thinks likes Cassie (but actually likes her).  Cassie is practicing on the balance beam but she is distracted by Helene and Bart's disappearance.  She loses her balance and falls into a janitor walking by.  The janitor's bucket of water splashes onto the remote that controls the bleachers.  Bart and Helene rush to get out from underneath them but Helene slips and is crushed.

 photo Scene 01_zpse2vhidev.png

She is not yet dead and is taken away by ambulance.  Her coach promises Cassie she will follow after to be with Helene at the hospital, and sends Cassie home.  Coach Hogan discovers the ambulance has parked in an alleyway rather than go to the hospital.  She confronts the 2 EMTs and they attack her, revealing they are monsters.

Meanwhile, Cassie goes home to her parents.  That night she is visited by Helene's ghost.  She begs for Cassie's help, telling her they're after her and took Coach Hogan first.  A portal into another realm opens up, showing a road with the sign Route 666.  From this portal come 2 inky spirits.  They are surprised that Cassie can see them.  Cassie tries to stop them but her hand passes through them and they take Helene's spirit into the portal, which closes.

 photo Scene 02_zps7zwuwyxg.png

Cassie's parents are alerted by her cries and come to her.  She tells them what happens.  They schedule a visit with Doctor Melchior, who runs an asylum.  Cassie explains to him that she's actually been able to see ghosts since she was little.  Her parents thought she had imaginary friends, not realizing her "friends" had horrible injuries from their deaths.  Cassie was never bothered until she went to her grandfather's funeral.  She had a nickname for him: Too-Too.  She called for him when she saw him in the corner of the funereal home.  Her parents then sent her to several doctors.  Cassie started cutting herself, and the ghosts stopped visiting her.  For 13 years, she was ghost-free.

 photo Scene 03_zpsgcc5xl4n.png

Cassie is admitted into the asylum where she meets a creepy orderly named Gus as well as Doctor Waterman, who is very nice.  Doctor Waterman makes her feel at ease and encourages her to embrace being in the asylum to try to get better.  Over several weeks, Cassie and Waterman develop a friendship.  She likes him but she is less easy with Doctor Melchior.

One night, the two inky spirits visit Cassie.  She runs away and they follow, taunting her that Helene blamed Cassie for not saving her.  They offer a deal for Cassie to swap her soul for Helene's (of course she has to be dead for that to work).  They want to know why she can see them.  Cassie passes through one of them and sees images of a serial killer, his victims, and his execution by electrocution.  It hurts the spirit (Dale Beasely).  Another portal opens but out of it comes the ghost of Cassie's grandfather Too-Too.

Too-Too scares off the inky spirits and talks to Cassie.  He tells her there's a war coming against someone named the Adversary.  Cassie thinks she's finally lost it.  Too-Too says he will unlock her gift.  He touches the back of her head and floods her with power.  She passes out.

 photo Scene 04_zpsjcj4tnij.png

Meanwhile, the other patients all went crazy when the inky spirits came for Cassie.  The nurse called Doctor Waterman, who comes to handle the mob of patients.  But when Too-Too scares the inky spirits away, the patients calm down immediately.  Waterman finds Cassie.  She wakes up and tells him what happened.

The next day, Cassie speaks with Doctor Melchior.  She refuses to talk though.  Doctor Melchior repeats what Waterman told him of the episode, and Cassie feels betrayed that he told Doctor Melchior.  She runs away.  Waterman goes after her and she says that Doctor Melchior now makes her skin crawl and she cannot be around him.  She says she will give her all to treatment if Waterman transfers her to somewhere else.  Waterman agrees to start making calls.

Late at night, Gus visits Cassie in her room, and locks the door behind him.  Cassie can see him truly now though.  He turns into a wolfman and attacks her but she manages to get away.  He chases her into a stairwell where she manages to kill him.  She leaves the asylum but then realizes Waterman is in danger, so she returns to the asylum.  She arrives just in time to see Doctor Melchior tear out Waterman's throat with his teeth.  Cassie tries to attack Doctor Melchior but he uses Waterman's body to shield himself and drops it on top of Cassie.  The two inky spirits return and take Waterman's soul.  Doctor Melchior reveals himself to be a monster too (a vampire).  Cassie frees herself and jabs a pen straight through his eye and uses a stun stick to kill him.  She leaves the asylum.

 photo Scene 05_zps3x0tdmgb.png

 photo Scene 06_zpsax0euqv7.png

She ends up in a tiny town and goes to a diner.  Working at the diner is Miguel.  Miguel's father is Cisco, the local small-town sheriff.  Cassie makes a phone call to her mom while Cisco arrives and talks to Miguel about fixing his beat-up truck so that he could resell it if necessary.  A TV broadcasts the local news to the diner and reveals that Cassie is now wanted in connection to the three homicides at the asylum.  Cassie overhears this, just now realizing she's wanted.  She tries to slip out but Cisco notes her and puts two and two together.  She steals his squad car before he can stop her.

Cisco calls for Miguel to give him his truck keys but Miguel says the truck is so finicky now that only he can drive it.  Father and son race after Cassie.  Cisco tries to reason with Cassie through the radio but she doesn't respond.  Miguel urges his dad to shoot out her tires.  Cisco is wary, knowing that it rarely happens like in the movies but he gives in.  He shoots out her tire and she loses control, smashing the car into Miguel's truck.  All three of them are thrown from their vehicles.

 photo Car Crash_zps687httda.png

Miguel is killed.  Cisco holds his body for a moment before going after Cassie.  He's angry.  Cassie manages to get to a shotgun before he can get to her, and keeps him at bay.  At that moment an ambulance arrives.  Cisco rationalizes their quick appearance but Cassie shoots at them, seeing that they are monsters (these are the same two monsters who killed Coach Hogan and Helene).  The EMTs duck.  Cassie tries to explain to Cisco that he's in danger from them and they change into wolfmen and rush Cisco and Cassie, who escape to a nearby church.

Cisco has a hard time believing what he saw, and tries to find a logical explanation and tries to calm Cassie down and get her to see reason.  But then Miguel's ghost rushes into the church.  Like Helene, he asks for Cassie's help to save him from the inky spirits.  He and Cassie discuss the inky spirits and that they're afraid of her.  Cisco becomes annoyed since it looks like Cassie is talking to thin air.  He cannot see his son's spirit.

Miguel tells Cassie who he is and who Cisco is and that his mom died of cancer.  Cassie passes the information along but it only angers Cisco and he attacks Cassie.  He gets the gun back and handcuffs her, arresting her and accusing her of mind-games.  Just then, the two wolfmen rush into the church.  Cisco shoots one but is taken down by the other.  Cassie gets the gun but there are no more bullets so she beats the wolfman to death to rescue Cisco.  She grabs the keys and frees herself just as one of the inky spirits arrives to take Miguel's spirit.

This time when Cassie grabs for the spirit, she manages to actually hold it.  She sucks in the spirit (named "Pinky" by Beasely).  Like Beasely, she sees Pinky's crimes and his execution by firing squad (and what appears to be a nuclear explosion).  Then she coughs his spirit out of her.  The spirits flee, promising that bigger guns are going to go after her.

 photo Scene 08_zpsjfwp4bx8.png

Miguel says he feels that whatever's holding him here is wearing off.  He tells Cassie he forgives his dad for the Vargas lady and asks her to check up on Cisco from time to time, saying that Cisco can't stay mad at Cassie forever.  Then Miguel's spirit moves on.  Cassie passes the information about Vargas to Cisco, which causes him to let her go (saying he never wants to see her in his town again).

On his suggestion, Cassie hops a train.  There are other hobos on the train trading stories, which end up revealing Cassie as a wanted murderer.  They would turn against her except one of them (Berkely) takes out a knife and tells the others to settle down.  He helps Cassie escape and then appears soon after.  She buys him a meal (during which he calls her angel-food as a pet name).  She tells him the entire tale of what's going on.  As they're walking, she spots another monster delivering food to an elderly lady.  Berkely pretends that he can see the monster too, and Cassie is relieved not to be the only one.

They try to figure out what the monsters are doing, and hide in its vehicle and go back to the hospital with it.  There they rifle through files for proof of the monsters.  Berkley surmises the monsters are keeping tabs on people likely to die so they can harvest souls without killing and attracting too much attention.  While they are there, three monsters arrive.  They identify Cassie and attack, revealing to Berkely that they are monsters.  Berkely kills all three but is injured in the process.  Cassie goes for a first aid kit to heal him and discovers that the monsters turn back into human form so no one can identify that they were monsters.  Cassie steals a car, and while driving, Berkely admits he went to jail for killing his father, though he said it was self-defense.

 photo Scene 09_zpseavknslc.png

Meanwhile, the train where Cassie and Berkely met is stopped and in the car where they were, the conductor finds the other hobos killed with "Railsplitter" written in blood above them.  Berkely killed them, but Cassie doesn't know that.

 photo Scene 10_zpsw49hh8k7.png

Also meanwhile, Agent Gunnar Melchior has been put onto Cassie's case by J. Elgar Purvis of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).  He also happens to be Doctor Melchior's son.  He follows everywhere she's been, talking to Cisco and the nurse at the asylum, among others.  He investigates the triple homicide at the hospital when another agent tells him that the van Cassie stole has been spotted.  Melchior disinfects his weapons while he tells the other agents that he wasn't close to his father in a long time but he wants to do right by J. Elgar Purvis, who funded his criminal psych division.  Agent Melchior thinks the world of him.

At the van, Berkely appears to be asleep.  Cassie is sort of talking to herself/praying to Too-Too about her gift.  Too-Too's ghost appears and says it's not for him to rescue her and he wouldn't if he could.  He wants her to realize her potential.  He is dubious about her new companion.  Cassie defends Berkely (who overhears).  The NBI agents set up around the van and see Cassie talking to herself.  Too-Too notes the danger but leaves Cassie to her new friend.

The agents arrest Cassie.  One agent notes that there appears to be a body in the van and investigates.  Agent Melchior introduces himself as Doctor Melchior's son.  Berkely appears with a knife to another Agent's throat and demands they let them go.  Agent Melchior agrees but only if they take him hostage.  Berkely has Cassie go back to the hospital to prove to Melchior about the monsters.  In the ensuing conversation, Cassie realizes that Berkely cannot see monsters and lied to her.  He thinks Melchior might be one but she can see that Melchior is not a monster.  Melchior explains the difference between a serial killer and a spree killer, and the subject of the Railsplitter comes up.

 photo Scene 11_zpsbtvlzpnx.png

They go back to the hospital.  Cassie is conflicted.  Berkely says he's going to shoot people so only she can make sure they're going to be monsters and not innocents.  She doesn't say anything but it's clear to Berkely when she sees a monster and he shoots the monster (but not before it turns into a monster to prove anything to Melchior).  Melchior attacks Berkely, who would kill him but Cassie stops him.  In the ensuing chaos, Cassie runs away to the chapel and meets a ghost who explains what she's seen of the monsters and what was done to her.

Berkely tracks her down and admits that he's murdered a lot of people.  He feels that Cassie has provided him with a calling.  He says that she and he are the same.  He's always had this urge but she can point him to the people who need to be killed.  Cassie says he was right before about Melchior being a monster.  Berkely than attacks Melchior and is gunned down (which Cassie suspected would happen).  Cassie escapes while Melchior notes that Berkely was just another of her victims.

 photo Agent Gunnar_zps8l99edsl.png

Not knowing what else to do, Cassie returns to Cisco.  She sneaks into his house, and he catches her.  He makes her a meal, and she explains everything that happened, including her fears that she is like Berkely.  Cisco also opens up, explaining that he had an affair with the Vargas lady Miguel mentioned.  Cisco's wife didn't know about it but Miguel did.  Cisco regrets it and wouldn't have had peace if he hadn't known Miguel forgave him for the affair.  He encourages her to rest.

 photo Scene 12_zpszu3cvijt.png

Cisco then calls Agent Melchior (who's sleeping in a surgical mask because of germs).  Agent Melchior then calls J. Elgar Purvis (who's dressed up as a woman).  Purvis tells Melchior to go to Cisco's house alone (without backup) and he would send a prisoner transport to pick Cassie up.  Purvis then calls Chairwoman Byleth, who is in charge of a Board of Directors of monsters.  She and the Board go to Cisco's house.

Meanwhile, Cassie gets up.  She can't sleep.  She tries to talk to Cisco but realizes something's up so he handcuffs here.  She feels betrayed, but he said he meant every kind word to her.  People keep dying around her and she needs help.  He thinks she will get that with the NBI.  Agent Melchior shows up as they're arguing.  He does promise to get her help, but she's upset.

However, their argument is interrupted when Cisco's dog Diablo, who had been barking all night, suddenly stops.  They see the Board outside, appearing as the prisoner transport Purvis promised.  Cisco and Agent Melchior hand Cassie over.  She can see they're monsters and begs them not to.  In desperation, she unleashes her power and manages to make them see what she sees.  Cisco, Agent Melchior, and Cassie escape into the house and into Cisco's bomb shelter.  Cisco calls for help over the radio.  Agent Melchior's stomach becomes distressed because of the stress, and he asks to use the restroom.  A monster made of insects comes through the toilet but they burn and kill the monster.

 photo Scene 13_zpsc82xhr4d.png

Cisco's deputies arrive, and the monsters (still appearing human) say that Agent Melchior lost his mind and killed Cisco.  The deputies (Phil and Barney) demand to see the body and the monsters take them down to the basement.  Cisco, Cassie, and Melchior come out of the bomb shelter with guns blazing and escape.  Cisco orders his deputies to leave but they don't hear him.  The monsters recover and kill the deputies.

Melchior demands to be taken to a phone so he can warn J. Elgar Purvis that NBI has been compromised, but Cisco and Cassie point out that Purvis might be in on it.  Melchior pulls a gun on them and again insists they take him to a telephone.  The next we see him, Cassie and Cisco have tied him up and stuck him in a dirty truck-stop restroom.  The two then go on the run together.

 photo Scene 14_zpsl4tnqafh.png

At a restaurant drive-in, Cisco changes into civilian clothes Cassie picked out for him.  While he was doing this, she is kidnapped.  Cisco sees her being driven away and picks a fight with the people doing it.  He gets his clocked cleaned by a bunch of circus clowns, and is knocked out.  When he comes too, he is given directions to where the clowns went and races after them.

Cassie is taken to a traveling circus and speaks to Madam Galina.  She is told that the circus has two twin girls who share her gift.  They appear to have microcephaly, and only Galina can communicate with them with ease.  She tells Cassie how they can see the monsters, and the circus performers then isolate the monsters and kill them.  They want Cassie to join them.  Cassie isn't please, wanting to get rid of her gift and lead a normal life.

However, the circus has arranged for several monsters to be eliminated and Cassie wants to see how their operation works.  The monsters are ready though.  The circus' actions had not gone unnoticed.  However, with Cassie (and suddenly Cisco, who made it to the circus), the group manages to take out all of the monsters save one.  That one goes for the twin girls.  Cassie senses their danger, and she and Cisco go to help.  The girls fight back, wiping out the monster's memory so that he doesn't know what he is and thinks he's part of the circus now.

 photo Scene 15_zpsqfx0mupk.png

 photo Scene 16_zpsf7qvqxpi.png

Cassie reconsiders and decides to stay with the circus, and asks Cisco to stay too.  He agrees.  However, Galina is not happy.  She tricks the twins into wiping Cassie's memories (supposedly to make her happy).  This leaves Cassie vulnerable to the monsters as she no longer remembers them.  She goes home before anyone else in the circus realizes that happened.

At her home, her parents have been hauled into the NBI for interrogation.  Two low-level monsters (Mantus and Rimmon) are in her house, looking for clues about her powers.  When the doorbell rings, they take on the forms of Cassie's parents.  They are surprised and scared to see Cassie.  She doesn't remember anything of what happened from the time of Helene's death and forward.  The monsters think she is playing some kind of game with them, toying with them.  So, they play along.

Meanwhile, Cassie is spotted in town and a tip is given to the NBI.  Agent Melchior is at odds with J. Elgar Purvis.  He saw the monsters and he knows Cassie is innocent, so there's nothing to be gained by harassing her parents.  Purvis won't listen.  He again speaks with Byleth, who has heard that Cassie is there.  Purvis will send agents to get her.  Agent Melchior listens in on the phone and realizes Purvis is dirty.

The ghost of Too-Too is hanging around too.  He keeps talking to Cassie, trying to snap her out of her amnesia and see the danger she's in.  He protects her from a few close calls, and eventually goes into her dream to convince her to snap out of it.  He brings her to the alleyway where Helene died, bidding her to open the ambulance door and see her body -- to remember what happened.  Cassie confronts the ghost, knowing he's not her grandfather's spirit.  Ghost!Too-Too admits he is not but tells her that he did so to help her.  He foresees that she will play a crucial role in an upcoming conflict on her world.  She can't believe she will make a difference to the whole world, so Ghost!Too-Too says she can make a difference to Helene, who's spirit is still trapped with the Adversary.  He bids her to embrace her destiny and her powers, and she finally does.

 photo Scene 17_zpsoygbbv47.png

Meanwhile, there's a lot of drama going on in her house.  The two NBI agents arrive and end up in a fight against the two monsters pretending to be Cassie's parents.  Only one NBI agent survives (though he's injured).  Also present are the two inky ghosts.  With the two monsters gone, they can't attack or do anything to Cassie (only able to manipulate spirits).  But they decide to try to make a portal right under her and drop her into Perdition.  But Cassie comes to just then and grabs Beasely and sucks him into her.  Pinky flees.

Cisco arrives just then.  He had communed with the Twins, who realized they'd done wrong and wanted to make it right.  They show him everything that's happened to Cassie, so he knows about Ghost!Too-Too and Helene's death and all of it.  He then races to get to Cassie, knowing where she is now.  (Galina was kicked out of the circus for her treachery towards Cassie.)  Cisco and the leftover NBI agent form a truce.  They work with Agent Melchior, who confronts J. Elgar Purvis about his conversation with Byleth.  Agent Melchior discovers that J. Elgar Purvis likes to crossdress.  He and Agent Smith coerce Purvis into publicly exonerating Cassie of the murders she's been accused of (which incidentally means Agent Smith must disappear forever or end up disappeared).  Agent Melchior says he's idolized Purvis for too long to see him turn into a traitor.

Meanwhile, Cassie has Beasely in her head.  She discovers he was a serial killer in a New-Orleans-type city.  She makes him relieve the crime from his victim's perspective but then changes her mind and makes him see himself as she sees him.  This mends whatever was broken within him and he stops being an inky ghost and becomes a regular ghost, able to move on.  She purified him.

 photo Scene 18_zpszhyynypk.png

 photo Scene 19_zpsrxwhqtjg.png

Cisco and Cassie then hit the road again.  She is now finally on-board with her gift and her mission to fight the monsters.  But she has no idea how to fight that war.  Cisco figures she should expose the monsters to the public, so they head towards to the Capital to somehow do that.

Also at this time, Byleth visits Tenebrion (going by Tanner).  Tanner is a demon who used to work for the Adversary but not anymore.  Byleth wants him to take on the job of grabbing Cassie.  Tanner wants nothing to do with is but he makes a bet with Byleth and ends up taking the job anyway.

Pinky (real name Viktor Suvorov) visits the Adversary to tell him about the loss of Beasely.  The Adversary gives him a new partner, though the identity of this new partner remains a mystery.  The two of them are sent to help Tanner.

Cassie and Cisco end up spending the night in an Amish-like community.  The people there are troubled by the ghost of their religion's founder (Elder Dyzan).  If they stray from their teachings, this ancient ghost will brand them.  Cassie and Cisco offer to help get rid of the ghost, thinking it a normal ghost.  While Elder Dyzan was alive, he was given power by a god-like figure.  Cassie tries to overcome him but he's too strong.  In the end, it is Pinky's new partner who takes care of the ghost.  He appears to warn Cassie that Tanner is coming and she needs to leave right then.  He then drags Dyzan's ghost to Perdition, calling Cassie angel-food, but she has no idea who he is.

 photo Scene 20_zps537x6h6k.png

Cassie and Cisco leave and end up in a fishermen's town.  Tanner catches up to them.  He raises all the drowned dead bodies off the coast and cuts off all avenues of escape.  But a ghost helps Cassie and Cisco flee by boat, and they get away.  They make it to the capital and talk to Agent Melchior, who's not pleased to see them.  Today's a big day as the Ambassador of Rodina (Vasily Borodin) is coming to speak before congress.  Cassie sees the Ambassador and sees that he is a monster.  She comes up with the plan to use her powers to make everyone in congress see what he is.  Agent Melchior gets them into the building but not onto the main floor.  They go into a closet and Cassie uses her powers to make all of congress see what Borodin really is.  Chaos ensues, but Borodin manages to grab Cassie and Cisco and take them to Rodina.  (Agent Melchior is hurt.  Tanner appears and learns from Agent Melchior where Cassie and Cisco are being taken.)

Cisco is tortured while Cassie is imprisoned with two other prisoners (Fomichev and Kulikov).  She shows them that the prison is packed with ghosts.  Borodin comes and tells Cassie that her stunt in congress has destabilized international relations.  He takes her to see Cisco.  She agrees to tell everything if Cisco will be spared.  She is given a truth-serum, and Cisco is thrown in jail (but he grabs a file so he and the other two prisoners can escape).  Cassie is interrogated about her powers, and her head begins to glow where Ghost!Too-Too touched her.  They shave her head and see Danik's symbol there.  Cassie uses her power to expel the truth-serum.

 photo Scene 21_zpsq6szyco2.png

Cisco and the two prisoners come at that moment and kill all the bad guys and free Cassie.  Fomichev and Kulikov take Cassie and Cisco to meet Zhenya Popov.  Popov is supposedly the Premier of Rodina but he reveals that he's actually been in hiding as a monster is using his face.  He explains the history of the monsters in Rodina.

Viktor Suvorov (now Pinky) was the Premier before Popov.  He discovered a way to use the energy of ghosts to create weapons.  There was an accident though, and a permanent gateway to Perdition was created.  Popov believes Suvorov made a deal with the devil to rise to power (which he did) and allow the monsters to get a foothold in Rodina.  They did manage to execute Suvorov but the damage was done.  (Also, Cassie learns elsewhere that the ghosts of Rodina are stuck and cannot move on or escape.)  He also tells them that the international political situation has gotten even worse.  Each nation is arming and preparing for war.  He asks for Cassie's help to close the gateway.

 photo Scene 22.3_zpsi4icdemb.png

Cassie accepts, and Cisco insists on going with her.  Fomichev and Kulikov take them towards the accident site.  On the way, they encounter a frozen ship, and they investigate it.  It is filled with trapped spirits, and Cassie talks to them to discover their history.

Meanwhile, Tanner is tracking Cassie in Rodina.  He calls for Pinky and his new partner to find Cassie.  Pinky suspects she's going to the accident site (Adskij).  He sends his partner away, who suspects his purpose and secretly follows him.  He finds Pinky by the ship, and forces him into the ship.  The partner urges Cassie to reveal their true forms.  She does so, revealing that the partner is Berkely.  She also reveals Pinky as Suvorov.  When the other ghosts see him, they viciously attack him.

 photo Scene 23_zps6xdlbtry.png

The series ends here.


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