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Here's a primer for the CrossGen title Scion.

Ethan is given a powerful Sigil.  He is used as a pawn to restart the ancient war between the Raven and Heron kingdoms.  While traveling through Raven lands, he discovers how terribly the Lesser Races are treated.  Ashleigh asks him to help her rescue them from slavery.  Ethan is torn between his duty and love for his family and people, and his sense of justice that urges him to help.


Set on the world of Avalon.  In the west rules the Heron Dynasty.  In the east rules the Raven Dynasty.  On the other side of the world is the kingdom of Tigris.  The Raven and Heron kingdoms have an Arthurian feel.  They fight with swords.  However, there is high technology too.  Their ships appear to be schooners but they hover over the water.  There are cameras broadcasting big events to the local population (but there doesn't appear to be TV).  They have some kind of communication arrays.  But their greatest scientific achievement was in the creation of the Lesser Races -- beings that appear to be a cross between different kinds of animals and humans.  The Lesser Races inhabit the sea and land.  For the sky, they created dragons.  In the Raven Kingdom, the Lesser Races are slaves.  In the Heron Kingdom, they are servants.

 photo Raven Gate_zpswma9racp.png

The Raven and Heron kingdoms are separated by a sea.  In the middle of this sea is the Tournament Isle.  The two kingdoms are not actually that different.  They fight with the same kinds of weapons.  Their architecture is medieval in feel.  They both have the same kind of political systems.  The terrain seems fairly similar too.  Aesthetically, though, the Raven kingdom favors darker and more revealing clothing.  Their aesthetic is black and red.  Their kingdom is often depicted at night or with overcast skies.  The Heron kingdom is white, blue, and gold.  They appear more conservative in their dress.  Their kingdom is often depicted in daylight and on sunny days.

Tigris appears to have a lot of aesthetic similarity to India.  The women wear saris.  They are ruled by a Khanate.  They have hidden away from the outside world and are not known (or at least not well known) to the Raven and Heron peoples.

For centuries, the Raven and Heron kingdoms were at war.  After a naval battle, Alexi of the Raven dynasty and Edvin of the Heron dynasty were washed ashore on the Tournament Isle.  They fought for an entire day but neither could gain the upper hand.  After so long fighting, they realized that their people would just end up destroying each other rather than win.  So, they made peace.  Instead of war, the royal families periodically fought on Tournament Isle in medieval competitions to the first blood (which can be healed using their technology).  There was peace for over a century.  However, there were always tensions between the two kingdoms.

After the Lesser Races were created, a group of people disagreed with their fate to serve humans and thought they should be free.  These people left the two kingdoms and founded Tigris.  Instead of genetically created creatures, they focused on robotics.  They kept themselves separate from the other two kingdoms, and appear to be forgotten.


Heron Royal Family:

Ethan - Youngest Prince of the royal family and protagonist of the series.  21 years old at the start of the series.  He is generally a thoughtful young man, who is searching for his path in life.

King Dane - King of the Heron kingdom and father of Artor, Ylena, Kai, and Ethan.  He is wise and kind - a loving father and husband, and a just ruler.

Queen Mariella - Dane's wife and mother to the four children.  She and Dane have a loving relationship and support each other.

Artor - Crown prince and eldest child of Dane and Mariell

Kai - Second child of Dane and Mariella.  He can be hotheaded and slow to let go of an injustice but he will accept his sister's counsel and is very loyal to his family

Ylena - Only daughter of Dane and Mariella and third child.  She maintains a good relationship with all her brothers, and helps to keep the peace among them when things go awry.  She is capable, compassionate, and strong.

Raven Royal Family:

King Viktor - King of the Raven kingdom and father of Bron, Kort, and Ashleigh.  He succeeded to the throne after his mother died, who was queen before him.  He is calculating and intelligent.

Bron - Crown prince and eldest child of Viktor.  Initially he is hotheaded, impatient, unforgiving, and angry.  He becomes a little more calculating later on.

Kort - Second child of Viktor.  A rather unimpressive figure at first, though he becomes ambitious as the series goes on and begins to find his backbone.

Ashleigh - Third child and only daughter of Viktor.  Passionate about the cause to free the Lesser Races.  She is a tough fighter.  She is fierce, fiery, and goal-driven.

Lesser Race:

Skink - Deformed and "court jester", he has taken care of Ethan for Ethan's whole life.  Where Ethan goes, Skink goes too.

Exeter - A unique member of the Lesser Races.  He was created in a lab and is shunned by the Lesser Races as much as by humans.  He is a bounty hunter and has never lost a quarry.


Bernd Rechts - From House Dexter.  He is an advisor to the Heron kingdom.  He is a calculating strategist.

Mai Shen - From House Sinister.  She is an advisor to the Raven kingdom.  She will let nothing stand in her way to becoming the Goddess of Avalon.


Nadia Thindi - from Tigris.  She has a mechanical arm, a sonic ability, and far-sight.  She is traveling in Raven lands when she meets up with Ethan, who rescues her from an attack by a predator.

Khanate Mhinda - Leader of Tigris

Can be found here

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