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This gives away EVERYTHING that happens in this title.

On his 21st birthday, Ethan is going to participate in his first tournament combat against Prince Bron of the Raven kingdom.  While on his way to the arena, a person from the Lesser Races that he does not know touches his arm (where he will eventually get the Sigil).  He fights Bron, and his Sigil flares to life, giving Bron a scar on his face.  The healers cannot heal this wound, and they deem that Ethan used an illegal weapon.  Bron demands retribution for this outrage.  Ethan agrees to go to Raven lands as a prisoner.  His loyal servant Skink goes with him.

Bron gives Ethan a wound to his face and throws him into a cell.  When Ethan wakes up, his cut is healed and he is outside.  He learns that Ashleigh rescued him, though he doesn't know she is a Raven princess.  She shows him where the Lesser Races are forced to labor in terrible conditions.  She wants someone in the west to help free the Lesser Races there.  Ethan is too focused on the current political situation he's in.  She gives him a way to find her for if he changes his mind.

Meanwhile, Ethan's absence has been noticed.  Bron is determined to hunt him down and have his vengeance.  He always intended to kill Ethan.  King Viktor says Ethan ran away.  Even when Ethan has a chance to explain to Bron how he hadn't run away, they don't care.  They have wanted a war and Ethan is the perfect excuse to start one.  Ethan must now flee.  Ethan has trouble distinguishing between friend and foe and keeps mistaking bad guys for good guys and vice versa.  As he makes his way through Raven lands, he fights many bounty hunters, including Exeter.  They fight and Ethan wins but doesn't slay him.

After defeating Exeter, he discovers that the entire Raven fleet is preparing for war.  It's clear that the Raven kingdom was readying for war long before Ethan's transgression in the tournament arena.  Ethan realizes he must get home and warn his family.  He steals a small boat.  As he does so, he also gets intelligence on where the invasion is going to occur.  Just as he's trying to leave, Exeter pops back up and they fight again.  Ethan again wins and Exeter appears to have been killed.  This would be Ethan's first kill.

As Skink and Ethan are crossing the ocean, a terrible storm blows up and destroys their ship.  Ethan is saved from drowning by a Lesser Race adapted to water.  They show him Haven, a beautiful underwater city.  Ethan passes out and washes ashore on Heron shores where he is reunited with Skink.  Ethan races home where he finds his people preparing for war.  Viktor let them know of Ethan's "escape".  Ethan informs his family of the invasion force and they muster their forces to surprise the Raven forces.

The Ravens are routed but Artor is killed by Bron.  Ethan is enraged by this but Kort rescues his brother before Ethan can take his revenge.  Angered, Ethan attacks some of the Lesser Races who serve the Raven army but Ashleigh suddenly appears and tells him to stop.  Then she disappears and the battle is over.

A funeral is held for Artor, and King Dane rallies his people to avenge their prince's death.  Kai is now Crown Prince.  Ethan insists that he should take revenge on Bron for killing Artor.  He wants to go to Raven lands to kill Bron.  Reluctantly, Dane and Mariella agree.  Just prior to leaving, Bernd Rechts appears and offers his aid as a military advisor.  He is very interested in Ethan and his abilities, but Ethan doesn't stay.  He intends to use the homing device Ashleigh gave him to find her and learn how she got into the Raven castle.

Meanwhile, there is strain among the Raven royal family.  Bron is infuriated by their loss.  Viktor continues to counsel him to control his temper.  He introduces Bron to Mai Shen, a military advisor.  She immediately cozies up to Bron.  At this time also, one of Kort's servants flees to the Underground.  Bron helps his brother track down and kill this person.  The Lesser Races are seeking Sanctuary, and Bron wants to destroy this underground freedom network.  Ashleigh shows up right after Bron kills Kort's servant, which is right on Sanctuary's doorstep.  Bron doesn't know this but he suspects his sister's involvement with the underground.  She now confirms it and threatens Bron never to come to Sanctuary again.

Meanwhile, the Heron kingdom is preparing to invade Raven territory and Ethan is sneaking closer to the Raven capital.  He encounters Exeter again.  While fighting, Ethan discovers he has the power to make a blade of energy when he loses his weapon.  He again defeats Exeter but lets him live.  Ethan finds Sanctuary but doesn't get a warm welcome.  He still doesn't know that Ashleigh is a Raven princess so he doesn't realize what he's asking when he wants to ask for her help to slay Bron.  However, the Lesser Races in the Sanctuary know.  Ashleigh is not with them and they don't tell Ethan her secret.  Ethan is moved by what he sees in the crowded Sanctuary but can't stop to offer help.  He feels he's alienated the underground.

While on his way to the Raven capital, he is visited by the ghost of his brother Artor, who tells him a little bit about the Sigil.  Unknown to Ethan, the ghost is actually Skink's work.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh has returned home.  Ylena has led an invasion force to Raven lands and is fighting at an outpost where Kort is stationed.  Viktor orders Kort to retreat.  Bron disagrees with this.  Mai Shen provides sage military advice.  The tension between Viktor and Bron increases.  Viktor talks to Ashleigh in private where he laments that she was not born the eldest child.  He reveals that he knows about her role in the underground and he admires her dedication but he now wants her to focus on her family and kingdom.  He says he doesn't believe Bron will be a good king and so he would make Ashleigh queen.

Mai Shen betrays this conversation to Bron.  She gifts him some of her power after she reveals she is one of the First -- gods of the Sigil-universe.  Bron confronts and murders his father.  He then blames the murder on Ashleigh.  Mai Shen uses her power to overpower Ashleigh, and she is put in prison.  Kort returns home and is told Ashleigh murdered their father to gain the throne for the underground.  Now, Bron intends to have her executed.  Kort pledges his loyalty to his brother.

Meanwhile, Ethan has slowly been making his way into the castle, using his new energy sword to cut through stone and iron.  He discovers Ashleigh and frees her.  She finally tells him that Bron is her brother.  Ethan feels betrayed.  He leaves her to find her own way out of the castle and continues on to confront Bron.  They fight and Bron reveals his new power.  Surprised, Ethan is stabbed through the chest and is killed.  Ashleigh did not flee but followed after Ethan and sees him slain.  She rushes at her brother but is quickly subdued.  Just as Bron is going to kill her, Ethan gets up and fights again.  He doesn't know it but Skink brought him back to life.  Mai Shen tries to intervene but Skink won't let her.  Ashleigh pulls Ethan away, who wants to finish Bron.  She leads him into the city to a secret path out.  Along the way, she finds that his mortal wound is almost healed already.  They head for Sanctuary.

They are hunted.  Bron declared Ashleigh a fugitive and responsible for the king's murder.  News of the murder reaches Heron's royal family.  Their invasion is going very well but they aren't sure how Bron will act.

As Ashleigh and Ethan make their way to Sanctuary, they are attacked by the Lesser Race that looks like gorillas.  They manage to escape and find that everyone at Sanctuary was slaughtered.  There, they also find Exeter.  He says he is not responsible and recounts what happened.  Ethan sparing his life made Exeter re-examine his life.  He sought out Sanctuary.  Raven soldiers led by Kort attacked, and Exeter tried to defend but only he survived.  Ashleigh is devastated but she is not broken.  She intends to rebuild somewhere else and keep the underground going.  She had intended to take out a research facility and decides to keep to that plan.  Ethan unexpectedly agrees to join her.  So does Exeter.

They go up to a hidden facility where illegal genetic experiments were performed.  Exeter reveals this was where he was created.  They find pathetic creatures and abominations.  Ethan is forced to kill the creatures to put them out of their misery, which is really difficult emotionally for him.  He finally commits totally to helping the underground cause.

Meanwhile, Kai is racing with more troops to reinforce Ylena, whose position is a little precarious.  Bernd Rechts accompanies Kai.  While Kai is fighting to get to Ylena's position, he encounters Ashleigh and would slay her.  But Ethan intervenes.  Kai isn't pleased to see Ethan with a Raven princess.  They go to Ylena and are reunited.  Bernd Rechts again shows interest in Ethan and asks when he will return home.  Ethan reveals that he's not going back; he's fighting for the underground now.  Kai reacts badly to this news but Ylena smoothes things over.  Ethan and Ashleigh leave.  Kai and Ylena would discuss battle plans with Bernd Rechts but find him gone.

He is actually far away talking with Mai Shen.  Mai Shen reveals her intention to be a goddess on this world.  Bernd Rechts won't see her become a renegade.  They fight and Bernd Rechts appears to be killed.  She returns to Bron, where we see that Kort suspects Bron killed their father, and there is tension between the brothers.

While Ethan and Ashleigh begin their search for a new Sanctuary, they come across Nadia.  She is being attacked by a wyvern.  Ethan rescues her.  She introduces herself and says she is a stranger to Raven lands.  That is really all that she reveals.  She is grateful for their help and joins up with them on their mission.  Ashleigh knows of a secret submersible that her people were testing.  It's still new, only a prototype.  Ethan remembers Haven and thinks that might make a good Sanctuary.  So, Ashleigh and Ethan go into the submersible to find Haven.  Their submersible is attacked and destroyed by a creature but before they drown, they are rescued by the underwater Lesser Race.

They explain their situation.  The underwater Lesser Race are sympathetic to the plight of their kin on land but cannot help.  They do not have the resources to house everyone and their safety would be compromised if they tried.  They do offer to help in what ways they can.  Ashleigh and Ethan spend the night in their city and sleep together for the first time.

Meanwhile, Exeter is talking to the Lesser Races and telling them about Sanctuary and Ethan and Ashleigh's wiliness to help them.  Also, Bron is rallying his troops.  As Kai and Ylena debate between two options on how to move their troops, Bernd Rechts reappears.  He urges them to take a narrow pass so they have the element of surprise.  They agree to his advice.  But it's a trap.  Bernd Rechts is actually Mai Shen in disguise and Bron is waiting for the Heron army.  Bron ends up in hand-to-hand combat with Kai.  But Ylena spears him.  It is a mortal wound.  Kai and Ylena flee with what Herons they can gather.  Unknown to them, Bron did not die.  Mai Shen's power allows him to survive the brutal blow.  King Dane learns of this defeat and readies the rest of their forces.  Mai Shen expects this; it's leading towards a final confrontation between the two kingdoms.

At this time, Ethan and Ashleigh return to the surface world with a new plan.  They will take the Tournament Isle for the new Sanctuary.  They go there and find Heron guards have been held captive.  Ethan frees them but then sends them on their way.  Nadia finally reveals that she is from Tigris, and the history of her people.

Kai and Ylena are skulking through Raven lands, trying to find a way home.  They discover the Raven fleet preparing to depart.  Bron intercepts the Raven guards from Tournament Isle and learns that Ashleigh and Ethan are there.  Bron heads towards Tournament Isle.  Scouts for Dane bring news of the Raven fleet.  He sees that Bron plans an invasion but hadn't anticipated that Dane's entire fleet to also be out.  Dane also heads for Tournament Isle.

Bron sends troops to the Isle to get his sister and Ethan and kill everyone else.  While he waits, he is surprised when Dane's fleet arrives.  As there was no reason Dane should be there, Bron thinks it's a trap with Ethan as bait.  Artillery goes off near Bron and he is thrown into the water.  Ashleigh arrives back at Tournament Isle with many of the Lesser Races, who are ready to fight.  Ethan, however, is in a boat.  He sails out into the middle of the two fleets and unleashes a huge amount of power, driving the two fleets from each other.  Even Mai Shen is in disbelief with the power Ethan wields.

But Ethan is exhausted by the power he unleashes.  He washes up onto shore where Bron finds him.  Bron takes Ethan to the arena where Ethan scarred Bron, and they fight it out again.  While they fight, no one knows where Ethan is.  Dane comes to shore and meets Ashleigh; it's a tense meeting.  While they are talking, Kai and Ylena show up.  They had stolen a Raven boat.  After Ethan blew apart the fleets, they were sent into the water and picked up by their own people.  Dane had thought his children likely dead so he's happy.  Finally they notice the lightshow emanating from the arena and head that way.

Ethan gets the upperhand and is just about to slay Bron when Mai Shen intervenes.  Bron is in bad shape.  Mai Shen whisks him away but it's not clear to Ethan or anyone else what became of him.  Ethan is then reunited with his family.  Ethan also kisses Ashleigh in front of them.

A while later, Kai and Ylena argue.  Kai views Ethan's decision to stay on Sanctuary as a betrayal.  Ashleigh tries to make friends with Ylena but the timing's not great.  Dane gives Ethan some advice about ruling his own country now.  Then the royal Herons leave.  Ethan's not sure what to do next.  The Lesser Races view him as a hero.  He gathers them together to give a speech but an assassin tries to kill him.  He is injured.  The assassin is of the Lesser Races.  He doesn't want to be beholden to any human, not even Ethan.  Exeter would kill the assassin but Ethan says he will only be exiled.  He then finishes his speech and earns the respect of the Lesser Races.  Unknown to anyone, Exeter kills the assassin anyway and dumps his body into the ocean.

Kort is crowned the new king after the apparent death of Bron.  On the new Sanctuary Isle, Ethan must deal with disputes and the troubles of newly freed slaves establishing themselves.  Nadia further tests them by rousing a flock of whiddershins (bird-lizard things).  She then comes to Ethan's aid and they do not realize she was the cause of the attack.  Ethan and Ashleigh determine to go visit his family.  Nadia sends a secret communication revealing she is a spy for Tigris and their intentions are not benign.

In the Heron kingdom, Dane and Mariella are discussing the tension between Ethan and Kai and what to do about it, and Ethan's new role as leader of the Lesser Races.  Mariella leaves Dane to walk through the gardens alone.  Dane thinks he hears something and goes to investigate, disappearing into a hedge.

Ethan and Ashleigh do visit his family but it's not a very good visit.  Kai and Ethan get into a brawl.  Ashleigh and Ylena do get closer, and Ashleigh reveals her thoughts about everything's gone.  Dane starts to act funny, apparently suddenly changing his tune from the understanding father who gave Ethan advice on Sanctuary Isle.  Kai and Ethan's relationship is worse than ever.  Ethan and Ashleigh return home to find it under attack by pirates.  There are too many of them so Ethan proposes single-combat with the pirate captain, who agrees but only if he fights Ashleigh.  She kills him.  They realize how vulnerable the island is.  Nadia suggests that if they go to Tigris, they could get the weapons they need to protect themselves.  Ashleigh and Ethan agree.

Meanwhile, after Bron has spent some time in the wild (presumably learning to use his powers), he returns and takes the throne back from Kort.  Kort would kill his brother but Bron makes it clear he's fairly unkillable so Kort backs off.  In the Heron kingdom, the nobles are unhappy that the Lesser Races are leaving for the Sanctuary.  News arrives that Bron has returned and Dane says they should make friends with him rather than risk war again.  Kai is infuriated by Dane's plan to meet with Bron.  When they meet, Dane and Bron decide on a plan to marry Ylena to Bron to unite their kingdoms.  Everyone is shocked.

Ethan and Ashleigh reach Tigris and see that it is advanced in a lot of ways -- robots and advanced transportation, etc.  They meet with Khanate Mhinda, who reveals that Tigris plans an invasion of Raven and Heron lands.  They want to use Sanctuary Island as a base to launch their invasion, and Mhinda believes that Ashleigh and Ethan would welcome this opportunity because of their stance to free the Lesser Races.  Ethan and Ashleigh are shocked and outraged.  Nadia subdues them, revealing that she is a robot.  The two are imprisoned in energy prisons that neutralize Ethan's powers.  He manages to send his power through Ashleigh to get them free.  Nadia comes and uses her sonic power on them but Ethan beheads her and they escape.  They race home to warn everyone of the upcoming invasion.  When they get home, Ethan is told of the marriage between his sister and Bron and rushes to stop it.

Kai is growing suspicious and rebellious against Dane.  Ylena is not happy about the marriage but is willing to make the sacrifice.  Kai would rather she run away than marry their brother's killer.  Dane goes so far as to strike Kai for his disobedience, something Dane has never done before.  They head to Raven lands for the wedding.  Ethan disrupts the wedding but cannot stop the marriage.  He and Bron almost come to blows but Ylena makes them stop.  Bron and Ylena leave at once for their honeymoon.  Ethan, Kai, Dane, Skink, and Mariella withdraw to somewhere private to have their family argument.  Mariella insists that if the marriage was to be a fresh start, then they should have a fresh start in the family too -- meaning no more animosity between Kai and Ethan, and Dane.  When Ethan shakes Dane's hand, he realizes it's not Dane.  He hugs Dane, using his power to reveal that "Dane" is actually Mai Shen.  Ethan and Mai Shen fight, and Ethan kills her.  Kai and Ethan make peace, and race to rescue their sister from her marriage.  Kort allies with them.

Ylena does sleep with Bron.  The morning after, Ethan, Kai, and Kort show up and inform her that Dane was not really Dane.  Ethan and Bron fight.  Ethan gets the upperhand, at which point Kort stabs his brother through the chest.  Kort promises to salvage the peace between Ravens and Herons.  Ethan, Ylena, and Kai go to look for the real Dane.  Mai Shen and Bron left hints that he was alive and in Raven lands.  They discover him living as a penniless drunkard.  He has absolutely no memory at all of who he is.  They take him home and he must pretend to be king for the good of the Heron kingdom.  Ethan had informed the Ravens and Herons of Tigris' invasion, and they need Dane to appear in control at this time.

Ethan returns to Sanctuary Isle.  He learns that a group of settlers exploring the other side of the island have disappeared.  He leads a new group to find them, including Skink.  Skink is seriously injured by a saber tooth lion.  He is sent back.  Ethan and Ashleigh discover an ancient ruin where an ancient knight has been kept alive through genetic technology for centuries.  He is protecting a cash of weapons deemed illegal, including nuclear bombs.  The knight dies and they learn the cash of weapons was kept by the Herons, not the Ravens.  They now have weapons to protect Sanctuary Island.  (This particular issue also reveals Bron is imprisoned, not dead.  Also, it shows a future scene where Ethan is king, Ashleigh is pregnant with their second child, and "Nadia" appears to be with them, and it looks like the kingdom's doing well.)

Things are just starting to go well when Tigris finally attacks.  Their army is composed of thousands of robots, many looking like carbon-copies of Nadia.  They have huge airships and blaster weapons.  The air fleets split up to take out Ravens and Herons at the same time.  Dane feels overwhelmed and unable to deal with this catastrophe but Kai and Ylena convince him to keep going.  A fleet of high-tech battleships arrive off the coast of Sanctuary Island; Khanate Mhinda still intends to use it as a base of operations.  Ethan and his people decide to fight.  Things go poorly.  Kort is forced to retreat.  Dane is confronted by a "Nadia".  Mariella defends him but is killed.  Dane is implanted with a chip that makes him little more than a puppet.

The battle on Tournament Isle is going badly when suddenly a group of gorilla-like Lesser Races show up.  They were created to be warriors and are ready to fight.  Ethan comes up with a bold plan.

Dane and Bron are brought to the main flagship where Khanate Mhinda is leading the invasion.  She broadcasts their presence and says they have agreed to give power to Tigris.  Dane, still commanded by the implant, tells his people he agrees with this.  As the broadcast is going on, Ethan and the gorillas attack on flying machines.  Their attack is serious enough that Khanate Mhinda orders the air ships over Raven and Heron lands to return.  There are too many Tigris troops for Ethan to actually defeat but that's not his plan.  Skink is in the decrepit castle where the weapons cash is.  Ethan orders everyone back.  Ashleigh doesn't want to leave him, but Ethan reveals he knows she's pregnant.  He convinces her to go.

Meanwhile, Kort and Kai are both seizing the opportunity and rallying their people to defeat what ground troops remain to Tigris while their air support is gone.  Ethan jumps onto the flagship to save his father.  He kills "Bron" revealing it's a robot.  He thinks Dane is too.  Khanate Mhinda orders Dane to kill Ethan.  Dane does shoot Ethan but not mortally.  When she again orders him to kill Ethan, Dane breaks free from his programming and destroys Khanate Mhinda, revealing she too is a robot.  Father and son are together as Skink releases a nuclear bomb on top of them and the fleet.

The final issue then changes to a group of school children in the future, who explain how Skink had changed the bomb to make an electromagnetic pulse to disable the Tigris army.  They also talk about some of the events that will come in Ethan's future.  This is the last issue of Scion.

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