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Dear Rare Pairs Author,
Thank you for picking one of my fandoms!  This letter might be a little long but I've only included suggestions to give you lots of options in case you're like me and want some direction or inspiration.  Feel free to ignore the prompts if you have something else in mind.

My Requests:
Silmarillion - Beren Erchamion/Thingol; Finrod/Barahir; Gil-galad/Oropher; Gil-galad/Oropher/Elendil; Fëanor/Fingolfin; Tuor/Voronwë; Tuor/Voronwë/Rog
Lord of the Rings - Aragorn/Faramir; Aragorn/Faramir/Imrahil; Aragorn/Faramir/Elrond; Aragorn/Elrond; Celeborn/Elrond; Elrond/Celeborn/Thranduil
Criminal Minds - Grant Anderson/Aaron Hotchner; Aaron Hotchner/Will LaMontagne/Grant Anderson; Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi/Grant Anderson; John Blackwolf/Aaron Hotchner/Grant Anderson
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Piandao/Sokka

General Likes: I LOVE happy endings, first-time romance, hurt/comfort, soulbonds, threesomes (and more), happy/stable/fully consensual polyamorous relationships, world-building and family dynamics.  I prefer third-person narrative, vanilla sex, and plot over straight porn but PWPs are fine.  I also really enjoy incestuous relationships between consenting adults (nothing beginning underaged though).  I really enjoy unequal power dynamics so long as there is a strong, loving relationship behind it.

Rating can be anything (Gen to Mature/Explicit).

General Dislikes: Embarrassment/humiliation, genderbending, deathfic, dark!fics, amputation, kinks involving bodily waste (scat, etc.), issue!fics, hate!sex, public!sex, crack!fic, underage, friends-with-benefits, drunk!sex, love triangles, BDSM, most AUs (I will state exceptions below).

Rape and dub-con are also okay.  I do not want my nominated characters to rape each other but recovering from someone else raping them is perfectly fine.  You can be explicit about the rape if you wish but I am more interested in the "comfort" part of H/C.  (For Tolkien, please do not cast Men or Elves as rapists.)

-I am pretty well versed in Tolkien's larger legendarium so if you want to include obscure stuff or delve into Middle-earth's politics, history, theology, or explore underdeveloped storylines/missing scenes, I would love to see it.
-But you don't have to be well-versed in Tolkien to fill my prompts! I am also happy to stick close to just the Silmarillion if that's where you're comfortable.  Please don't feel pressured about that.
-I'm including some personal headcanons but do not feel like you need to use them.  The characters in the Silmarillion are often poorly sketched out and I just want you to know where I'm coming from.  You can accept my headcanons or not as you choose.
-NOTE: About Man/Elf pairings - I love fluffy endings so I would be very happy if you want to give the human in the relationship immortality somehow.

Beren Erchamion/Thingol
-It was Thingol who Beren fell in love with, not Lúthien, and Lúthien and Melian help Beren win Thingol's hand
-Or Lúthien and Thingol share Beren's affections
-Or Beren saving Thingol from being killed by the Dwarves
-Or Thingol/Beren ending up with Elrond and Elros right after the Third Kinslaying, and having to raise the boys
NOTE: Please do not bash Lúthien or Melian, or have Thingol and Beren cheating on them.  I am perfectly fine with a poly relationship where Lúthien and Thingol share Beren (and Beren and Melian share Thingol).

-I love that Barahir rescued Finrod during the Dagor Bragollach.  It seems like they might've known each other before that - maybe something about their earlier meetings, and slowly falling in love
-Or Beren manages to rescue his dad, and they both end up in Doriath and on the Quest for the Silmaril; would love to see Barahir coming to Finrod's defense against the Fëanorians (if you're feeling really ambitious, you could combine this with Beren/Thingol)
-Or Barahir stayed north, Finrod is not killed in Tol Sirion, but seriously injured - Beren leaves Finrod with Barahir, who heals him
NOTE: I'm also okay with Finrod/Barahir/Edrahil or Finrod/Barahir/Emeldir, and background Andreth/Aegnor

Gil-galad/Oropher or Gil-galad/Oropher/Elendil
-I know these two are antagonistic but I would love a happier take on them; perhaps Oropher lashing out because of vulnerability/fear due to the trauma of surviving the Second Kinslaying, and Gil-galad comforting him, getting him to understand he's not like the kinslayers and it's okay for Oropher to like him
-Or Doomed Love in Middle-earth but Second Chance in Valinor
-Or Elendil playing matchmaker, but then realizing Oropher and Gil-galad cannot manage a relationship, despite loving each other, without a referee/interpreter - Elendil volunteers for the job
-Or Elendil, Oropher, and Gil-galad survive the War of the Last Alliance and must figure out how to move forward now
-Or Elendil, Oropher, and Gil-galad are all taken captive and must work together to save each other from harm and to get free (please not too dark though)
Optional Headcanon: I view Gil-galad as having a Teleri/Sindarin mom with Fingon as his dad, and having more of a Teleri outlook on life than one would expect of a Noldo king.  I also view the animosity between him and Oropher to be entirely on Oropher's side.  Gil-galad might be annoyed/frustrated with Oropher but he respects him a great deal and wishes they could be friends/lovers.  I also headcanon that Oropher is Celeborn's first cousin (both descended through Elmo), and that Oropher's anger at the Noldor comes from a place of deep hurt.
NOTE: If you include Isildur, I view him from Unfinished Tales where he is heroic and repentant of his mistake in taking the ring.  Please no past Círdan/Gil-galad or Elrond/Gil-galad

Tuor/Voronwë or Tuor/Voronwë/Rog
-Something happy!  Seriously, all I really want is something happy and hopeful with these two (or 3 with Rog).  There's a lot of unrequited-love fics for Tuor/Voronwë, so I just want to see them living happily ever after together.
-H/C, soulbond, romance, or first-time
-Or Voronwë doesn't think he can compete with Idril for Tuor, and Tuor makes him understand just how much he loves Voronwë
-Or Voronwë showing Tuor the city, introducing Tuor to his dad, etc.
-Or Rog protecting/defending Tuor and Voronwë
-Or Post-Sirion: Idril, Voronwë, and Tuor finally managing to get to Valinor
-Or Elrond finally meeting Tuor and Voronwë when he gets to Valinor
-Or Rog manages to survive the Fall of Gondolin but is captured; he fights to get free and return to Tuor and Voronwë
Optional Headcanon: I view Aranwë to be Glorfindel's younger brother, and that their mother is Lalwen (Fingolfin's sister).  This would make them first cousins with Turgon, and make Idril and Voronwë second cousins.  I headcanon Rog as having been captured and enslaved by Melkor for a bit but managing to get free (like Gwindor), and returning to serve Turgon.  He goes by Rog ("demon") because of his traumatic experiences but it's not his real name.  He is utterly fell and dangerous but extremely loyal and loving.  He understands Tuor's captivity at the hands of Easterlings better than most Elves, and is protective and loyal to him.
NOTE: Please don't bash Idril.  I am totally down for a poly relationship if you want to have Tuor/Idril alongside Tuor/Voronwë/(Rog) [I have a hard time picturing Idril/Voronwë though].  If you want to go that route, I would love to see little Eärendil in the mix too.  In this case, I would like the focus to be on Voronwë/Tuor and everyone consenting to the arrangement.

-Fëanor and Fingolfin must learn how to be brothers before they can become lovers
-Or the progression from hatred to love
-Or Fingolfin learns how to temper Fëanor's anger
-Or Fëanor protecting Fingolfin in a battle or from other harm
-Or Fëanor must heal a wounded Fingolfin (maybe after the battle with Morgoth in an AU where Fëanor lived)
-Or all of Fëanor's anger towards Fingolfin stems from the fact he's been attracted to his brother all along - only after his death and the tragedy of his sons' fates can he finally admit that - Second chances
-Or Fëanor and Fingolfin stuck in the wilderness or otherwise on their own and have to depend on each other to survive
-Or Fëanor and Fingolfin are forced to live together and raise their reborn children together (or little Elrond and Elros if you like)
NOTE: I know it's difficult to write a happy Fëanor/Fingolfin story and keep them in character but if you have any thoughts at all on how to do that, I would be really happy to read such a fic.  Their antagonism is not the appeal of their relationship for me.  I like brother!incest and I would like to see how they could mend the divide created in the books in a realistic way.  Also, please do not bash Nerdanel and Anairë.  I'm fine with background Eärwen/Anairë, or Fëanor/Fingolfin/Mahtan or Fëanor/Fingolfin/Hador.  If you should include them, please no Maedhros/Fingon.

Lord of the Rings
-I am very book-based.  I liked the movies but I enjoy the book more, especially regarding characterization and plot.
-I do not like Elrond and Faramir's characterizations in the movies, especially Elrond saying that Men are weak and trying to break up Aragorn and Arwen, or Faramir being tempted by the ring and allowing his men to torment Gollum.  The whole concept of the weakness of Men as a race is one I did not care for in the movies.
-Elrond is my favorite character, with Faramir as a close second.  I love that they are good, decent people who have gone through terrible things but are still noble and genuinely nice.  I like that they are both wise and quietly strong.
-I love Aragorn's nobility, strength, and leadership, as well as his heritage and how long he worked towards being able to take the throne.  And that he is comfortable teasing the Hobbits.  I also like the wildness he has from his days as a Dúnedain.  I love healers, so I really like that aspect of Elrond and Aragorn.
-I love the protectiveness and loyalty shown by Imrahil.  I also really love family dynamics, including Imrahil as Faramir's uncle and Elrond as Aragorn's foster dad.
-I am pretty well versed in Tolkien's larger legendarium so feel free to add stuff from other Tolkien sources if you want.

-Slow-burn romance
-Or Aragorn and Faramir's first real meeting alone (likely after the coronation)
-Or Introspective piece on Faramir's thoughts regarding Aragorn after Frodo informs him the king will return, or Faramir's thoughts on Aragorn while in the Houses of Healing (learning how everyone saved him and what his dad was going to do), or anything along these lines that explores more from the books
-Or Aragorn and Faramir taking some time off and being Rangers together in Ithilien or Arnor
-Or Soulbond AU following the events of the book
NOTE: I do not want Boromir/Faramir or Boromir/Aragorn.  Nothing against it, but it's hard to find Aragorn/Faramir fics without this.  Also, please don't bash Éowyn or Arwen.  If you want background Arwen/Éowyn, that's fine with me.
NOTE2: As someone nominated Aragorn/Halbarad, I'd also be interested in Faramir/Aragorn/Halbarad

-Something about the fact that Imrahil and Aragorn both saved Faramir (if you want to make it Aragorn/Faramir/Imrahil/Beregond, I am all for that too)
-Or explore the fact that Imrahil was a young man when Aragorn was in Minas Tirith disguised as Thorongil; if he remembers him or not, and what kind of impression he made on Imrahil
-Or Aragorn and Imrahil telling Faramir stories about his mom, his grandfather Ecthelion, or Denethor as a young man, etc.
-Or Imrahil being worried for Faramir because of Denethor, feeling fatherly towards him; Imrahil and Aragorn teaming up to pamper, comfort, or rescue/heal Faramir
-Or Faramir and Aragorn taking a trip to visit Dol Amroth
NOTE: You don't have to do this but if you wanted to include Imrahil's sons/daughter/grandson, Denethor's older sisters, and other extended family, that would be really interesting to me.

-Would love something about the fact that they love each other as father and son but also as lovers
-Or Elrond and Aragorn working together to heal a bunch of people (plague, war injuries, etc.) - maybe Elrond did accompany Aragorn to Minas Tirith (with or without Elladan and Elrohir) and helps heal after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields
-Or Aragorn rescuing Elrond from some danger
-Or Elrond mistakenly believes Aragorn is in love with Arwen but Aragorn's always been in love with Elrond
NOTE: Please do not have Elrond consider Maglor his father or dislike/resent Eärendil.  Also, if they are included, I view Elladan and Elrohir as serious and gracious princes and not as pranksters

-Maybe set when Elrond visits Gondor
-Or Aragorn and Faramir visit Rivendell
-Or Elrond helping Aragorn heal the last of the Black Breath from Faramir (or some other malady/injury)
-Or Elrond and Faramir connecting over lore and learning; Elrond could take Faramir and Aragorn to the Emyn Beraid to see the Elostirion-stone
-Or Elrond helping Faramir to see Aragorn as a person and not just a king - someone Faramir could actually have a relationship with
-Or Aragorn helping Faramir see Elrond as a person and not a mythical figure, etc.

-Elrond decides to stay in Middle-earth after Galadriel and Gandalf sail; Celeborn moves to Rivendell to be with him
-Or Elrond's family was blessed by Ulmo to have power over water; Celeborn helps Elrond learn how to use this power
-Or Celeborn and Elrond fought in the Sack of Eregion and then were forced to retreat to what would become Rivendell; something about that time together under seige
-Or Elrond and Celeborn take Treebeard up on his offer to check out Fangorn forest (with or without Legolas and Gimli)
NOTE: I am not a huge fan of Galadriel (especially in the movies).  If you are going to write her, please be sure to include her flaws.  Please do not have Celeborn cheat on her (perhaps she knew they would never meet again and gave permission for him to move on, or she ended up with Gandalf, etc.)  Also, please do not bash Celebrían, or have Elrond cheat on her

-Post War of the Ring, Elrond goes to Mirkwood to help heal Elves while Celeborn and Thranduil hammer out their new kingdoms
-Or Elrond and Celeborn comfort Thranduil after the loss of Oropher
-Or Elrond and Celeborn visit Thranduil in Mirkwood right after he moved further north to see his new kingdom and to keep their realms friendly
-Or they visit for Legolas' birth and connect over being fathers
NOTE: Please do not use the characterization of Thranduil from the movies.  I see Thranduil as a nice person who can be irritated when pressed but who will be moved by pity and does not love jewels so much that he would risk any lives for it.  He is a very good ruler who is concerned about his people, loves his son, and misses his father.  Also, please use Legolas' characterization from the book (merry, young, Silvan, unconcerned he's a prince), if that should come up.  Please no Legolas/Gimli; their friendship is very dear to me.
NOTE2:  I am also okay with Elrond/Celeborn/Thranduil/Aragorn.

Criminal Minds
I love the dynamics between the characters on the show and how much they love each other.  I defintely watch this show for the characters, rather than the plot.  Aaron Hotchner is my favorite character.  I love that he's stoic and serious but every once in a while he shows he's got a good sense of humor.  I love when his brother shows up, and that he's a good father to Jack.  I love Hotch and Rossi's married-couple-vibe.  I love that Anderson is geeky and a little awkward.  I love when he and Hotch interact, or when he's geeking out with Reid, Garcia, etc.  I love that Will is soft-spoken.  I love that he uprooted himself, rather than making JJ do it.  I love that he's a good detective, open-minded, and fair.  I really liked the way John challenged Hotch, and Hotch earned his respect.

Grant Anderson/Aaron Hotchner or Aaron Hotchner/Will LaMontagne/Grant Anderson or John Blackwolf/Aaron Hotchner/Grant Anderson or Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi/Grant Anderson
-Hotch (and Will, John, or David) rescues Anderson, and helps take care of him afterwards
-Or Hotch and Anderson on a case together - maybe undercover as a couple, or on a stakeout together
-Or Superhero!AU, Magic!AU, Pern!fusion, or Star Trek/Star Wars!AUs
-Or Retelling of a fairytale or myth featuring Hotch as the hero
-Or John or David taking care of Hotch and Anderson
-Or John or David rescuing/being protective of Hotch and Anderson
-Or Will forcing Hotch to acknowledge and act on his feelings for Anderson, and unexpectedly learning Hotch and Anderson like Will too
NOTE: Please don't bash JJ.  I love her, Jack, and Henry.  Also, if you include Will, please don't have him cheating on her (or Hotch cheating on Haley if you set your fic early in the series).
NOTE2: I headcanon that Foyet did rape Hotch so feel free to explore that if it interests you.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
I love this shows.  I love the idea of bending.  I especially love waterbending.  I particularly like the adults on this show.  Hakoda is a favorite of mine.  I also really liked the dynamic between Piandao and Sokka, and I wish we got to see more of it.

-Would love explicit smut between these two with Sokka bottoming
-"Sex pollen"-type of story (treated seriously)
-Declaration of feelings
-Piandao and Hakoda meeting; Hakoda making sure Pianadao is being good to Sokka
-Sokka taking Piandao to the Library or one of the Poles

Again, thank you so much for writing one of these pairings.  I hope there was something in here that sparked your imagination!


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