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A couple of weeks ago, I went to the MIA with my mom to see The Habsburgs exhibit.  It was interesting.  I actually liked the clothing they had more than almost anything else.  For the two dresses, I liked the white one’s long train but I thought the puffy stuff on the top of the dress wasn’t very flattering.  I thought the dark one was nice and elegant but it was hard to see it for the reflection on the glass case it was in.

But the guys’ stuff was awesome.  I loved the ornate gold on the front that told everyone what rank you had, etc.  I liked the darker color/gold combos.  They were really fancy.  I liked it.

For the art, I saw one piece of art that I often see in mythology books (of Zeus as a smoggy cloud going down a naked lady).  There was another fantastic piece of art that looked like a modern piece of art where all these bits and pieces (like candles and gears) were combined to make a person’s head.  It was very interesting and I liked that one a lot.  They also had a lot of items that were combos of animal-something with gold/sculpture/something else -- so, like a rhino’s horn made into some art piece.  Those were weird.

I liked seeing the mockup of horses and riders in their jousting armor.  The carriages and the ornate sled were cool.  The huge family tree that covered an entire wall was really interesting and I wish I could’ve seen the top of it more closely to see all the detail there.  They had mermaid (?) ladies chained by the neck around the columns near the bottom and I’m sure there were more details like that further up if I could’ve seen it.

I got to see the portrait of that little girl with the disease that makes people grow hair all over their face.  I’d seen that before on TV whenever they mention that disease.  Mom hadn’t ever seen it and I think that was the thing that struck her as the most interesting.

They had a gun with an eye-piece on it (and the card on it said that the dude it was made for accidentally shot, and I think killed, his friend so they then put this monocle on the gun).  The guns were very beautiful.  It was really interesting getting some of the history of the Hapsburgs.

We did look around some of the other pieces.  Mom got to see her period rooms.  There’s an older period room a little away from the others that I don’t remember seeing before.  It’s of a dining hall that could be seen in Tudor England (or thereabouts).  I really liked that one.  NOTE: My two favorite pieces of sculpture aren’t where I think they are.  They are much further from the entrance.  They are in the correct time period but right next to a room with modern(?) art.  Still gorgeous both of them (Kiss of Victory and Veiled Lady).

My feet hurt so much after just seeing that little bit.  We didn’t go look at any of the Asian/African/etc. stuff.  We only did a cursory walk-through of a bunch of other stuff.  There was a great statue of a man lunging (it looked Greek/Roman but I think it was probably from the revival phase and it was dark in color).  It was very beautiful.  I wish that one and Kiss of Victory had been lower so I could see more of them.  It’s clearly been a long time since I went to MIA because I felt I was looking into nooks and crannies I hadn’t seen before.  The building itself was beautiful.

Also, most of the ancient statues were missing their noses.


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