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Criminal Minds
So, I saw the backdoor pilot, and it's made me cautiously optimistic.  It already feels better than the other spinoff (though that backdoor wasn't really a good indicator of how things turned out for me).  It did feel a little forced at times; some of the dialogue was clearly exposition and not real banter.  But, given the nature of the episode, that should be expected.

So, the new team:
Lady: My absolutely first impression was negative because her voice irritated me.  But, that softened as the episode went on.  We see that she's got an issue with her brother being framed for a crime he didn't commit.
Asian Dude: Father of four, military man, has lots of contacts, married to a wonderful woman
Tech: Compassionate, artsy, quieter than Garcia and has a more difficult job as it appears he will often be separated from his team and has to deal with grieving families
Head dude: has at least 2 kids (?) and one is joining the FBI; also has a long-term marriage that seems to be working

My initial thoughts:
I think the spinoff has definite potential.  From all the legalese that was being thrown around, it's clear that this team will have very different restrictions to what they can and cannot do week to week.  We didn't get to see too much chemistry from the new team as they were separated out and intermingled with Hotch's team.  I think it's likely we will get one additional agent (would LOVE if it was Beth from CM: SB, though I know it's unlikely).  I do think another female agent would be a good addition, likely someone new who has to learn the rope and who can be taught what the audience needs to know.

I like Gary Sinise but I wasn't very impressed with him here.  I mean, he's still basically playing Mac from CSI NY but he felt so stilted and lifeless here: too serious and not realistic.  Almost everything he said felt like exposition of some kind; it was all rather awkward.  I thought the conversation with the lady and Hotch about her brother was more elegantly handled.  I'm hoping that this character will show something better in his own series.  Also, GS is looking old.

It is interesting that they've married off two of the characters (apparently happy, although I can see the Asian dude's wife leaving him: 4 kids on her own when her husband is often away sounds like the recipe for a strained marriage).  Considering the Asian dude is like the Morgan of the group (the hot one and the kicks-down-doors one), it is strange not to make him a free agent.  But it does bode well that they're not going to force romance into the spinoff too soon.

I am SO pleased that they have their own tech.  The actor did a good job.  I think only one conversation felt really exposition-y to me from him.  He is a contrast to Garcia.  It was awkward to watch them trying to pretend like they knew each other; it didn't feel as real as Cooper's supposed past did in his backdoor pilot.  Pretty much all the chemistry was forced in the episode and all the "backstory" felt really stilted.  All the questions Hotch's team asked didn't feel natural, etc.

But, we are being introduced to four new characters in a short time so it's going to feel that way.  Given that, it was a solid episode.  I'm intrigued by the new show and I will definitely give it a shot.  It seems like they learned their lesson from the other spinoff (if having their own tech is any indication) so that's promising.  I'm not sure if the lady will continue to irritate me or if I'll quickly get used to her voice and mannerisms.  I hope GS plays something a little warmer than Mac (or anything that's not a direct Mac ripoff actually).  I'm looking foward to this show.

NCIS New Orleans:
I was very happy with this episode.  It gave Loretta some much-needed character development.  I am becoming fond of Sebastian (and his arguments with the computer tech guy -- they're so adorable together).  I'm not sure about Loretta's adopted kid.  I'm not a huge fan of really angry characters, so I'm not sure I would like if he became a regular (though I can see him evening out fairly quickly).  I liked Sebastian having to step up in this episode, and the focus on Sebastian and Loretta.  I think the two of them together are kind of adorable too.  I think the actors are getting comfortable with their characters and how they play off each other.  I like how you can kind of see Sebastian irritates Loretta (at least a little) but she's also clearly fond and tolerant of him.  They're starting to play off each other very well.

As for the rest of the show, it's still very predictible.  The storylines are rather blah and uninteresting.  They seem to be going down well-trodden roads with regards to King getting obsessed, etc.  The cases have not wowed me at all.  However, I do not watch NCIS for cases: I watch for characters.  So far they're doing a fairly good job on that front.  There's still a lot of awkward and forced dialogue, forcing banter where there isn't any.  While Sebastian is doing well with Loretta, a lot of his interactions with King (and to some extent LaSalle and Brody) feels really unnatural and not like something anyone would actually say.  It feels like it's going for cutesy or something but it's getting old pretty fast.

Overall, I am enjoying NCIS NO but it isn't wowing me in any way.

Hobbit Big Bang
I signed up for another Hobbit Big Bang.  Amazingly, I'm actually finished and I don't know what to do with myself.  I've been finished for weeks now.  I was so anxious to get it done before the artist claims, and I think I had at least a week before that (maybe even more).  I sent it off to the betas and will have to wait a few weeks to hear back.  Same for the artists.  (I have 2 artists this time.  How cool is that?)

I keep rereading the fic and I think it's really enjoyable.  I really want to post it to see what others think.  I think I still have at least a month before that will happen though.  On the plus side, my artists should have as much time as they need to make art.  But, the negative is that it's driving me crazy to be sitting on it.  Oh well.

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